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Published on June 28, 2016

Author: ViennapharmaciaLtd


1. “VIENNAPHARMACIA” Ltd. is an Austrian Joint Venture company, operating in the field of production and sales of food supplements, drugs and any other type of pharmaceutical products. The company strategy is based on the state-of-the-art technologies, accessible on the market, delivering company products with best quality and at exclusive prices, allowing clients using them to feel their positive influence on their health.

2. We use tested and effective recipes in the development and creation of our products, most often found in old recipe reproductions, coordinated with the requirements for appropriate natural effect and maximum functional treatment effect.

3. As a producer, we manage the overall process of our production, starting from the product organization, combining the recipe process, delivery of raw materials and ingredients, preparing the vision, the packaging process and the delivery of complete production. We try to guarantee to clients to provide conditions for production and delivery within the shortest timeframe possible.

4.  We offer our clients all type of production related to the so-called Private Label. We can produce any recipe and any product under high-quality conditions and at competitive prices.  We guarantee exclusive quality of the materials and supplies used, utilizing the state-of-the-art trends related to the production of supplements, pharma products and following on the current changes in legislation.  We prepare complex projects in a professional manner using our own brands and under our clients’ orders, which comply to any and all of the conditions of their laws in force.  In our work, we try to exceed expectations of our partners on a daily basis.

5. In relation to the innovative products, which we are currently preparing and launching on the market, based on the extensive international experience of our team, we have a broad network of counterparties in many different countries, which creates a positive image and mutual trust between the partners. We are always open to cooperation and we seek new distribution forms and channels of cooperation, as well as partners, for which we can provide our production capabilities. We invite all interested parties to contact us to discuss our future cooperation.

6.  All of our products use manufacturing regulations applicable for pharmaceutical treatment products under the requirements of GMP and HACCP.

7. Due to the emerging of our company on the International market, we decided to offer the following top products, which are very highly competitive, which have excellent effect and price positioning. Follow the next slides for more information about the products.

8. Peaceful Sleep° is a nutritional supplement designated for people suffering from insomnia and sleep disturbances, such as trouble falling asleep, waking up at night, short and light sleep, light anxiety conditions. The preparation is designated for traditional use for the given indications and its efficiency is based solely to long-term use and experience with the following ingredients. Indications: - Difficulty in falling asleep; - Light anxiety episodes. No competition on the market in the respective segment. Ingredients: - Extract of valerian roots - Extract of melissa - Magnesium - Vitamin B6 Nutritional supplement

9. LocoMobile° is a nutritional supplement designated for people who experience nausea during travel. It could also be defined as motion sickness – paleness syndrome, sickness, feebleness and weakness, which could progress to vomiting and helplessness. It is caused by stimulation of the vestibular system during travel with car, train, aircraft, boat, ship, swing, roundabout, etc. The effectiveness of the preparation is based on the long-term use and experience with the main ingredient – ginger root. It has a proven fast effect and safety for children aged 3 years or older. . Ingredients: Extract of ginger root – 40 mg Nutritional supplement

10. antiCancerin° is a new product with exquisite formula, without a market analog. This is a product to fight cancers, suppressing the development of cancer cells. Dye to the properties of the ingredients, which is contains, it reverses the effect of the most common fatal disease. It is very difficult to talk about a product, which fights cancer, but we sincerely hope that based on the experience of naturopaths and due to the fact that it is compliant with the needs of the modern forms of treatment, it will support to a large degree to solve this problem for many people both now and in the future. say stop to cancer Nutritional supplement

11. Wild basil is one of the herbs which was held in special regard even from the ancient times. This is due to its indisputable properties, which are subject to thorough scientific studies, all of which prove the strength of this natural cure. say stop to cancer

12. Yarrow is extremely highly valued by the venerators of traditional medicine, and it is related to a treatment of dozens of illnesses, such as high blood pressure, gynecological problems, varicose veins, rheumatism, migraine, etc. For people, and especially males, who are in danger of lung cancer, smokers living in an adverse environment, as well as patients of other cancer diseases, it brings relief and improves the conditions of the patients. It has a proven effect as a support medication for all forms of cancer, given its exclusively good styptic effect. It leads to bio-chemical balance, it maintains the development of healthy cells, it provides processes of rapid regeneration of all tissues. say stop to cancer

13. antiDiabetin° supports the maintenance of optimum level of sugar in the blood.  Extract from white mulberry has a stabilizing effect on the sugar level, it is decomposed extremely well in the organism and affects the weight loss process. Improves the functioning of blood vessels.  Zinc and chrome support correct metabolism, regulation of sugars and fats in the organism, and balancing pH.  Gymnema sylvestris raises the level of insulin in the blood and activates the glucose metabolism, even in case of patients with diabetes. It has a diuretic effect and decreases cholesterol  Bark from Ceylon cinnamon – improves the function of the liver. blood sugar balance

14. antiStressin° has an unique anti-stress formula, which contains exclusive ingredients compared to the other products similar to the market, which have been selected on the grounds of data and studied and patented products. The product antiStressin° may be used as part of a program to lose weight, which makes it quite different from all other products. Nutritional supplement tranquility pills

15. Collagenit 2 Forte° is an anti-inflammatory medicine with very high quality of effect. It quickly decreases inflammation, it is effective in case of arthritis, rheumatism with strong pain syndrome, which passes quickly when using the product, acts to regenerate tissues and joint cartilage, and restores bone strength. Nutritional supplement for smooth movement

16. Multi-plexin° is a complex product, extremely rare as a combination on the market with huge potential, containing a combination of ingredients, which are needed by people with multiple sclerosis, which is an extremely difficult illness, which is related to great care for the patient by the medical staff and the patient’s relatives. We offer a medicine which has the purpose of improving the quality of life of these people and their families.

17. - . Hyaluronica° takes care of your beautiful skin, the correction of wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and their hydration, for anti-aging effect since the age of 30. be young Nutritional supplement Hyaluronic acid - with a one- time daily dose

18. - . Prostakel° is a product is dedicated to people with homosexual orientation, which suffer discomfort and traumatism during and after a sexual act. It supports the effect of the prostate and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in case of anal injuries. Unique product on a global scale. be yourself... Nutritional supplement

19. Series – “Sport”: • Carnitine – L° • Raspberry ketony slim° • Green coffe slim° • Green coffe slim 40+° Series Viennapharmacia “Sport” is dedicated to people with an active lifestyle

20.  In case the clients are interested, we have a great availability of recipes for products for allergy, angina, muscle pains, high cholesterol level, anti-cellulite, fungus, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, potency, gynecology issues, cardiologic issues, thyroid gland, hormonal, etc.  We can manufacture and produce each of these products under our name or as a private label.

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