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Published on September 13, 2008

Author: doris3m


New Interchange Level IV:  New Interchange Level IV It really works Unit 12 It really works!:  It really works! Health problems Buying over-the-counter medicines Giving advice Infinitive complements Modal verbs: can, could and may Giving suggestions: try, suggest Slide4:  Joan: Hi, Craig! How are you? Craig: Not so good. I have a terrible cold. Joan: Really? That's too bad! You should be at home in bed. It's really important to get a lot of rest. Craig: Yeah, you're right. Joan: And have you taken anything for it? Craig: No, I haven't. Joan: Well, it's helpful to chop up some garlic and cook it in chicken stock. Then drink a cup every half hour. It really works! Craig: Ugh! What's the matter with Craig? What advice does the woman give him? Has the man taken anything? What does the woman tell him to do? How does Craig reply? get a lot of rest = take time to relax or sleep And have you taken anything for it? = Have you (e.g., drunk, swallowed, eaten) any food or medicine to help you feel better? chop up = cut in small pieces chicken stock = the liquid made by boiling chicken in water Ugh! = an exclamation used to express dislike or disgust Slide5:  CRAIG: (coughs and sneezes) WOMAN: That __________ (1) sounds pretty bad, Craig! CRAIG: Yeah, it is. ________ (2) get too __________. (3) WOMAN: Well, you ____________, (4) it's ___________ (5) to drink a lot of liquids. I’ve ________ (6) some herbal tea. Let me __________ (7) you a cup. CRAIG: Gee, that's nice of you! ________ (8) kind of herbal tea _______ (9) it? WOMAN: I __________ (10) it's ginseng. CRAIG: Oh, OK That ______________ (11) good. MAN: ___________ (12) that cold, Craig? CRAIG: Not so ______________. (13) I've ________ (14) got it. MAN: Oh, too bad. Well, listen, it's a good _________ (15) to take some cold _______________. (16) And you ____________ (17) go home and __________ (18) a long, hot _____________. (19) CRAIG: _____________ (20) right. ______________ (21) I should. Thanks for the __________________. (22) Slide7:  1. headache 2. earache 3. toothache 4. stomachache 5. backache 6. sore throat 7. fever/ temperature 8. cold 9. cough 10. virus 11. infection 12. rash 13. insect bite 14. sunburn 15. stiff neck 16. runny nose 17. bloody nose 18. cavity 19. wart 20. (the) hiccups 21. (the) chills 22. cramps 23. diarrhea 24. chest pain 25. shortness of breath 26. laryngitis Slide8:  1. aspirin 2. cold tablets 3. vitamins 4. cough syrup 5. cough drops 6. throat lozenges 7. antacid tablets 8.decongestant spray/ nasal spray 9. eye drops 10. ointment 11. creme 12. lotion 13. heating pad 14. ice pack 15. wheelchair 16. pill 17. tablet 18. capsule 19. caplet 20. teaspoon 21. tablespoon Slide9:  1. prescription 2. injection/shot 3. Band-Aid 4. stitches 5. string 6. crutches 7. cast 8. diet 9. rest in bed 10. drink fluids 11. exercise 12. gargle 13. X-rays 14. tests 15. blood work/blood tests 16. surgery 17. physical therapy 18. counseling Slide10:  B. Listen and practice Pharmacist: Hi. Can I help you? Mrs. Webb: Yes, please. Could I have something for a cough? I think I'm getting a cold. Pharmacist: Well, I suggest a box of these cough drops. And you should get a bottle of vitamin C, too. Mrs. Webb: Thank you. And what do you have for dry skin? Pharmacist: Try some of this new lotion. It's very good. Mrs. Webb: OK Thanks a lot. C. Listen to the pharmacist talk to the next customer. What does the man want? A. Listen and answer the following questions: 1. What does customer want? 2. Why does she want it? 3. What does the pharmacist suggest? 4. What else does the customer want? Slide12:  B. What do they order? 1. 2. 3. 4. Slide13:  Wonder drug Prepare a commercial for a new "miracle" drug. Work in small groups and think up a new wonder drug that can be used to solve an interesting "problem" (e.g., improve one's memory; make a person younger or taller; save someone from having to do any exercise). Prepare a 30-second commercial for radio or TV. You have a time limit of about 15 minutes. One S is the group secretary and records the final script and hand it in to your teacher.. Groups read (for radio) or perform (for TV) their commercials in front of the room. The class decide (1) which group has the most interesting wonder drug, and (2) which group has the best commercial. Consider these questions to help you plan your commercial: What is the drug for? What does it look like? What's it called? Is this for a TV or for a radio commercial? Why? How much does it cost? Where do you buy it2 How often is it used?

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