New Ideas for Wedding Planners

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Published on August 14, 2009

Author: Bluetooth_marketing



New Ideas for Wedding Planners

Mobile Wedding Book MWedding™ Looking for partners...

Impressive wedding idea! What is Mobile Wedding Book John & Lora MWedding™ Wedding Book It is a very new Wedding Book technology that could be offered by wedding planners it is an impressive piece of mobile application that tells the story ..... cont MWedding™

Impressive wedding idea! What is Mobile Wedding Book John & Lora MWedding™ Wedding Book Cont... of groom and Wedding Book bride and could be broadcasted to mobile handsets via Bluetooth using Bluetooth Broadcasting stations MWedding™

Bluetooth The idea broadcasting boxes pushes the MWedding™ album to attendees Wedding Book MWedding™ MWedding™

Bluetooth broadcasting devices of MWedding™ will cover the ceremony area Mobile handsets will be discovered automatically and sends MWedding™ MWedding™ via Bluetooth MWedding™

Photos of groom and bride MWedding™ can Photos of the engagement ceremony contain all this Photos of nice memorial stuffs wonderful things Photos of them baby, childhood, school, collage ...etc. Photos with their parents and family (these photos could be tagged easily using MWedding™) Photos with friends (could be tagged also) Photos of the wedding cake and wedding ring Photos of them with their hobbies You can even put any number of text pages You can put map showing your home location MWedding™

How can I order MWedding™ in my wedding day ● First call your wedding planner and ask him about Mwedding™ Your wedding planner will call iBlue the international “Vendor” ● Choose the best package for you wedding ● Choose your scenario or request a special scenario of your own ●Collect needed photos and send them to your wedding planner by email. Wedding planner will develop your own MWedding™ application and ● will put the broadcasting stations in the place MWedding™

What are the specifications of MWedding™ MWedding™ is a solution composed of: 1- Mobile application that will contain the photos + text + tags + location map of the groom and bride. This mobile application is written in J2ME language and supports mobiles that runs Java. 2- Broadcasting station that will push the MWedding™ application to attendee to their handsets via Bluetooth, the station is very small size 11 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm and easy mountable and can handle 21 mobile handsets at the same moment and cover about 30 square meters MWedding™

What are the available packages? 3 Packages available: Mwedding™Basic: Here you can put up to 10 photos and one broadcasting station. MWedding™Plus: Here you can put up to 30 photos and one broadcasting station. Mwedding™Max: Here you can put up to 45 photos and two broadcasting station. MWedding™

We are looking for wedding planners to partner with us! This is a money generating tool as you “Wedding planner” can lease the service to all whom looking to add impressive ideas to their wedding ceremony We are looking for you “Wedding planner” to partner with us as we iBlue the technology owner will provide you with the technology in a very fair cost. This will add to you more value more revenue. MWedding™

Contact us: we reply very fast We ship to any place MWedding™

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