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Published on June 15, 2007

Author: FunnyGuy


A New Credibility: Identification, Interactivity & Transparency:  A New Credibility: Identification, Interactivity andamp; Transparency Brian Carroll andamp; Randy Richardson Berry College Standing on shoulders:  Standing on shoulders Hovland, McCroskey Johnson andamp; Kaye Flanagin andamp; Metzger Meyer Burke Brock, Brommet, Crable, Cohen Traditional dimensions of credibility:  Traditional dimensions of credibility Expertise Accuracy Fairness Absence of bias New paradigm for credibility:  New paradigm for credibility Identification (Burke) Interactivity Transparency Re-voicing of journalism (The humanity of it all!) Research Questions:  Research Questions RQ1: Why do readers loyally read their blogs of choice? What does this say about the values or qualities of A-list blogs and their authors that make them credible to their readers? RQ2: Why do blog readers trust the blogs they read? Pharyngula  Pharyngula Informed Comment  Informed Comment Online Survey:  Online Survey Self-selected Anonymous Number of respondents: Pharyngula: 70 Informed Comment: 222 Why do you read Informed Comment?:  Why do you read Informed Comment? Expertise andgt;andgt; 107 of 222 respondents (48%) NOT mainstream media andgt;andgt; propaganda, drivel, political spin, distorted reporting Absence of bias andgt;andgt; 18 mentions Accuracy andgt;andgt; 15 mentions Fairness andgt;andgt; 11 mentions Why do you trust Informed Comment?:  Why do you trust Informed Comment? Expertise andgt;andgt; 91 of 222 responses (41%) Credentials andgt;andgt; 39 mentions Fairness andgt;andgt; 37 mentions Absence of bias andgt;andgt; 17 mentions Accuracy andgt;andgt; 18 mentions Why do you read Pharyngula?:  Why do you read Pharyngula? 11 of 70 cited 'expertise' Zeroes for absence of bias, accuracy, fairness Why do you trust Pharyngula?:  Why do you trust Pharyngula? 26/70 citing 'expertise' Zeroes for other traditional credibility dimensions He cites his sources (transparency) Emergent dimensions of credibility online:  Emergent dimensions of credibility online Identification: 'His politics agree with mine.' 'His judgment echoes my own.' 27 overt mentions of ID for Q1, 18 for Q2 (Cole) 13 overt Q1, 11 Q2 (Myers) 'common enemy' ID (10 cites of Bush in Cole; 'bastards, bastards'; 20 of 70 for Pharyngula -- 29%) Emergent dimensions of credibility online -- Identification:  Emergent dimensions of credibility online -- Identification Humanity and Authenticity andgt;andgt; 12 mentions (Cole); 're-voicing' Humor andgt;andgt; 17/70 Pharyngula (24%) Interactivity: A conversation, not a lecture. Emails returned. Dining out. Emergent dimensions of credibility online -- Identification:  Emergent dimensions of credibility online -- Identification Transparency: 'I was wrong.' 'I don’t know.' 'I’ve changed my mind.' 'Here are my sources.' (This all relates to accountability and objectivity.) Humanity: 'He cares about the Middle East and has real sympathy for the people living there.' Navigability and site design Aristotelian ethos:  Aristotelian ethos Back to the future Good sense (competence, intelligence, expertise) Good moral character (honesty, trustworthiness, fairness) Goodwill (compassion, humanity) Limitations and Future Research:  Limitations and Future Research Inter-coder reliability (andamp; Scott’s Pi) Systematic factor analytic approach using emergent criteria across media Longitudinal research Locus of the transaction Slide18: 

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