New and enhanced WebSphere capabilities put your business in motion

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Information about New and enhanced WebSphere capabilities put your business in motion

Published on November 26, 2013

Author: ibm



New technologies from WebSphere are creating better mobile, cloud and process solutions to address new market trends and harness business opportunities.

Put Your Business in Motion in the New Era of Smart Take Advantage of New and Enhanced WebSphere Capabilities Jeffrey S. Hammond VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery, Forrester David Millen VP, Business Process & Decision Management Dianne Del Rosso Global Director of Marketing for Industry, Mobile and Smarter Process

Over 700M smart phones sold worldwide in 2012 1/13 Samsung Galaxy SIII: 96 million, iPhone 5: 54 million 5/13 Over 900 million total Android devices (IO) 9/10 Almost 700 million iOS Devices The Mobile Shift is upon us… Source: Flickr ( Entire contents © 2010 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved. 2 2

Nearly 25% of adults are online with three or more devices Two-thirds of US online adults own two or more connected devices. (Number of connected devices owned [desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, smartphone]) 0 1 2 3+ 2.0 The No. 1 device is the laptop, which is owned by 66% of US online adults. 2.1 2.3 2.2 1.9 1.8 1.6 Average Base: 57,499 US online adults (18+); Source: North American Technographics® Online Benchmark Survey (Part 1), Q2 2012 (US, Canada) 3

. . . and the result? 2.6 Average number of operating systems developers deploy to 4.1 Average number of form factors developers support 4.6 Average number of browsers web developers test with Base: 2,015 software developers; Source: Forrsights Developer Survey, Q1 2013 4

The best way to develop mobile apps is not to develop mobile apps… Moyan Brenn 5

Mobile apps are part of modern applications 6

How do you build a modern application? Seven traits of modern applications 1. Omnichannel clients 2. Deployed on elastic infrastructure 3. Aggregate discrete services 4. Use managed APIs 5. Integrate open source software 6. Employ continuous delivery 7. Gather fast feedback 7

A modern engagement architecture 8

App architectures must evolve to exploit scale out Broker Service Service MVC View Message Bus Gateway Service Bridge Model Clients (Web & Mobile) Controller Pipes and Filters Data Source Filter (n) Pipes (n +1) 9 Data Sink

Modern applications and the SDLC Lifecycle Focus Time to Feedback Systems of Engagement Systems of Record Time to Certainty Time to Safety 10 Systems of Operation

An app delivery process for speed 11

Customer context will drive advances 12

Modern applications combine context Device Context Historical Context Extended Context 13

Contextual use of time will help applications adapt Airline example based on user time - 2 days Flight - 2h + 2 days + 2h  View reservations  Customer service  Food order  Mileage status  Reward travel  Wi-Fi  Reserve seat  Arrival time  Movies  Change reservation  Upcoming reservations  Check gate  Ground transportation  Departure time  Lost luggage  Lounge access  Navigation  Upgrade 14

What does actualizing this take? Flight timeline - 2 days Flight - 2h + 2 days + 2h  Arrival time  Reward travel  Wi-Fi  Reserve seat  Mileage status  Movies Traveler  Change reservation mobile tasks  Request upgrade  Customer service  Food order  Book reservation  Upcoming reservations  Baggage carousel  Check gate  Ground transportation  Departure time  Lost luggage  Lounge access  Navigation  Upgrade Flight reservation processes Travel business processes Customer loyalty processes Flight processes Baggage handling processes 15

Prepare yourself for modern applications  Understand how SOEs, SORs and SOOs interact  Connect mobile apps to “cloud” and “big data”  Understand how notification and message passing patterns drive modern application architectures  Understand the need for speed and how continuous delivery and feedback enable your success  Use local, area, and historical context to create adaptive applications  Inject analytics, CEP and rules into your longterm modern application strategy and architecture 16

Put Your Business in Motion in the New Era of Smart Take Advantage of New and Enhanced WebSphere Capabilities David Millen VP, Business Process & Decision Management Dianne Del Rosso Global Director of Marketing for Industry, Mobile and Smarter Process

The Planet Is Getting Smarter Conducting Business with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Critical bytes of new data generated daily connected devices Internet of information 18 have joined a social network Internet of engagement Internet of “things”

New Technologies Present Opportunities for Business Big Data Cloud Computing Business Customers  Partners  Employees Mobile 19 Social Media Internet of Things

A New Kind of System Is Required Systems of Interaction Systems of Engagement Systems of Record CRM DB Continuous client experience Cloud-based Services Internet of Things 20 HR ERP Partner value chain

Business Must Embrace New Imperatives 1 2 3 4 5 21 Put Mobile First Reinvent Your Business Design and Processes Adopt a Flexible & Secure Integration Model Be Insight and Data Driven Build for Cloud & Open Architectures

5 mobile trends with significant implications for the enterprise 1 Mobile enables the Internet of Things Mobile is primary Global Machine-to-machine connections will increase from 2 billion in 2011 to 18 billion at the end of 2022 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time Mobile must create a continuous brand experience Insights from mobile data provide new opportunities 90% of users use multiple screens as channels come together to create integrated experiences 75% of mobile shoppers take action after receiving a location based messages Mobile is about transacting 96% year to year increase in mobile cyber Monday sales between 2012 and 2011 22 Put Mobile First

IBM helping customers put Mobile First (CxO, LOB Exec) Drive revenue and productivity through mobile Transform the value chain with mobile Create new value at the moment of awareness (CMO) (CIO, IT Exec) Create deeper engagement by delivering contextually relevant experiences Maintain Visibility and control over the mobile enterprise Enable our employees to work anytime and anywhere Ensure trusted mobile interactions Discover new opportunities using Connect with mobile information Integrate mobile into the fabric of the organization customers in context Develop and run applications (CIO, VP Apps, Developer) Deliver differentiated mobile apps that run on any device Unlock back office capabilities to create better front office engagement 23

The Ottawa Hospital brings mobile technology bedside to achieve better care Speech Recognition for Physicians, Anytime Anywhere Clinical Information, Vital Signs and Images Integrated Across Devices 24

We continue to build out our capabilities aligned to the MobileFirst entry points – key 2H 2013 announcements Engage Optimize Tealeaf CX Mobile 8.8 Capture more mobile-driven sales by Trusteer Ensure transactional security on mobile devices, identifying and removing user experience obstacles that cause customers to abandon purchases made on mobile devices through integration with the IBM WebSphere Commerce Aurora storefront helping to prevent fraudulent behavior and account takeover before the transaction occurs Build Security Access Manager Mobile Improve identity assurance and enforce context aware access through either a virtual or hardware appliance Transform Worklight V6.1 Significantly reduce the time and coding required for backend data and services integration, producing robust services-driven mobile apps. Immediate support for iOS7. Maximo Anywhere Achieve high efficiency in Mobile Quality Assurance Open Beta Reach for five enterprise asset management with mobility built on IBM Worklight that delivers greater flexibility to customize front end workflows star quality through a consolidated view of customer feedback and metrics that helps developers understand and optimize apps Connections 4.5 Never worry about not having the latest file Rational Test Workbench 8.5.1 Rapidly assess end-toend quality of native, hybrid, and HTML5 mobile apps with automated test scripts that execute across multiple platforms UrbanCode Deploy plug-in for IBM Worklight Easily and accurately deploy Worklight apps from development to test or production environments using automation that ensures all app components are available where and when needed SmartCloud App Performance Management 7.7 Improve customer satisfaction of mobile applications through realtime performance and availability information; enabling one to diagnose and fix performance issues before impacting the end users. 25 versions on your mobile device, with automated file sync capability that has been recognized by analysts as a leader in the file sync and share market space Cloud Mobile Managed Services Let IBM build and maintain your mobile application portfolio with integrated, flexible and scalable services in the cloud

What Is Driving Process Reinvention Today? 2 Mobile requires process reinvention Socially-enabled processes drive increased productivity 1) Forrester, 2013 26 2) McKinsey, 2012 Cloud deployments force companies to rethink their processes 3) Gartner, 2013 4) McKinsey, 2011 Reinvent Your Business Design and Processes Big data and analytics drive insight into processes

What do you need from your processes in a customer-centric world? Smarter Processes must be: Instant At Internet speed 47% of online bank account opening applicants don’t successfully complete the process and fund their accounts Seamless Interconnected & ubiquitous By 2014, mobile internet is predicted to take over desktop internet usage Insightful Targeted and relevant 47% say it frustrates them when companies don't use the information they have to make interactions and offers more relevant 27

Effective business operations create superior customer experiences Process today plays a critical role in driving customer experience initiatives…from companies looking to overhaul customer service processes to companies seeking to deliver more compelling experiences that incorporate big data analytics and real-time guidance. The Forrester Wave: BPM Suites, Clay Richardson & Derek Miers, 2013 Customer experience is the #1 factor in both customer retention and acquisition: “Customer-Centricity in Retail Banking”, Boston Consulting Group, 2012. 28

What does it mean to be easy to do business with? “Amazon, Apple and Netflix provide the customer satisfaction benchmarks to which banks must aspire” ~ Where is the ROI on Customer Experience in the Banking Industry? Bank Systems & Technology, 2012 Banking: Can I instantly add a family member to my credit card account? Insurance: Can I report an accident on my mobile device and automatically trigger a tow truck and taxi? Healthcare: Can I shorten hospital stays by one or two days without compromising treatment quality? Government: Can I speed up passport control at the border for pre-certified frequent travelers? 29

Antwerp University Hospital expedites diagnosis of rare diseases Instant: Faster diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases Seamless: Can serve as a comprehensive, intelligent and dynamic knowledge base on rare diseases Insightful: Higher sensitivity and more specificity to rare disease diagnosis 30

IBM WebSphere Fall Announcements: What’s New in Smarter Process New version of Blueworks Live enhances analysis and New Decision Engine for Operational Decision Manager process summary, leverages SoftLayer as SaaS infrastructure delivers internet speed performance now up to 100% faster – with a minimum resource footprint Reinvent Your Business Design and Processes New Integration Bus Retail Pack provides Out-of-the-box retail solutions for quick ROI 31 Enhanced IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud leverages SoftLayer for improved self-service, performance and reliability

3 Adopt a Flexible & Secure Integration Model 40% of respondents to a Forrester Research survey said that inadequate integration with back-office systems was the primary technical barrier to effective customerfacing engagements Capture insights from interactions and instrumented endpoints across channels and transform them into business opportunities rendering services through the cloud 32

Three best practices to successfully unlock back office capabilities and information for seamless cross channel interactions Mobile infrastructure integration initiatives Mobile infrastructure optimization initiatives 2 1 3 1 2 Big data infrastructure 3 Integration Security Performance 1 Cloud Competitive Advantage (% who have achieved through cloud) 2 1 Source: IBM Global IT Study on Mobile Infrastructure 2013 33

Integration Turns Interactions into Transactions 1  Over 1/3 of all mobile technology leaders are actively integrating to back end systems  Integration to back-end systems allows business to capitalize on mobile interactions  A SOA-based integration layer provides reusable services as APIs for mobile interactions  An ESB approach allows complex interactions to be packaged as simple APIs to reduce multiple calls to the back end 34

APIs Need to Be Accessible But Security is Critical 2  Mobile applications typically access back end resources through Web APIs  These APIs expose holes that can be easily exploited unless protected  Threats from mobile-based attacks are increasing yearly, requiring application-layer protection  Exposing APIs that can be used securely by mobile developers is a critical need for organizations 35

Application Responsiveness Equals Money 3  Performance Matters  Google says +0.5 second drops user traffic 20%  Retailer discovered halving response time increased online revenue 219%  Slowdowns cost 2x more revenue than outages “Users really respond to speed. Speed matters. People do not like to wait. Do not make them.” ~ Marissa Mayer, Google 36

Secure & Trusted Transactions Ensure security and availability of customer data, to ease customer concerns and let them focus instead on purchasing great products. 37

The Opportunities for Better Insights are Everywhere 2.4 Quintrillion bytes of new data created everyday 8 zettabytes of digital content created by 2015 Every hour enough information is consumed by the internet to fill a stack 95x the size of Mount Everest 38 4 Be Insight and Data Driven

To deliver capabilities that allow you to…  Detect: opportunities to engages users  Enrich: content with historical data and trends  Perceive: “in the now” context  Act: on new insights gained 39

Transforming every day business interactions arrival, payment Detect Act Enrich Perceive hail now! 40 personalized favorite destinations location, traffic, proximity, direction

IBM and Sprint Drive Connected Cars into the Future IBM helps Sprint deliver a more personalized and responsive vehicle  Unlock or start your car from your mobile phone  Monitor vehicle conditions and performance  Provide location-aware hazard guidance 41

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Delivers Speed, Agility and Greater Efficiency Build on Cloud 5 & Open Architectures of companies use cloud to create new or enhanced revenue streams Improved speed and flexibility incremental revenue generated from cloud enabled technologies by 2016 * IBM, Leadhing Through Connections: Insight from the Global Cheif Executive Officer Study, May 2012 Realize faster deployments leveraging IB's patterns of expertise with integrated systems management, service automation and self-service provisioning Ability to deploy systems in 1/10th the time Business innovation Deliver IT without boundaries through the use of advanced orchestration technologies Experience efficiency gains up to 20% 42

WebSphere applications, components, and services are available on cloud as… WebSphere Cloud 1 2 3 Private/Hosted As a Service Composable Services Bring your own license WebSphere software running on a dedicated platform as a service – on premise or hosted (private PaaS) Pay as you go WebSphere software running on a shared platform as a service (public PaaS and BPaaS)      BlueWorks Live*   Cast Iron Live*   BPM*  WAS & WXS*  DataPower*  Patterns Engine*  PureApp mini Power   Think It. * = running on SoftLayer 43 Individual, high value services and assets that developers can access in the cloud to build and run next gen web and mobile applications  Build It.  IoT Services*    Liberty Buildpack**    Tap into It. ** = running on Cloud Foundry open PaaS

A world-renowned academic institution Expedite Time to Success Achieve unparalleled visibility into library procurement processes. Cloud-based solution in place in weeks, without in-house technical skills. 44

Organizations have a choice to make… Open Source Only Open “Plus” ‘Significant Assembly Required’ 45 Proprietary Vendor Lock-in Assured Enterprise Innovation

Embrace Open flexible infrastructures for growth Remove barriers to innovation by quickly and easily bridging between infrastructure and front office systems Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration TOSCA 46

IBM’s approach delivers innovation and flexibility… and more value to customers Liberty Leverages 100+ Open Source Packages Leverages 100+ Open Source Packages 44% ROI total economic impact of migrating from an open source solution to WAS1 35% TCO advantage of IBM WebSphere Application Server ND v8.5 vs. Red Hat JBoss EAP v6 over a 5-year period2 Leverages 70+ Open Source Packages 1Forrester 2Prolifics 47 ROI Study Migrating to WAS from OSS TCO Study

Take Action: Are You Creating an Open System of Interaction? Put Mobile First: Develop and end to end mobility strategy 1 2 3 Reinvent Your Business Design and Processes: Drive customer-centricity into day-to-day business operations Adopt a Flexible & Secure Integration Model: Unlock the value of back office capabilities & instrumented endpoints Be Insight and Data Driven: Apply continuous insights across your business 4 Build for Cloud & Open Architectures: Remove barriers to interoperability 5 48

Why IBM? Over 100K clients globally are using IBM WebSphere products to build and integrate their mobile, cloud and on premise applications, business processes and infrastructure solutions Market share leader in application infrastructure and middleware software for 12 consecutive years Only vendor recognized as the leader in 5 market segments:  Intelligent Business Process Management Suite  Application Services Governance  On-Premises Application Platforms  On-Premises Application Integration Suites  Mobile Application Development Platforms Industry-wide accolades for mobile 49


Tier 1 Fall Announcements aligned to the Five Imperatives New and enhanced capabilities in the WebSphere portfolio 1 2 Reinvent Your Business Design & Processes 3 Adopt a Flexible & Secure Integration Model 4 Be Insight & Data Driven 5 51 Put Mobile First Built for Cloud & Open Architectures New version of Worklight further accelerates service-driven mobile application development New UrbanCode plugin for Worklight automates mobile application deployment and availability from dev through test and production New version of MessageSight delivers an affordable messaging appliance with improved UI for quick status, historical connections, and throughput information New Feature Packs for CICS Transaction Server allows extension of CICS assets to remote devices using PHP scripting language; standardsbased security New version of Problem Determination Tools for z/OS facilitates legacy applications interaction with leading edge mobile applications New version of Blueworks Live on IBM Cloud enhances analysis and process summary, now hosted in IBM Cloud as SaaS Enhanced IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud leverages SoftLayer for improved self-service, performance and reliability New Decision Engine for Operational Decision Manager delivers internet speed performance - now up to 100% faster - with a minimum resource footprint New Integration Bus Retail Pack provides Out-of-the-box retail solutions for quick ROI and Mobile accessible, web based UI delivers point of sale data for real-time operational views New Internet of Things Cloud Services designed to take the complexity out of device connectivity by making it simple to enable and connect devices to the cloud. New Liberty Buildpack runtime available on the Cloud Foundry open source cloud platform as a service development environment for fast web application development New Node.js support on IBM Power Systems for server-side JavaScript application support on our enterprise infrastructure systems New PureApplication System „mini‟ on Power delivers increased application density and reduced power and space consumption for running complete web and database application

The full breadth of IBM WebSphere & Fall Launch Announcements as aligned to the key capabilities for IBM          IBM MessageSight V1.1 IBM Worklight V6.1 IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile IBM AppScan Enterprise with Arxan Guardium Technology IBM UrbanCode Deploy plugin for IBM Worklight IBM Mobile Enterprise Services for managed mobility IBM ®CICS Transaction Server Feature Pack for Dynamic Scripting IBM ®CICS Transaction Server Feature Pack for Security Token Extensions IBM Problem Determination Tools V13      IBM Blueworks Live IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud IBM WebSphere Cast Iron V7.0 IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Buildpack Internet of Things Cloud Services Smarter Process     IBM BlueWorks Live IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud IBM Operational Decision Manager v8.5.1 IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack v1.0 Expert Integrated Systems / Dev Ops    IBM PureApplication System v1.1 on Power IBM Software Delivery and Lifecycle Patterns v1.0.1 IBM UrbanCode Deploy V6.0, IBM UrbanCode Release V6.0      IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS Value Unit Edition IBM MessageSight IBM Explorer for z/OS v2.1 IBM SDK for Node.js™ V1.1 IBM WebSphere MQ Advanced for Developers – Free to download       IBM Software Services for Mobile IBM Software Services for Cloud IBM Software Services for MessageSight IBM Quick Win Pilot for Integration Bus IBM Software Services for Business Process Management IBM Software Services for Media and Entertainment Mobile Cloud Systems of Interaction Services 52

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