Never Mind The Nooboos. Part Six

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Information about Never Mind The Nooboos. Part Six

Published on August 2, 2009

Author: aliceinretrograde


In which some stuff happens and I loose all use of my toes.

Hey Genie. 'Oh, you again?' Still hoping that my laptop gets abducted and you get adopted by a kind player? 'Yes.' Never gunna happen. So, welcome back to Never Mind the Nooboos. We're on baby(s) H at the moment, so let's dive right in as we wait for their birth.

Straight off the newly lycanized (yes, that's a word) Klaus decides to take out his anger on Pepper Stoker of my Tickety Boo OWBC. Poor Pepper. She's had the fear to become a Werewolf since her dad was bitten. 'First you abandon my family, and now this!' I never abandoned you. I took a break. And it's not my fault the Havars are insane.

'Go Dad!' 'Kick her leafy ass!' To remind you, the blonde is Gravity, youngest legit child so far, and the green witchy looking alien is Gienah, Klaus's alien baby.

'Lady, you're all hairy like my mum.' 'Don't make me eat you kid.' 'You smell like my mum too. It's not good.' 'Really. I will devour you.' 'I'd like to see you try.' Have I mentioned that Gravity is my new fav? One nice point. ONE! I luffs him.

Oh dear. Sorry Pepper. 'A wibble!' Clay is gunna kill me.

And here we go! Finally, a new child! 'Hooray.' Sarcasm? 'Duh.' Very good.

Cleaning. Last time we started on English National Heroes. We’ve had Francis Drake, The Duke of Marlborough and The Duke of Wellington already. -Admiral Lord Nelson (1758-1805) Horatio Nelson was a sickly child, born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. When his parents asked his uncle, Maurice Suckling, to take the 12-year-old Horatio into the Royal Navy he replied, “What has poor Horace done, who is so weak, that he should be sent to rough it out at sea?” Even when he was a famous naval leader he suffered from sea sickness. He also suffered from dysentery, yellow fever, depression, scurvy and malaria, meaning that by the time he fought Trafalgar he had lost most of his teeth, his right arm below the elbow and the sight in one eye. I think that’s the point where I would just give up and call it a day.

Repoman. It's been a while. I haven't seen you since Genie and Klaus were in college. 'ROARG!' Take whatever you like. You're too awesome to argue with.

Since Gravity skills fast and is my favourite (suck it Carrie! You've been replaced), and Gienah's skills don't count as points, I let them skill the old fashioned way. 'We appreciate it, Human Alice.' Thanks Alien Gienah.

Great. I was hoping it'd be the other guy. But no, it's the weirdo with a crush on Klaus. Oh wells. Let's get this over with.

KLAUS! 'What? It worked last time.' Grr. Just get it out there and chat up the headmaster.

'So, given up on me yet? I'm really not worth it, as my wife will happily tell you.'

'Sir, you are the prettiest man I have ever met and I must have you.' '*gulp* Crap. Alice?' Humour him for now. Maybe I can get you a cowplant for next time. He's starting to creep even me out. Regardless Gienah and Gravity got in. Woot.

'Look Gienah! Mum and Dad are making out again.' 'Gravity, they do that all the time. It's not worth looking at.' 'Darn. Umm...Alice's simself is back and she's doing the hula in her underwear.' 'Again, that happens all the time.' Hey! 'Look! Normality!' 'Crap! Where?' 'He he he. Sucker.'

Poor Toffee. She passed out after work. It was rather sad, but not sad enough for me to do something about it. At least Cookie thought it was amusing.

'Alice?' Yes Gienah. 'I have the feeling that Gravity is not being totally honest in this game.' Really? What a shock.

'Dad, did you get another alien without telling me?' '' Silly guys. I gave Gienah a makeover, to make her look more alien and less evil witch. Isn't she cute? 'Not as cute as me.' Gravity, no one is as cute as you.

'Alice? What?' Whoops. Seems Klaus got himself abducted again. 'Again? hurts.' Hey, you're the perv who keeps rolling up wants to go back to the aliens. I would have taken pictures, but at this point I still had the special events camera on. The alien animations are awesome.

Hooray! Birthday time again. Oh the joy.

Awwww. Gienah. You are so pretty. 'Yes I am.' And now you're leaving. 'Oh.'

'Bye Gravity. See you later little bro.' Aww. These two are so close. Closer than any of the other siblings. So sweet. Poor Gravity is gunna miss her.

Genie completed another LTW. Woot! What now? 'I wanna be Criminal Mastermind!' Oddly enough it suits her pretty well.

Because I'm lazy, we get rid of Toffee and Cookie. Shame, but they were a handful/lag/pointless.

Logic. Nelson hated the French. He once advised a new midshipman: “There are three things, young gentleman, which you are constantly to bear in mind. First, you must always implicitly obey orders, without attempting to form any opinion of your own respecting their propriety. Secondly, you must consider every man your enemy who speaks ill of your king; and, thirdly, you must hate a Frenchman as you do the devil.”

Charisma. To Nelson it seemed that the French were hypocrites, boasting “rights” and “liberty” while committing mass murder. In 1799 he wrote: “Down, down with the damned French villains. Excuse my warmth, but my blood boils at the name of a Frenchman. I hate them all - Royalists and Republicans.” He once took a holiday in France because, he said, “I want to be proficient in the language, which is my only reason for returning there. I hate their country and their manners.”


Uhhh...Klaus? 'Shh! I want to get this thing done before I give birth.' And your wife currently giving birth? 'She's had god knows however many kids before.' Nice.

Okay, first we have Heath, named after Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. He's blonde, skintone one and blue eyed.

Next we have the only girl of the trio, Harley. She's named after Harley Davidson motorbikes. Skintone four, blue eyes and red hair.

And last we have little Harry, named after one of my brothers, not Harry Potter. Skintone four, blonde, green eyes.

And straight away these two go for some scary hairball woo hoo. *shudder*

To keep these two amused during the day, I let them fish. 'Let?' Make. I make them fish.

Now I see where Admes got his fishing skills from. 'Who threw their boots in our little pond?' That is a good point well made.

Oh, Klaus. 'My bum hurts.' He really is the most pathetic thing ever, isn't he?

Body. Nelson, like all humans, had some flaws in his character. Firstly he was obsessed by etiquette to a scary degree. If the proper amount of guns weren’t fired upon the British fort to acknowledge His Britannic Majesty’s flag it was taken as a national insult. He even fired upon the British fort at Barbados in 1784 because they neglected to salute a schooner leaving port under the flag of France. He was also an adultery, humiliating his wife Fanny by conducting public tours with his married lover, Emma Hamilton. He and Emma even had a daughter, Horatia, together.

'Regina!' 'Oh, hey Alice.' 'Don't be like that. We're all amigos here.' '...' 'Okay, maybe I'll go talk to Gravity and Klaus.'

Speaking of Gravity, he has his first girlfriend. Isn't she cute? 'I'm the Meadow Thayer of this neighbourhood.'

And Klaus hits another LTW. 'I wanna be Prestidigator.’ Yipee.

What's this? Gravity is playing even though his skills are not maxed? Well, he's so awesome I decided to let him flirt with his girley friend.

'It tickles!' Gravity really is a lady's man, pure and simple. Another reason I love him.

And here is the main reason I love him. 'Kid, I just came to see if Alice was here! No need to pummle me!' Poor Xaviar.

'Whoops. My mistake.' Can I hug you? 'Later. There's plenty of Gravity to go around!'

Random dancing interlude.

In case you were wondering, Klaus does still stalk Regina, and does still watch her sleep all the time.

Okay, birthdays happened and I apparently missed them. Here's Heath.

Harry. 'I love everyone.' Shut it kid.

'I'm going to use this brick to throw at Harry.' Very good, Heath. Aim for the face.

And here's Harley, who refused to open her eyes for me to get a picture. 'Bwa ha ha ha!'

'We must get rid of Harry. He makes us look bad.' 'I thought we wanted to look bad.' 'Fine, he makes this family look good, and we cannot have that!' 'I know what you mean, Heath. He must be...taken out of the picture.' 'How?' 'We must...steal his screentime.' 'Oooh. I like it.'

I got my hug. FTW.

'I like that he doesn't wear a shirt.' My simself is such a super perv. Just like the real me. *wipes tear* Awesometastic.

Cooking. These are Nelson’s four greatest victories, commemorating in bas-reliefs at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, London. Cape St Vincent, 1797 Fought aboard HMS Captain against the Spanish off the southern coast of Portugal. The Nile, 1798 Aboard HMS Vanguard against the French in the Bay of Aboukir on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. Copenhagen, 1801 Aboard HMS Elephant against the Danes. Trafalgar, 1805 Aboard HMS Victory against the French and Spanish at the mouth of the Mediterranean.

Klaus, you are slacking! Look at your sons! 'Fishing. Let someone else deal with it.' Like who? Regina? 'Shh. Fishing.' *sigh* He's hooked (sorry for the pun).

RUBY!!! 'Hello everyone.' Here is, for those of you who don't know, Regina and Klaus's granddaughter, Ruby, the only kid of Bellatrix and Jerry.

'So, I'm like...your uncle?' 'Yeah. Mum says time is all messed up around here. They're working on fixing that.' 'Good, because it's kinda creepy.' 'Tell me about it. I'm way older than you, and yet you'll be an adult way before me.'

Mechanical and all is done. Nelson’s biggest achievement is said to be his victory at Trafalgar. 27 British ships faced 33 French and Spanish with 2,640 guns to Nelson’s 2,150. Despite this, no British ships surrendered, opposed to the 17 enemy vessels captured.

Genie scored another LTW, and now wants to be Supreme Nerd. 'Hey!' Fine. She wants to be a Game Designer. Same thing, really.

This is where I noticed that Klaus had glitched (the first pregnancy glitch of the challenge! YAY) so we had him move out temporarily to give birth.

And here we have Hydrus, a little girl. I finally got a multi PT hack that didn't crash my game, so she'll be pretty. She has alien skin and eyes, and the brown hair of her alien padre.

Regina! 'What? I like attacking people.' Poor guy. This neighbourhood has more werewolves than an apocalypse neighbourhood has zombies.

'I like the green ones, because I didn't have to give birth to them.' Nice sentiment there, Genie.

Moar aliens. Yeah, that is another of Gravity's nieces, Bennie's alien spawn Avalon.

Obviously she's from a time when I had the Maxis PT. Still, she's rather cute. 'Kill all humans?' No honey. Not yet.

Birthday time. 'I want babes, babes and babes.'

*swoon* Gravity, I love you. 'Hey, call me when I get to college, baby.' *giggle* I sure will. He rolled Romance, duh. Another reason for me to love him.

And the triplets grew up too. Harry. 'Hello.' You don't get to talk to the people.

Harley. 'I am the greatest because I'm evil and pretty.' That she is.

And Heath. 'Alice likes me because I'm smart, handsome and mean.' Yes I do.

One last cake and then this chapter is about over. You really have a thing for aliens, huh Gravity. You were BFF with Gienah, and now Hydrus. 'They're nice.' Hmm...

Isn't she a gem? 'I want to drink his blood.' Honey, you're an alien, not a vampire. 'BLOOD!' Run Gravity!

Woot woot woot. Now? 'Education Minster.' *sigh* Again? ‘Yes.’

And here we go. L-R, B-F that is...confusing. Harley, Hydrus, Klaus, Regina, Heath and Harry. Points are thus: Good Birthday Memories : 42 (42 points) A+ Report Cards : 31 (15.5 points) Skills Maxed : 84 (252 points) Family Friends : 22 (11 points) LTW : 10 (30 points) Dream Dates : 9 (9 points) Total : 359.5

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