Never Mind The Degree. Part Two

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Published on August 2, 2009

Author: aliceinretrograde


Never Mind The Degree. Part Two Pregnancy, breakups, shake ups and random dancing. It's all going on in the newest instalment of Havar life.

'Hey all! Brian Havar here, the best of the Havars.' 'You're full of crap Brian!' 'Shut up Trix. You got your turn, and now it's mine. Basically, I will be narrating this portion of our college life. At the moment it's Admes, Alex, Bellatrix, Beatrix, Benjamin, Faydra and me at the Greek House, Alpha Beta Detonator.'

'And Carrie will also be making a lot of appearances.' 'Who are you talking to?' 'The people. I'm narrating.' 'Oh, coolness.' 'It really is.' ‘But why are you narrating out loud? Can’t you do it in your head like I do? Because listening to you describing what we’re doing is irritating.’ ‘I really don’t believe that she has ten nice points.’ ‘BRIAN!’

'Carrie is, after Trix, my favourite sibling. It's her fault I have pink hair, which means I get to annoy her with all my crazy ideas and annoying habits whenever I like.' 'Brian! I never agreed to that! And, really, narrate in your head. It'll save you problems later. Like me giving you noogies until your head bleeds.’ ‘Fine. I’ll keep the monologue internal.’

'I am the greatest.' 'Brian, if you don't get back to narrating properly, Alice will kill you.' 'She loves me too much to kill me.' 'Are you really willing to take that chance?' 'Ummm...'

Okay, so back to narrating. Bennie still has his mascot issue (aka they keep stalking him) but due to his fiancé, Tamara, he is now able to ignore them. 'Bennie, why is your brother following us around with a camera?' 'Because he's asking for an early death.' Remind me to set him up with anger management lessons. Clearly he could use them.

Not everyone is as happy as Bennie. Fay's been...temperamental lately. Crying for no reason, lashing out at everyone...and she's having trouble keeping down her food. I'm really worried about her. It seems like she's pushing everyone away, which is causing tension in the house. I hate seeing her in pain. I love her more than anything, but I love my family too, and I don’t want her bad moods to alienate my siblings. Sometimes being a family sim sucks.

To figure out what’s up with Fay, I go to the two girliest people I know. 'Trix, you're a girl. And almost are too.' 'Hey!' 'Sorry Alex, but it's true. Anyways, do you guys have any idea what's up with Fay? I'm worried. She's never normally like this.' 'Uhhh...Brian?' 'Yes Trix?' 'Did you ever maybe consider that she the family way?' 'She changed aspirations?' 'Uh, no Brian. Maybe she's pregnant. It would explain the sickness and moodswings.' 'But...she can't be pregnant!' 'Trix is probably right, Brian.' Crap.

Later, once everyone else is conveniently busy, I take Fay upstairs. Grudgingly she follows, grumbling the whole way. Once we’re laid on the bed, she turns and glares at me. Tell me what this is about!' I wrap my arms around her, breathing in the smell of her jasmine hair. 'Fay, you've been...well, slightly harsh to everyone lately.' Her green eyes turn on me, fire in the pupils. I flinch away. 'If you were throwing up every morning, you would be too.' I gulp, clearing my throat and wiping my sweaty hands on my jeans. 'Do you know why you're sick?' 'It's probably just a bug,’ she impatiently snaps. ‘I probably ate bad pizza or something. Why?’ 'Fay, I don't think it's a bug.'

Pushing her back so I can get a good read on her face, I just say it, not giving myself time to chicken out. 'Hon, I think you might be pregnant.' 'I can't be pregnant! That's stupid! You're stupid!' she snaps, growling. 'Fay, it explains the sickness, and your moodswings. I really think you might be pregnant.' The anger fades, and fear morphs her pretty little face. I pull her right against me, stroking her hair and cuddling her. 'But...but...I don't want to be pregnant! You did this on purpose, didn't you? Stupid family sim!' 'Fay, I'd never do that to you. Now...what are we going to do if you are pregnant?'

She stays silent for a moment, then sighs. 'I'll have to drop out of college, won't I?' 'So will I.' 'No!’ She raises her head to stare deep into my eyes. It’s almost hypnotising. ‘Brian, you will stay here. If I am pregnant, then you'll need to get qualifications. I have savings. I'll be able to afford somewhere to live until you graduate. Oh dear...I am pregnant, aren't I? I'm only nineteen! This is so not what I planned.'

'Me either, but I'm sure it'll all work out for the best. If you're sure you want me to stay here, then I will. I'd rather be with you, but I see that this would be an advantage.' 'I'll take the test right now, and if I am pregnant, I'll leave. I don't want to stay here if I am. I'll need to get settled before I become a whale.' 'You don't have to do that.' 'Yes I do.' I watch her leave and sigh. Part of me is so happy. I'm going to be a father. But I'll be loosing Fay until I graduate. I'll have to make sure that the entire family pitches into taking care of her. She walks back in the room, and I see the answer on her face. 'We're pregnant.'

I go downstairs as Fay packs. She was serious about leaving right away. I guess she's kind of embarrassed. It's hard to be around my family, especially with Alex and Admes being all lovey dovey. My life is going to totally change. I’m going to be a dad. Am I ready for that kind of responsibility? No. But I don’t have a choice. I always wanted a big family, not as big as Mum and Dad, but big enough, but I planned for all that to happen later, when Fay and I were married and settled down. ‘What’s up Brian?’ Trix asks, not looking away from the window. Normally I’d ask who she’s spying on, but I can’t muster the interest. ‘Fay’s pregnant. She’s leaving. She told me to stay here, to graduate, but she’s going now, to find an apartment until the baby’s born.’ Trix’s response is lost as Fay appears, bag in hand.

She leaves without fanfare. She lets me give her a kiss, then she practically runs to the waiting taxi. The rest of the family watches, amazed. ‘That happened way too fast,’ Trix whispers, wrapping her arms around my waist. I gladly let her hug me. ‘Are you two sure about this?’ A tear falls as I shake my head. ‘No, but we’re going to do it anyway.’ ‘That is the Havar way,’ Trix says, smiling.

The drama of Fay's leaving was soon forgotten as Carrie started a fight with Tamara. Now, none of us are that fond of Tamara. Sure, she pulled Bennie out of his downward spiral after Lindsay, but she's a bit...well, she's a bitch to the rest of us. At first she was real nice, but...well, she soured fast. It started with bitchy comments about how Trix is vain and I look like a rent boy. You know, boring old stuff. Then she started getting on at Rootie for being a "dyke" and how Alex and Admes were "unnatural perversions". I mean, hello! How can anyone be that homophobic in this day and age. Anyway, when Carrie came round, Tamara of course leapt on the rumours about her love life and loose morals. Carrie didn't care, but when she heard what was being said about Rootie and Admes, she snapped and went for the kill.

I decide to take matters into my own hands before things get too crazy. 'Listen, Tamara, we know that you mean a lot to Bennie, and we're glad that you make him so happy, but if you continue to insult our family, you are going to get into trouble, and not just with Carrie. If you don't like the way we live our lives, then whatever, but keep it to yourself, will you?' She just offers me a withering glare, then stalks away. I almost miss the crazy cheerleader.

I grab her arm and spin her round. 'Really, Tamara. You want to be part of this family, then stop trying to break it apart. I'm trying to build bridges here, but if you're not willing to compromise and stop insulting my siblings, then I'll be the one leading the attack.' She smiles sweetly, falsely. 'Whatever you say Brian.' I so hate her.

'Come on!' Carrie begs, eyes wide. 'I can so take her! You just distract Bennie for a few minutes and I'll rip that smug smile right off her face! No one gets away with insulting Rootie and Admes like that, or you. You don't look like a rent boy. I picked out your look myself, and it is not rent boy.' 'This from the slapper?' Tamara rudely injects as she passes by us. 'The preferred term is lady of the night!' Carrie retorts, scowling. 'And better to be a slapper than a wrinkled prune who stoops to sleeping with her own students.' With her mouth pursed around the verbal thrashing I can tell she wants to give, Tamara leaves the room. 'This is only going to get worse,' I mutter. Carrie nods, a predatory smile on her lips. 'I hope so.'

'What are we going to do?' Carrie asks. 'We can't let Bennie marry her! She's evil!' 'I know,' I agree, 'but I can't let him go through what he went through with Lindsay again. He doesn't deal with heartbreak well, Car.' She looks thoughtful, which is scary. 'Then we'll just have to design it so that he breaks up with her. He has to realize how evil she is on his own. It will require plotting on our part...but I'll be busy for a while, so it will have to wait. I have some stuff to sort out with Alice, plus a wedding to plan.' I nod. 'And I have a baby to plan for.' 'We'll resume this later, kay? But it must be done. Bennie is too nice to get stuck with a woman like her.' 'Agreed.'

'Whatever you guys are planning, I want in.' We both start. Neither of us had noticed Trix there, looking out the window. 'What are you looking at Trix?' I ask, moving behind her. Looking out the window, all I see it the pond. 'Nothing,' she mutters, shaking her head. 'At least nothing clear.' She refuses to explain herself, annoyingly.

As Bennie and Tamara start making out, I decide that I need some fresh air. It's sickening. Plus, Carrie is giving out enough venomous vibes to poison a small nation. A low hiss runs over her tongue as she glares at the couple.

I stop to grab my coat, and catch Alex pulling Carrie into a hug. 'Thanks for the support little sis,' he mutters. 'Of course,' she replies, holding him tightly. 'I don't like her anymore than you do, and Carrie Havar doesn't put up with crap she doesn't like.' Snorting, I pull on my jacket and head out into the snow.

My feet crunch into the fresh fall. When I was a kid all I ever wanted was for Alice to let us go and play in the snow. It doesn't seem so fun now. 'Brian!' I spin and Trix runs over to me. 'What is it?' 'I'm worried about you,' she admits. 'I have ten nice points, even if it doesn't seem that way. You're going to hurt yourself if you keep trying to go in all these different directions. You can't save everyone.' I stiffen, arms over my chest. 'What do you mean?' 'Come on Brian, ever since we got to college you've be obsessed with helping everyone else. Bennie, Rootie, Carrie...maybe it's time you slowed down and took care of your own life, and your family.'

'You guys are my family!' I growl, slightly pissed off. 'Brian, we can take care of ourselves. We don't need you running about after us all the time. We do appreciate the help, but at the moment Fay and that baby need you more. Just...take some time for them, okay? Leave Bennie's problems to Bennie.' Cringing I agree, not even considering actually doing what she tells me to. It's in my blood; I have to take care of my family. That's who I am.

I visit Fay often. For a while she stayed with Alice, but after a few months it became crowded as Alice's unusual friends started to take up more room. Luckily Fay managed to find a flat to rent. It was small. Really small. But whenever I offered to buy her a house, or at least a bigger flat, she refused and kicked me out. So I gave up, having to content myself with the fact that as soon as I graduate I can buy as big a house as I like and she'll have to live there with me.

I run my hands over the lump of her belly, smiling. 'I can't believe you're showing already!' 'You calling me fat?' I stiffen slightly, but she grins down at me. Her moods are so unpredictable, I never know how she's going to react. 'You look perfect,' I assure her, 'as ever.'

I try to spend as much time with Fay as I can, but college gets in the way. I'm exhausted all the time, and I haven't been eating well. Normally this would be the kind of event that would make my lack of nice points shine through, but the very thought of Fay and our baby reminds me what it's all worth it.

'What are you thinking about?' I smile and pull her onto my lap, kissing her cheeks. 'You, of course. You and our baby and how happy I am.' Giggling she nuzzles into my neck. 'I love you Brian. You've made all this so easy for me. Before I never even considered becoming a mother. Hells, even getting married was a stretch for me. But you've be amazing. I'm glad that I have you in my life.' Embarrassingly I feel tears prick my eyes. 'I love you too, hon. I've never been so happy.'

Trying not to jostle her belly, I pull her in close, lips tickling her neck. 'In five more months, we'll be parents!' She laughs, hands on my back pulling me against her. 'Do you want a boy or a girl?' 'Either. It'll be what it is, so no point hoping.' 'But which would you prefer? I'd rather have a girl, to dress up in pretty dresses and play dollies with.' 'A girl would be nice,' I say, 'but they can be a pain. I have enough sisters to know that. Not that brothers are any better. I guess a boy would be good. Admes makes a good older brother.' Sadly I release her, sighing. 'I have to go. Alex and Admes have gotten us a bigger place, and we're moving today. I have to go and help.' Nodding she slips off my lap, stroking her stomach. 'Then you'd better go. I'll see you soon.' Agreeing and giving her a last kiss, I grab my jacket and leave.

'Well...this is...' 'Modern!' I finish for Trix, smiling sympathetically over at her. 'Yes,' says, nodding. 'It's very modern. Nothing like the old place.' Admes smiles. 'Well, it was the only place near by big enough for us all.' Leaning towards us, he stage whispers, 'Alex chose and decorated it. I prefer the old Victorian place as well.'

Everyone heads indoors, but not before we all get an eyeful of affection between Admes and Alex. Gagging, I rush to catch up with Trix, who tucks her arm around mind and smiles. 'How's Fay?' 'Great. She's warming to the idea of being a mum. You should see her! The bump's getting huge!' 'I hope you didn't say that to her!' 'Of course not!'

'It's not done yet!' Alex assures us as we all crowd into the downstairs living area. The bubbleblower's being installed later.' I grin. 'Bubbleblower?' 'We are a Greek House,' he says, grinning back. ‘Everyone has their own room, 'cept Admes and me. Kitchen's over there, through the arch and the TV is by the pool table.' 'Cool,' I breath. 'This place is awesome! Thanks Alex.' As the others add their appreciation, his cheeks flush.

'Trix?' She walks over to me, eyes narrowed. 'If you even think of throwing a water balloon at me, I'll fill your bed with snakes.' I wince at my biggest fear. 'Are you always so suspicious?' Shrugging she smiles. 'What is it?' Leaning forward I kiss her. The skin flushes and she pushes me away. 'What are you doing?' 'Saying thanks. You've always been there for me, Trix, even if I have been a bit of a wanker. So...thanks. A lot. And Fay asked me to tell you that if the baby is a girl, she'll be called Bella, after you.'

'Really?' she asks, voice hoarse, tears in her eyes. 'Yes, really.' Smiling she gives me a quick hug, then, as more tears fall, she punches my arm and rushes upstairs. Weirdo!

Eventually Trix comes back down, apparently back to her usual self. She gladly joins in when Bennie proposes a game of poker. It's a good thing I got Carrie to teach me to play last time she visited.

{Just a random pic for Bennie's many fangirls. I was sure that Brian would be the popular one, but for some reason you all like this little weirdo}

Rootie joins a few games in, muttering to herself. She plays distractedly. Clearly something's on her mind. 'You okay, Root?' I ask after about half an hour. She starts, staring at me with wide eyes. 'Sure...' 'Beatrix?' The use of her full name has her wincing. 'It's Barbera. One of my friends say that she's been cheating on me...that she actually moved in with someone else for a while and was even considering marrying this other woman.'

'What?' Trix demands, shooting up, hands slamming on the table. 'I'll kill her! She cannot do this to you Rootie.' Rolling her eyes, Rootie sighs. 'For god's sake, Trix. I don't know if it's true.' Muttering death threats Trix sits back down. 'I bet it is. I never did like her.' 'We got too serious too fast,' Rootie says, leaning back. 'It was inevitable. I realized this a while ago. We never really had a real relationship. If she is cheating, then she's cheating and that's the end of that. It hurts, sure,' she quietly admits, 'but I'll get over it.'

Any further discussion if discouraged as Admes and Alex start giggling across the room. Rootie sighs again, and picks up the cards, shuffling absently. Her eyes move to stare out the window, then she smiles. 'Carrie's here.' In a flash Alex runs out to meet her.

At first it was weird to me that Alex and Carrie were so close. But now it seems natural. They get along better than Carrie does with any of us. She says that it's because she got bored of the rest of us a long time ago. Knowing Carrie's that probably true.

As Carrie was dealt into the game, she turned on me and frowned. 'What's new big bro?' 'Not much.' Her lips pout. 'I hate when you don't tell me everything.' 'Some things you're better off not knowing, little meddler.' Rolling her eyes she turns to her cards. Scowling she throws them face down on the table. 'I hate poker.' 'And you suck at bluffing.'

Bored of poker, Carrie goes off to abuse the keg. 'Take it easy,' I warn. 'You're still only little.' 'Nineteen,' she says, wiping her mouth. 'And I've been very good lately, not drinking at all. This is my reward.' 'You're nuts, Car.' 'Duh!’ She pauses, then leaps up, spinning towards me. ‘Brian, that reminds me, Donna just grew up. She’s living in a dorm just down the street.’

'Donna's here?' Laughing, Carrie nods. 'Yeah. She called me the other day. She said that she wants to spend a year or so in the dorm, getting to know everyone, but after that she'll be living here with you guys.' 'Why can't she live with you?' Admes asks. 'Because I'm happy living alone. Plus my place is tiny. She'll live here, kay?' I sigh and grab the phone. Carrie recites the number to me, and I punch it in.

Less than ten minutes later Donna's here, grinning at me. 'You stole my hair!' I accuse, pouting. 'It looks better on me,' she assures me. 'Hey Brian! I'm so glad to be here,' she gushes, grinning. 'All those babies were driving me mad! Did you know that Dad got abducted by aliens and gave birth to a little female clone?' 'What?' I splutter. 'I haven't spoken to Mum and Dad in ages.' She giggles. 'Well, since you moved out, Mum's had four more kids. Triplets, Edward, Emmett and Emery and a little girl called Felix. And Dad had an alien baby called Gienah.' 'Wow.' 'Yeah! It's a mad house! And they got a dog too! It's insane. College is actually a vacation compared to it!'

I laugh with her. 'I'm glad I got out as early as I did. So, Carrie said that you want to spend a year in the dorm. Why?' Her fingers tap on her chin. 'Well, I'd like to get to know the people and stuff. Make friends and live communally, without all you guys being overbearing and big-brotherish.' 'Basically you want to be free to sow your wild oats without us all embarrassing you?' 'Pretty much!'

'You sound just like Carrie did when she first got here.' Her hand covers her mouth as she heaves a huge fake yawn. 'Spare me the ancient history, big brother.' 'Just take care of yourself, okay?' 'Brian!' Carrie protests, rushing to her little sister's aid. 'Donna is uber responsible. She'll do find without you lecturing her!'

Drawing me into a hug, Carrie hisses in my ear, 'leave her alone! Donna's great! She'll be fine. And if she isn't I'll take care of it. You have other younger siblings to watch over. Donna's the only one I have who isn't still in nappies!' I chuckle and squeeze her. 'Sure thing Car.'

Rootie decides to get that stuff with Barbera out in the open. Though we all pretend to be playing poker, we watch closely. 'Barbera...someone told me something the other day. About you moving in with someone else. Is it true?' Barbera's eyes wander to the floor guiltily, a reaction more damning than an actual answer.

'So it is true?' Still Barbera refuses to answer, staring at the floor. 'Answer me!' Rootie demands, clearly getting pissed off. 'What's the point? You already know the answer.' We all gasp. 'So it is true. You've been cheating on me?'

'Like it really matters, Beatrix. It's not like we ever had a great relationship.' 'So? You still have your engagement ring on your finger, don't you? We are still a couple, even if it's not perfect. I don't care so much that you cheated. What bothers me is that you didn't tell me, didn't even try to fix our relationship!'

They look over at the window, and Donna and I fall back into our chairs, picking up random cards and staring at them. When we're sure that they're no longer watching us, we resume our spying. 'So it would be find with you if I cheated but told you about it?' Rootie snorts. 'No, I want you to be honest with me. If you weren't happy with the relationship, you should have come to me, not cheated.'

'Beatrix-' 'No! Forget it. You're right. This relationship is broken and you're not worth the effort of fixing it.' 'CRAP!' I don't realize I've shouted out until Barbera glares at me. But Rootie's on a roll and doesn't let it distract her.

'I want you to go. Now.' Spitting with rage Rootie yanks off her engagement ring and throws it at Barbera's feet. 'All I can really say if thank you for saving me from a crappy marriage.' And with that she stamps back inside.

We all stare intently at our chips and cards as she walks into the room. For the longest moment she just stares at us, then she snaps and breaks down.

Tears start to fall, but we all akwardly hover, not knowing what to do. Does she want us to comfort her, or ignore her? It's hard to know with Rootie, because she never really integrated. Sure, she made friends with us all and was always there, but she put so little of herself on show. None of us really know her. Luckily we're saved as Trix swoops in, gathering her sister into her arms and cooing nonsense. The rest of us keep out the way, not wanting to interfere.

'Oh, Rootie,' she coos, 'breaking up is never fun.' 'How would you know? You and Jerry have been together forever.' Trix sighs. 'I know. But I...forget it, what can I say? You're right.' Quietly I slip over to the phone, calling up a taxi. 'Root?' 'Yes?' she sniffles, turning slightly towards me. 'I'm going into town for a few drinks and some dancing away from these guys, you want to come?' Nodding she wipes at her eyes. 'Thanks Brian.' I grin. 'It's what I do.'

'Are you sure about this Brian?' she asks as we get into the taxi. 'Sure. I talked to Carrie, and she assured me that the best thing to ease a broken heart is a pitcher of rum and coke and a good round of karaoke.' Giggling slightly, Rootie nods. 'Okay, fine. But if you get drunk I am not going to take care of you!'

Crap. The first person I see when we arrive at the bar is Serenity Stoker, the woman Barbera cheated on Rootie with. This is so not good. I'm ready to bundle Rootie back into the taxi, but she brushes me off, instead going to greet the woman. While still giving them privacy, I watch curiously.

'Hi, I'm Beatrix Havar.' The woman stiffens, hand still in Rootie's. 'Ah...Barbera's fiance?' 'Ex.' 'Oh.'

'Listen,' Serenity says, frowning slightly. 'I had no idea that she was engaged to you. She lied to me too. It was humiliating when I found out, and I sent her packing straight away.' Rootie nods calmly. 'I understand. She cheated us both.' 'Yes. I'm sorry. I have to go and check on my kids. I was on my way home from work.' 'Kids?' 'I'm married with a wonderful brood of kids and grandchildren. Trust me, Beatrix, it does get easier. Don't let her ruin your life.'

'She seemed nice,' I say as Rootie sits beside me, ordering a vodka shot. 'She was. She's married now, with kids and grandkids.' I nod. 'That's going to be you, Rootie. You're a great person, and you deserve better than a woman like that.' 'Careful,' she warns. 'Don't be too harsh on infidelity. What about Carrie?' We both wince, but then teh more important job of consuming alcohol takes over and we forget about Carrie.

'So...' I broach a few drinks later. 'Do you have anything planned romancewise?' She smiles and looks away. 'Not for a while. The problem with Barbera and me was that we went too fast. So, this time I'll take it slow. Find the person I'm meant to be with and just go with the flow.' I nod, taking another swig of my drink. 'Sounds good.'

More than a little tipsy, I have a sudden flash of inspiration. Vaulting the bar, I start to rummage about amongst the bottles. 'Uh, can't be here,' the timid bartender says. I shoot her a dazzling smile. 'Just a moment and I'll be out of the way. 'Brian!' Rootie hisses, glaring. 'What are you doing?'

'JUGGLING!' I giggle childishly as I spin the glasses. The barmaid just glares. 'Sir, if you don't leave now I'll be forced to call security.' Sighing dramatically, Rootie grabs me and pulls me out the door, apologizing. 'You said that you wouldn't get so drunk I'd have to take care of you.' 'I lied!'

When we get home we both troop up to my bedroom. 'It's,' Rootie comments as she fluffs my pillow. 'Alex decorated. I guess this is what he thinks suits me.' She laughs. 'You should see my room. It's all red and dark wood. Like a vampire hideout.'

'Brian.' 'Yes?' 'Thanks for taking me out tonight. It was really nice of you.' 'Of course, Root. You're my little sister.' 'Are you still on that? You're a quad, Brian. Just because you were born first doesn't make you that much older than Bennie, Trix and me.' 'Does so!'

Shaking her head she sighs. 'I know I'm a bit of an outsider in the family, but it's nice to have you all here.' 'Rootie, you're not an outsider!' I protest. 'I am. The rest of you are all really close, and I'm just...not. It never really bothered me before, until I saw how you all rallied around Carrie when she was in trouble. Then I realized that I wasn't really a big part of the family.' 'Root-' 'Don't lie Brian. I was. But...I don't want to be anymore.'

'I'm going to take a nap,' she announces after a long silence,' before I fall asleep here and make you carry me downstairs.' I follow her out of my room, walking her to her room, then going down another floor to the main room, where Donna, Bennie and Trix are still playing poker.

'Eww! Brian, you stink of vodka!' Donna complains as she moves to give me a hug. Backing away she grimaces. 'I thought the idea was to cheer Beatrix up, not get yourself hammered.' 'Little sister, just wait until you're my age.' 'Big brother, I am your age now, give or take a year. At least go and brush your teeth!' 'That bad?' I ask, sniffing the air. 'Worse.'

Gently I pinch at her sides. Growling, she dodges, slapping at me harder than is polite. Her eyes narrow dangerously, and for a moment she looks just like Mum. 'There is no way you're older than me,' she snarls. 'No way in hell! You're such a kid, Brian!' Laughing I walk away, towards the pool table. 'Guilty as charged.'

A few hours later I'm still playing, and Rootie joins me, smiling slightly. 'Nice nap?' I ask, lining up my shot. 'Nice enough. Donna kept screaming.' 'Sorry.' She shrugs, picking at her nails. 'Apparently you can't help it.'

'You'll never make it like that.' I start, chocking completely. The ball flies off the table, and Rootie stifles laughter. 'You're evil!' I accuse. 'I grew up with you and Trix. It was bound to rub off a little bit.'

'You're feeling better?' I ask tentatively. 'Yeah. I am. Thanks.' We play in silence for a while. 'Oh, I forgot, Mum invited herself round tomorrow. Emmett wanted to meet us all.' 'Only Emmett?' I ask. 'What about the others?' 'Apparently only Emmett wants to come. Dad was staying at home with the little ones, Felix and Gienah, anyway, so Edward and Emery decided to stay too. Fay's coming too, and Donna and Carrie.' I smile. 'Great!'

'When I live here I'll be changing all of this!' Trix and I exchange a look as Emmett continues to list off everything that's wrong with the house. 'Thank god we left before she was born,' I mutter. Trix covers her mouth to silence her laughter. 'She's a little terror! In fact, she may be worse than you were!' A slap around the head has me reeling. 'I'm going to go and talk to Fay.'

'Holy mushrooms! Fay, you're huge!' 'Carrie!' I scold, frowning. 'She's right,' Fay says, waddling to my side. 'I'm a whale.' 'Wow. How does it feel?' Carrie asks, staring at the bulge. 'Is it really uncomfortable?' 'A bit,' Fay admits, leaning on my arm. 'Ewwww,' Carrie complains. 'I can't believe Seth wants me to do that.' 'Ignore her,' I mutter to Fay, holding her close. 'You look radiant.' 'It's the sweat.' Even I laugh at that.

Wanting to shut her up, I take Carrie aside and give her the gift wrapped box we all prepared last night. 'Oooh! What is it?' she asks, shaking the present. 'Fish.' 'WHAT?' I giggle. 'It's all the fish we all caught when we lived in the old house...' Her face falls slightly. '...and the keys to your new car.' 'WHAT? You got me a car?' 'Calm down. It's just a junker that Rootie and Alex fixed up. They've fixed about ten now. We sell most of them on, to pay for this place, but this one's for you.' Throwing her arms around my neck, she thanks me again and again. 'Just leave Fay alone, kay?' She agrees.

As Carrie continues to thank everyone in the house, I pull Fay to me, twirling her. 'You do look beautiful,' I say, twining my fingers with hers. Her lips quirk. 'You're only saying that because my boobs got bigger.' 'That is a key factor,' I joke. 'No, you've always been beautiful Fay. You know that.'

As I press my lips to hers, I hear a loud complain behind us. 'When I live here no one will be doing stuff like that!' 'Emmett!' I groan. 'Mum, can't you control her!' From the kitchen Mum calls back, 'do I look like I have any control over my kids?'

'Hey baby! Hello little Bella!' 'What if it's a boy?' Carrie asks. 'You won't call a boy Bella, will you?' 'No,' I scoff. 'A boy will be called Brian Jr.' Fay growls above me. 'No he won't. A boy will be named after your father.' 'Fine,' I agree, grinning. 'Hello little Klaus.' 'Does he realize that the baby can't hear him?' Carrie asks Fay. I can hear her eyes roll in the tone of her voice.

'He can hear me. Can't you?' In answer the baby kicks at Fay's stomach, making us both jump. 'I think that's a yes,' I smugly say, turning to Carrie. 'Whatever,' she mutters. 'Babies are boring. I'm going to go and cheat Emmett out of her lunch money.' I'd like to think that she's joking.

More time passes, and the year is almost over. After a hard day revising, Bennie and I go outside to shoot some hoops. 'Bennie?' 'Yeah?' 'You know Tamara?' He smirks at me. 'Vaguely.' 'Well...has she mentioned what she thinks of the rest of us? Especially Rootie and Admes?' He stiffens slightly, the ball frozen in his hands. 'What's this about, Brian?'

'Nothing. I was just curious.' 'She's a little opinionated,' he says defensively. 'I understand. say it to their faces? Bennie, that's cruel. And it's not just them. She's like that to all of us. Calling Trix a tart and Carrie and I prostitutes. I hate to think what she says about Fay.' Angrily he shoves the ball into my chest. 'Just leave it, Brian.' I watch him storm away and sigh. Why can nothing be simple?

The other day when gardening Rootie found a map. So, she and Admes have taken to digging up the garden looking for stuff. It annoys the butler, who follows them around, filling the holes back in. {We found all three maps for Admes to use on his holidays, and Rootie also got copies of all the maps, and a treasure chest. SCORE!}

Our second year at college ended much the same as the first, unsolved issues, problems and crazy sisters. Bennie still won't talk directly too me, using whoever's near as a middle man, but it won't last. Eventually he'll have to see Tamara for what she is. Fay's due date is only a week away, so I'm preparing to spend some time away from campus to help out. And Donna is a member of the House now, but is still adamant that she spend more time in her dorm first.

Okay, it's me, Alice again. Part Three should be along soon, with more plotty goodness. That chapter will be narrated by Donna, because she's awesome. Eyes peeled for the various Havar stories. At the moment it's just Never Mind the Nooboos, Never Mind the Degree And Never Mind the Legacy at the moment, but Never Mind the Bee Sting (Rootie's queen bee challenge) and Never Mind the Tour Guide (Admes/Alex's tour of the BV destinations) will be around soon.

Okay, the junior rerolls are thus: Admes went from Popularity to Romance. His new LTW is to become a professional party guest Beatrix went from Knowledge to Family. Her new LTW is to graduate three kids from college Bellatrix went from Knowledge to Pleasure. Her new LTW is to become a celebrity chef Benjamin went from Popularity to Fortune. His new LTW is to become a hall of famer Brian went from Family to Romance. His new LTW is to become a rock god

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