Never Leave Anything to Chance

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Published on February 14, 2020

Author: dnzproducts


slide 1: Never Leave Anything to Chance Any good athlete will make sure he/she prepares well before they take on the competition. The same is true for the hunter or competition shooter. You prepare by making sure you have the best rifle available for your purposes whether your preference dictates you use a Harrington Richardson a Henry a Howa or Weatherby for example. The astute shooter never leaves anything to chance. You will also make sure you feel confident about offering yourself the best opportunity to hit your target your buck the whitetail deer you hunt every season – or any other shooting you partake in. This means you want to be sure your scope or sight is good and perfectly fitted on top of your rifle. Many hunters and shooters buy the rifle of their choice separately from the scope they will mount or have mounted. It means they should have the correct details in terms of which they will choose the best mounting system and applicable tools to mount their scope and ensure it matches the type model and dimensions of their firearm. To this end you buy the mount system that best suits the profile of your rifle and you make sure you fit it properly so it supports the sight or scope in terms of which accuracy is not sacrificed when you fire at your target. Those individuals that want to fit the scope on their rifle themselves will know that fitting the scope requires a system that consists of a base and the rings. These constitute the mounting system on top of which the scope sits. They – the rings and base – can be acquired separately from the rifle and the scope but it will always be important to know that you must get the correct rings for the scope. Not all systems fit every rifle on the market and therefore it is always advisable to talk to an expert somewhere to steer you in the right direction if you take care of the mounting process of the system yourself. There are choices and preferences too to consider always taking into consideration the rifle the model and its size and dimensions – whether this is for a brand-new rifle or because you want to replace the existing scope. Pay due attention always to the requirements for your specific rifle such as the scope mount system that you need. slide 2: There are different scope mounts available on the market and some are preferred over others by some. For example some scope mount systems are offered as steel products others in aluminum. The latter is often preferred as it is lighter and more water-resistant than many others. Owners of rifles have choices in terms of which they can choose the rifle scope mount that suits them best i.e. the Weaver the Leupold and the Picatinny. Preference will play a role always – but so will the type of rifle you want to mount a system on and the retailer you are dealing with. Some of these retailers have been in the business for many years and have done their research into the best materials to be used – for example aluminum – and the ease with which the individual can fit these systems on top of their rifles to support the scope. They often are the owner of a gun shop in the shopping mall near you or they have a business somewhere in the commercial district or – very often these days you find them while browsing for the best products on the market. Different suppliers have their own products or they represent another supplier. A well-known scope mount system for example is the well- supported Game Reapers of which there is a 1- or 2-piece system. These and others all enjoy their own popularity and following. It gives the buyer choices. The buyer that wants to fit their own system is therefore able to look around then make an informed choice. About Us: As a family owned and operated company situated in Sanford NC we design and manufacture high quality scope mounts and related products. At DNZ Products we take pride in the scope mounts we manufacture and make available to all hunting and gun enthusiasts. We believe in accuracy at all times and therefore our products can be trusted to deliver maximum results. Our 1-piece and 2-piece scope mounts are ideal for a range of different rifles and will therefore suit the needs of a great number of gun enthusiasts. Our scope mounts are made from the highest quality solid billet aluminum to ensure maximum shock absorption. Our products stand out above the rest and constantly receive positive comment. For more about us please visit

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