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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Dolorada


The Story of BEOWULF:  The Story of BEOWULF By - Greg Teixeira and Kyle Owsley The Danes Doth Being Eaten:  The Danes Doth Being Eaten The King and his people were all celebrating and rejoicing at Herot. They ate and drank to their heart’s content. Many drank so much alcohol that they passed out on the floor, soon everyone was either passed out or asleep. Grendle took advantage of this opportunity to salvage these drunken messes, and eat them whole. Grendle would eat up to 30 men a night. “He slipped through the door and there in the silence snatched up thirty men, smashed them unknowing in their beds and ran out with their bodies.” (line 36, pg 22) Beowulf Hath Arrivedith:  Beowulf Hath Arrivedith With the attacks of Grendle continuing, and no hope of stopping him with normal human resources, the king sends for a strong hero by the name of Beowulf. Beuwolf is the king’s last hope for defeating Grendle and saving his kingdom. Beowulf feels that he must save the Danes because a sense of duty. “Beowulf, Higlac’s follower…heard how Grendel filled nights with horror and quickly commanded a boat fitted out.” (line 109, pg 23) Beowulf Defeateth Grendel:  Beowulf Defeateth Grendel Beowulf was now on the job to kill Grendel. Once he saw Grendel appear for his routine meal, they engaged in a ferocious battle. Grendel came out swinging but Beowulf was victorious in the end and sent a message to Grendel’s mother and the kingdom. The victory brought great fame to Beowulf, and the king threw a great celebration. “The battle was over, Beowulf was granted new glory.” (line 392, pg 31) Grendel’s Mom Wanteth Revenge:  Grendel’s Mom Wanteth Revenge After Beowulf ripped Grendel’s arm out of the socket with his bare hands, Grendel’s mother wanted revenge. She wanted to avenge her son’s defeat against Beowulf. Hearing this, Beowulf and his Geats went to her lair under a very deep lake. It was the wish and hope of the Geats to defeat Grendel’s mother so that there would be no more deaths at Herot. “That night, however, Grendel’s mother kidaps and kills Hrothgar’s closest friend…” (pg 35) Beowulf Hath Killeth Grendle’s Mom:  Beowulf Hath Killeth Grendle’s Mom In search of Grendel’s Mom, Beowulf had to reach the deepest part of the lake, and Grendel’s Mom sensed his appearance, seized him, and brought him to her lair. She was scratching and clawing at him, but his chain-mail vest on his breast kept Grendel’s Mom from slicing into Beowulf. After many severe blows, Beowulf finds a sword, a large golden sword made for giants, against a wall and uses it to slay Grendel’s Mom. After killing her, Beowulf sets out to find where Grendel lay, and then proceeds in chopping off his head. “Then he saw, a heavy sword, hammered by giants…lifted it high over his head and struck with all the strength he had left, caught her in the neck and cut it through.” (line 530, pg 38) Twas a Celebration, Beowulf Becomith King:  Twas a Celebration, Beowulf Becomith King Beowulf was now one of the most famous men throughout the land. He had slain both Grendel and his mother. The king of Geatland was very gracious and passed on his crown to Beowulf. Beowulf led his kingdom and vowed to protect them, and was always searching for more fame. Beowulf would remain as king for about 50 years, and was a great leader. “Then the Geats’ brave prince entered Herot, covered with glory for the daring battles he had fought.” (line 615, pg 40) Dragon Hath Stirrith Up Commotion:  Dragon Hath Stirrith Up Commotion After 50 years of being king, Beuwolf has become an old man. He hears about a dragon stirring up commotion in his kingdom and that the dragon is stealing from his people. So Beowulf sets out yet again to fight, and to receive fame. He goes to find the dragon with a few of the best Geats who say they will back up Beuwolf if he ever needed help. “Beowulf rules Geatland for 50 years. Then a dragon menaces his kingdom.” (pg 40) The Fight Against thy Dragon:  The Fight Against thy Dragon Once Beowulf found the dragon, both the dragon and Beowulf knew this would be a fight until death. Beowulf came out swinging and struck the dragon, but his trusty sword had failed him and broke upon the dragon’s skin. With his sword broken and his shield melted from the dragons hot breath, Beowulf had nowhere to turn to. He look for help upon his Geats, but they all ran away. All except Wiglaf who came and used his gold sword to triumph over the dragon, but it was too late for Beuwolf. “Beowulf swung his shield into place, held it in front of him, facing the entrance. The dragon coiled and uncoiled, its heart urging it into battle.” (line 671, pg 41) Wiglaf Doth Triumpeth:  Wiglaf Doth Triumpeth All the Geats retreated cowardly except Wiglaf who came and used his gold sword to triumph over the dragon. Wiglaf’s sword was given toi him by his father. And Wiglaf had waited years to finally be able to use his weaponry. Although the dragon was slain, Beowulf had been mortally wounded and was soon to die. “Then he ran to his king, crying encouragement as he dove through the dragon’s deadly fumes.” (line 774, pg 44) Beowulf’s End:  Beowulf’s End Before Beuwolf died, he asked Wiglaf to retrieve all of the treasure and gold the dragon had been guarding, and to bring it to him. Beuwolf asked to be buried on the high cliff with a great tomb so that when sailors past by they would remember the great Beuwolf. Beuwolf also granted Wiglaf power over the kingdom, and Wiglaf did as he was told. It took 10 days of hard work to build the tomb and they buried all of the gold and treasures with Beuwolf. Other warriors rode around the tomb telling other of Beowulf's heroic stories. “Then the Geats built the tower, as Beowulf had asked, strong and tall, so sailors could find it from far and wide.” (line 843, pg 46)

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