Neuroscience and Neurophysiology - the Study of the Brain and Nerves

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Information about Neuroscience and Neurophysiology - the Study of the Brain and Nerves

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: AntonvanDellen


By Anton Van Dellen

Introduction  For nearly two decades, current barrister Anton van Dellen was an influential member of the medical community, conducting and publishing research in the field of neuroscience. With a distinct focus on Huntington’s disease and neurophysiology, Anton van Dellen has contributed compelling discoveries in neurology.

About Neuroscience  Neuroscience is a broad field, but what exactly does it encompass, and how does neurophysiology play a role? Neuroscience is, simply, the study of the human brain. Weighing in at only three pounds, scientists have observed that the brain is the most complex organism known to exist. With highly capable computing abilities and an incredibly advanced networking system throughout the body, it is no wonder this organ requires its own branch of science, which essentially seeks to better understand its inner workings, ameliorate degeneration that can occur in the organ, and maximize its potential.

Conclusion  Neurophysiology focuses on the connection between the brain and the peripheral nervous system, combining neurology and physiology to examine the link between the body’s component parts and the brain’s functions. Neurophysiologists often study diseases like Parkinson’s or epilepsy and how they relate to the nervous system, as well as how the nerves stimulate the brain itself. As neurophysiology is the study the body’s most complicated system, the field is quite exclusive and elite.

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