Neurons and Your Brain

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Information about Neurons and Your Brain

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: ColetteDavisConsultant



MBB Distributors Business Plan Prepared by:Brian Distasio, New Account Development February 19, 2014 MBB Distributors

Executive Summary Objective The business will start as a distributorship for Herr’s Potato Chips, in Clark County Nevada. As a distributorship, we will deliver to convenience stores, shops, supermarkets, Walmart,Walgreens and other sites that would like to sell potato chips.We are focusing on cash stops and plan on growing from there. We are a new startup company, the chip name is well established and is expanding into many markets. Goals To sell a product with an established name in our territory and to provide a quality service to local merchants. We will take it slow in order to build a local following, and a solid reputation. We plan to provide our customers with excellent customer service. Team Leaders Michael Palmucci: New Account Development ,Jason Palmucci: New Account Development ,Brian Distasio: New Account Development Our Market Goals Our market is convenience stores, supermarkets and other venues that would like to purchase a quality product that sells. We will offer our product at various prices. It is dependent on the item. The price range goes from 3 for $1.00, $.99, $1.69, $3.49, and $4.29. We would like to project our initial sales at $3000 per week. We estimate that by the end if a 12 month period we should have a weekly sales figure of $5000. We will build the business slowly, by starting with sections of distribution area. Sales Projections Second Year: •Plan on acquiring more trucks to enhance our image and area •Have a combined weekly sales goal of $7000-10,000 Third Year:

• To have at least four trucks ,weekly goal set for $20,000 in sales per week.

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