Networking for Career Search Success: "Hello, Nice to Meet You" (and What Are You Doing Here?)

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Information about Networking for Career Search Success: "Hello, Nice to Meet You" (and...

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: aadler



When you present yourself in a networking event or interview, if you cannot tell who you are and why you are relevant to a listener’s needs, you have failed. You have failed to make yourself memorable, and you have failed to explain why you are taking the valuable time of your new contact. Read on to learn the top three ways to ensure your interviewer understands exactly why you are sitting in front of him.

Networking for Career Search Success: “Hello, Nice to Meet You” (and What Are You Doing Here?) Amy L. Adler CEO

Presenting Yourself in a Networking Event or Interview Learn the top three ways to ensure your interviewer understands exactly why you are sitting in front of him. Image courtesy of Stock.xchng / iprole

1. Your 60-second Introduction is 10 Seconds Long. • Your future hiring executive has limited time and resources to figure you out. • If you cannot tell this person in 10 seconds or less why you are relevant and valuable, you will have lost this person’s attention for good. Image courtesy digitalart /

Practice, Practice, Practice • Practice a short message that includes what you do, for whom you do it, and in what context. • Learn it so well that you have it memorized and can deliver it with a smile. • Wait for their reaction. You’ll know from this person’s comments whether you should explain your needs or address his, furthering the conversation beyond the introduction. Image courtesy of stockimages /

2. Your Message Should Reflect Your Company Research. • Your subsequent message should reflect your audience, not you. • You should have a good sense of what the issues might be based on the research you have completed prior to your interview. • You can ask what issues keep this person up at night. • You might be surprised by the person’s candor, and this can spark a conversation where you can offer your own brand of potential solution. Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

3. Keep the Lines of Communication Open. • If you see something interesting in the news that might be relevant to the needs of this future hiring executive, pass it along with a short note. • Follow this person LinkedIn and other key social media in which this hiring team participates. • Every now and then, “like” or retweet their posts or comment on them in a relevant way. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Most Important • Do not neglect to send quick thank-you letters to each of your interview team within 24 hours of your interview. • Highlight your value and add anything else about your candidacy that you believe will support your value. Image courtesy of Naypong /

We Can Help • Is marketing yourself very difficult? • Is it hard for you to explain your professional purpose succinctly? • Five Strengths can help. Image courtesy of Stock.xchng / bredmaker

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