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Published on September 2, 2008

Author: rdmamaster


Network Virtualization In The Datacenter : Network Virtualization In The Datacenter Network Virtualization : Network Virtualization Lower Your TCO Simplify Your Datacenter Gain Performance & Flexibility Readily Available Today Save Money Do More With Less New Technologies Drive Change : New Technologies Drive Change Forces Of Technology Changing The Datacenter Virtualization Is The Final Step : Virtualization Is The Final Step Physical Servers Physical Storage Physical Switches Final Step Entire datacenter virtualized Ethernet Fibre Channel Multiple applications running on multiple virtual servers OS You Still Have A Physical Network : You Still Have A Physical Network Too Many Adapters Per Server : Too Many Adapters Per Server = + Ethernet NICs Fibre Channel HBAs Not enough I/O bottlenecks performance Wasted power Doesn’t scale Even with all these cards it still isn’t enough I/O bandwidth! Network Virtualization Solves The Cable Complexity Nightmare : Network Virtualization Solves The Cable Complexity Nightmare Provision With A Mouse! : Provision With A Mouse! Sweet! I don’t have to go to the datacenter to move wiring! Connections re-routed securely from any computer Virtual I/O adapters can be added / removed anytime No more trips to the datacenter for wiring changes Dark datacenters need fewer visits Significantly reduces operation / maintenance costs Reduces physical connector failures Immediate payback! @#%*!! Lower Power, Complexity & Cost : Lower Power, Complexity & Cost Typical Datacenter Server Architecture From This……....To This Without Network Virtualization With Network Virtualization Enterprise & HPC Value Proposition : Enterprise & HPC Value Proposition Reduce latency up to 10X 600K to 10M Msgs/sec Algorithmic trading, market making, arbitrage Reduce I/O cost 60% Reduce I/O power ≈30% Higher performance More Vservers / Faster VMotion 300% 10g RAC perf 30% power/cooling 20% floor space ~40% 3 year TCO Virtualization Database Financial Services 5X performance increase for real-time color grading 3X speed up in run-time Scale 1000s of CPUs Digital Media CAD and Simulation 200% faster 1M SKU planning time 35% cost advantage Reduced power 33% Manufacturing / Supply Chain Network Virtualization Is Available Now : Network Virtualization Is Available Now Uses industry standard high speed protocols Flexible & powerful network provisioning Compatible with IP & storage protocols Dynamically allocate multiple virtual adapters Supported by most operating systems Virtualizes complete I/O infrastructure Costs about half what you’re paying per server! Summary : Summary Lower operational costs 40% Lower capital expenditures up to 60% Reduce network power by 30% Wiring & I/O adapter changes are done at the desktop – not in the datacenter Simplify your wiring, increase throughput Opens the door to the virtual datacenter Let us help you virtualize your network now About Mellanox Technologies : About Mellanox Technologies Semiconductor supplier founded in 1999 Leading supplier of network virtualization technology Shipped millions of ports of high speed network products Public company (IPO 2/2007): MLNX Customers include all major OEM’s to enterprise datacenters & high performance computing Contact Information : Contact Information Mellanox Technologies, Inc. 2900 Stender Way Santa Clara, CA 95054 +1 (408) 970-3400 Web: Music: Mozart Symphony K73n

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