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Information about Network switching

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: aungthurhahein



This is a comparison and explanation of network switching devices. The time constraints is only 15 minutes and only covers the general idea of all devices.

Network Switching Aung Thu Rha Hein (g5536871) 2nd March 2014

What is network switching? ➔ A network device to connect segments within a network ➔ receive messages and send only to the targeted devices ➔ Type of Switch: ◆ Layer 1 Switch or Hub ◆ Layer 2 Switch ◆ Layer 3 Switch ◆ Layer 4-7 Switch (MultiLayer Switch)

Network Devices & OSI Layer Association OSI Layer Layer Name Devices 4-7 Transport, Session, Presentation,Application Multi-Layer Swtich 3 Network Routers, Layer 3 Switch 2 Data Link Switches, Bridges, NIC’s 1 Physical Hub or Layer 1 switch

Layer 1 Switch Hub ➔ port mirroring ◆ send network packages from one switch port to another port ➔ can’t filter messages. propagate to all connected devices ➔ not intelligence to find out best path for data packets.

Layer 2 switch ➔ perform bridging (Bridge with multiple ports ) ➔ Store & Forward Switch ◆ ◆ perform error-checking before sending network frames highly reliable & slow ➔ Cut Through Switch ◆ ◆ ◆ No error checking look up destination and forward it performance penalty

Layer 2 switch ➔ Fragment Free Cut Through Switch ◆ ◆ forward all frames initially if particular ports get many error frames, switch to store & forward mode ➔ Unmanaged/Intelligence Switch ◆ ◆ tracks & reports performance statistics have DB ASIC

Layer 3 switch ➔ layer 2 switch- filter & forward frames ➔ layer 3 switch- routing capability ◆ ◆ each ports is separate LAN port difference with router: physical implementation

Layer 4 Switch Session,Content switch ➔ responsible for the analysis and control of network traffic at transport layer ➔ vendor dependent ➔ can include firewall,IP security Gateway,Policy based routing & ACLs ➔ E.g. Cisco 3560 L4 Switch ◆ L2 switching, L3 routing & L4 content regarding forwarding, dropping, prioritizing, packets carrying

Layer 7 Switch Application,Content switch

Conclusion Complexity and Functionality (Ascending Order) Hub Bridge L2 Switch Router & L3 Switch L4 Switch L7 Switch Thanks & Questions

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