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Published on October 30, 2007

Author: Kestrel


Sandbox Network Series:  Sandbox Network Series Network Series Agendas:  Network Series Agendas January 26: Campus Backbone Briefing February 23: Network Security Issues March 23: Tools Campus Backbone Briefing:  Campus Backbone Briefing Backbone network overview External networks overview CalREN Abilene National Lambda Rail Pacific Wave Backbone network projects. Network Security Issues:  Network Security Issues Backbone security configuration Network incident handling Security expectations Tools:  Tools Status reporting tools Diagnostic tools Performance testing tools Network instrumentation Connectivity Performance Q & A: Future Topics:  Q & A: Future Topics Campus Backbone Briefing:  Campus Backbone Briefing Campus Backbone Briefing:  Campus Backbone Briefing Backbone network overview External networks overview CalREN Abilene National Lambda Rail Pacific Wave Backbone network futures Campus Backbone Network:  Campus Backbone Network Gigabit Ethernet (and ATM) IPv4 unicast and multicast routing Interconnection between departmental, Internet, Internet2, and external research networks Distribution / Core:  Distribution / Core Core / Border:  Core / Border CalREN:  CalREN Regional GigaPOP serving the California educational community One backbone, three networks CalREN-DC CalREN-HPR CalREN-XD Operated by CENIC CENIC:  CENIC The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California Associates California Community Colleges California Institute of Technology California State University System Stanford University University of California University of Southern California CalREN Network Model:  CalREN Network Model CalREN Backbone:  CalREN Backbone CalREN Backbone Schematic:  CalREN Backbone Schematic CalREN-DC Network:  CalREN-DC Network IP based network OC-48+ backbone 140+ higher education institutions 8,000+ elementary, secondary and high schools Internet2 connectivity and commodity Internet services CalREN-DC Network Map:  CalREN-DC Network Map CalREN-HPR Network:  CalREN-HPR Network IP based network 10Gb Ethernet backbone Research institutions and national laboratories California component of Internet2 with 10GE and OC-12 connections to Abilene CalREN-HPR Network Map:  CalREN-HPR Network Map CalREN-XD Network:  CalREN-XD Network 10Gb wavelengths available (OC-192c or 10GE LANPHY) Dark fiber coordination Point-Point, Multi-Point 1G Ethernet possible Targeted at network researchers Commodity Internet Access:  Commodity Internet Access Provided via CalREN-DC network Current providers: Qwest, Cogent, and Level3 Drains in Los Angeles, Tustin, Sunnyvale, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento FY 2002/03 price: $200/Mbps FY 2003/04 price: $126/Mbps FY 2004/05 price: $95/Mbps -> $81/Mbps Public Peering:  Public Peering ISP-to-ISP interconnection, usually settlement-free Bypass ISP drains and per-megabyte charges Direct path, low latency Public Peering:  Public Peering Provided via CalREN-DC network Peering points in Los Angeles, San Diego, Palo Alto, San Francisco About 50 peers (ISPs and content providers), including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Adelphia, Earthlink Research Connectivity:  Research Connectivity Provided via CalREN-HPR network Abilene ESNet National Lambda Rail Pacific NW GigaPOP Pacific Wave AARNet (via Pacific Wave) KREONet (via Pacific Wave) Abilene:  Abilene High-performance Internet2 backbone network Connects regional network aggregation points to provide advanced network services to over 220 Internet2 university, corporate, and affiliate member institutions Partnership of Internet2, Qwest Communications, Nortel Networks, Juniper Networks, and Indiana University Abilene:  Abilene Announced on April 14, 1998 Initial operation in February 1999 Full deployment at 2.5 gigabits per second at the end of 1999 Upgraded to 10 gigabits per second in 2003 Includes native IPv6 capabilities Named after a railhead established in Abilene, Kansas during the 1860´s Abilene Backbone Map:  Abilene Backbone Map National Lambda Rail:  National Lambda Rail Initiative of U.S. research universities and private sector technology companies Create a national networking physical infrastructure Promote multidisciplinary/cross organizational collaborations Support and facilitate experimental networking research projects at all layers Provide new advanced production networking capabilities National Lambda Rail Map:  National Lambda Rail Map Pacific Wave:  Pacific Wave Project of CENIC and PNWGP Designed to enhance efficiency of IP traffic Pass IP traffic directly with other major national and international networks Reduce costs associated with IP traffic that would otherwise transit commercial carrier circuits Pacific Wave Map:  Pacific Wave Map Q & A:  Q & A Campus Backbone Futures:  Campus Backbone Futures Current Projects:  Current Projects Quality of Service (QoS) Supervisor upgrades Core/Border: Sup2 -> Sup720BXL Distribution: Sup2 -> Sup720B IPv6 10 Gigabit Ethernet ATM backbone retirement Discussion:  Discussion What are your high-priority needs? Where do current backbone capabilities fall short? What is on the horizon? Links:  Links

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