Network Connectivity Test Script

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Information about Network Connectivity Test Script

Published on January 16, 2009

Author: MercedeA


Network Connectivity Test Script May 1, 2005 Title: Network Connectivity Test Script Objective: The objective of this test is to confirm network connectivity per each machine. <Software Name>: <Component Name>: <Device Name>: Server Name: (Required) Procedure: Step ID Step DESC Expected Result/Value Actual Result/Value Expectatio Tested By Tested On n (Initial) (mm/dd/yy) Satisfied ? 1 Find PC’s IP address by running: Record the IP address in The IP address of the PC is M.A. 05/05/2005 Yes ipconfig the results column. __________. No Expected format 2 Run a ping test from a PC on the All pings shall be M.A. 05/05/2005 Yes _________Company’s LAN. successful. No Ping –n Other <Server Name> Screen print out Attach screen print out of ping attached. result for each. Comments: Mersedeh Arvaneh | Confidential

Network Connectivity Test Script May 1, 2005 Summary of Test Script Results/Values Test Result  Deviation Number Applicable? Test Execution Completion Initial/Date: Pass Fail Test Engineer:_____________ Signature:_________________ Date:______________________ Test Reviewer:_____________ Signature:_________________ Date:______________________ Mersedeh Arvaneh | Confidential

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