Network analysis, v2.1

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Information about Network analysis, v2.1

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: aidbel



SUMMARY   >  The  Stockholm  network  has  33  ac>ve  members  YTD,  of  which  1  member   is  an  honorary  member   >  More  the  80%  of  the  members  hold  a  university  degree  –  primarily  within   Business  &  Business  related  administra>on,  followed  by  subjects  in   Science   >  Members  are  well  established  in  their  professions  as  close  to  2/3  have   15+  years  of  work  experience   >  To  a  large  extent,  member  are  in  the  IT  field  (SW,  HW  and/or  related   services)   >  Members  have  varying  degrees  of  managerial  func>ons.  Almost  ¼  of  the   members  are  in  the  posi>on  of  CXO/Director   >  Members  are  fluent  in  Swedish,  English,  Norwegian,  Danish,  Finish,   French,  German,  Italian,  Spanish,  Portuguese,  Arabic  and  Amharic   >  Most  members  are  found  in  the  age  groups  40-­‐45  and  50-­‐55   >  Schneider  on  the  Federa>on  level  and  Cicso  at  the  local  level  are  the   network´s  prime  partners  









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