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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Callia


Slide1:  區域網路發展趨勢 個案研討 主講人: 盧崑瑞 Basic Facts:  Communication ODM Services Founded: February, 1988 Corporate HQ: Hsinchu, Taiwan 1999 Revenue: US$ 305 M Current Capital: US$ 67 M Employees : 1200 (Taiwan) IPO in Taiwan : November 1995 GDR in Luxembourg: February 1997 ISO 9001/ ISO 14000 1993/1998 Basic Facts Organizational Overview:  (22%) (16%) (6%) (50%) (6%) Total Employees: 1,200 (Taiwan) Organizational Overview Chart Title Employee Benefits Committee Sales and Marketing Finance and Administration Research and Development Factory and Warehouse Quality Assurance President Board of Directors Consistent Growth:  Forecast 20 28 40 58 78 117 197 220 305 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 Revenue (US$M) Consistent Growth 2000 480 Y2000 Value Proposition:  Y2000 Value Proposition Design Engineering Contract Manufacturing Value Engineering New Technology New Product Existing Product Accton Business Objectives:  Accton Business Objectives ASIC Internet System From LAN to WAN From Wired to Wireless From Baseband to Broadband e-Direct ASP,SAN B2B, B2C Internet Appliances Internet access From MAC to Embedded Processor FromL2 to L3/4/5/6/7 Chip of QoS, VPN, Firewall New Business Development System Implementation:  System Implementation LAN Home Network ADSL Cable Data Pipes L3 VoDSL VoIP Residential Gateway IAD Phys, MAC Switches L2 VPN QoS Bluetooth 802.11 Wireless Access Voice/Data ASIC HPNA AVcast S/W as the core, ASIC as the cost driver Distributed engineering teams for core technology development Strategies for Success:  Serve as the best networking manufacturer through advanced value-added technologies and web empowered services Consolidate international resources through synergistic partnership Establish technology excellence through a silicon centric plan Increase manufacturing strengths through regional infrastructure utilization and guaranteed quality Strategies for Success ODM Project Management:  ODM Project Management Project Management Model:  Project Management Model Manufacturing Engineering Customer Sales Product Manager Engineer Manager Account Sales SW Engineering HW Engineering Project Manager Product Engineering Customer Request Virtual Resources Project Schedule Control:  Project Schedule Control 12 147 0 30 4 weeks 45 49 168 147 Microsoft Project based Schedule control Internet Project Management System:  Internet Project Management System Crisis Management System:  Crisis Management System Customer hot site escalation 72hrs to CEO 48hrs to VP 24hrs to Directors Slide14:  Focal Contact list Business <Taiwan> Sales Manager, Sales 886-3-577-0270 886-3-578-9526 (Fax) Product & Manufacturing <Taiwan>Program Manager 886-3-5770270 #123 886-3-5783839(Fax) Technical Support <US> Shockley Su Tech Support Manager e-mail: Engineering <Taiwan> RD Manager, R&D 886-3-5770270 #123 886-3-5783839(Fax) New Product Introduction Process:  New Product Introduction Process Slide16:  Single Chip 5/8 Port Swicth w/ Mem (00/6) ASIC Development Plan 2Q LAN 2000 1Q Centaur II Modem+Etnernet/HPNA (00/8) 4Q 3Q SOC IA/VoIP Processor (2001) Managed Switch Product Plan:  Managed Switch Product Plan L3 L2 Wireless Product Plan:  Wireless Product Plan CY2000 2Q 3Q 1Q 4Q 11M 802.11 WLL Card (00/6) 11M 802.11 WLL Access Point (00/7) 11M 802.11 WLL Residentidal Gateway (00/10) Bluetooth Access Point (0/12) 11M Bluetooth Card (00/10) Access Product Plan:  Access Product Plan CY2000 2Q 3Q 1Q 4Q DOCSIS 1.1 Cable Modem (00/5) ADSL Modem (00/5) ADSL Residentidal Gateway (00/6) ADSL Route(00/6) USB ADSL Modem (00/6) Integrated Access Device (IAD) (00/12) Slide20:  New Product Introduction Process IBP EVT DVT MVT Bug Control:  Bug Control TE RD TS PM PL QA ME Sales Decide who and when to solve the bugs Key in Bug Report Data Base Trace Bug Fix Status if Schedule expire Change Bug Status to “Closed” Fix Find Bugs Reschedule No Yes closed RD Engineers Learn Design Skill On Line Maintain Database Bugs Report Database Generate Design Notes/Weekly report Managers Query Products Bug Status & History Version Control:  Version Control Create Project & Add files to Local SourceSafe Server Modify Working Version ? Check out from Local SourceSafe Server Check out from Global SourceSafe Server Create New Version Check In to Local SourceSafe Server Official Release Yes Yes 1 Yes Final Version No Slide23:  Product Release Control EVT 1.MR review meeting 2.Maintenance personnel training & meeting minutes 3.Final product specification 4.Technical handbook 5.MTBF estimate 6.UL/CSA/TUV certificate 7.Environmental test report 8.EMC test report 9.DVT review check list 10.Pilot run review record 11.DVT product release verification report DVT 1.Product specification 2.User’s manual draft 3.Function test report 4.Power pin current measurement 5.Temperature characteristics & 4 corner test 6.Bug Report 7.H/W schematic 8.H/W high-level design 9.Production testing plan & test coverage analysis 10.EVT review check list 11.Product readiness review 12.Software high-level design 13.System function testing report Document Control:  Document Control ISO document version control Technical Information Center (TIC) product document centralized control Document Access Control S/W Development Tool:  S/W Development Tool H/W Development Tool:  H/W Development Tool Slide27:  Customization Accton will produce customer look and feel products according to customer specification Customization includes Enclosure and Packaging color, silk screen, artwork Manual and Accessory Page Maker V6/ MS word for manual processing Power cord, warranty card etc. Certifications Apply multiple listings Software Product names, private MIBs, company logo and associates Environment Test Safety / EMC Test:  Environment Test Safety / EMC Test In-house Thermal Chamber In house HALT test facility Subcontracting to Official Environmental Testing Labs In-house EMI Shielded Room Subcontracting to Official EMC Testing Lab Covers FCC, VCCI, EN55022, BCIQ, etc In house UL/CSA/TUV Certified Test Lab NTC Testing Expertise:  IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u/ 802.3z Conformance Test Functionality Test (Automated Test Program) Performance Test Interoperability Test Maximum Network Topology Test NetBench/ServerBench Test (Benchmark Program) Real World Network Test Multiple Network Operating System Multiple Protocols Network Manager Software Application Software SNMP/RMON/STA Test (ANVL, Simpler Test) Hub/Switch/Agent Test NTC Testing Expertise Product Test Plans:  Product Test Plans Test to Customer Test Plans Hardware Test Plan Base Unit Functional Test Module/Stacking Functional Test IEEE Conformance Test Inter-Operability Test Performance Test Software Test Plan STA Test CLI / HTTP Test SNMP/RMON Test Plan TCP/IP Application Test Stress Test Manufacturing & Quality:  Manufacturing & Quality On Site Own Manufacturing:  On Site Own Manufacturing 13 SMD lines, expand to 23 lines in Y2000 PCB size: up to 510mm x 460mm (20” x 18”) PCB thickness: 0.4mm to 20mm and up Double-sided air reflow Process complex products with 6000+ SMT components TQFP: 0.3 mm (12mil), Micro BGA capability Slide33:  Taiwan + China Manufacturing Capacity CURRENT Y2000 PHASEⅠ Y2000 PHASE Ⅱ STATUS 2000 1H 2000 2H Facility SMTx11 ( TAIWAN) SMTx15 (TAIWAN) SMTx17 (TAIWAN) M/Ix2 ( CHINA ) SMTx3 (CHINA ) SMTx6 (CHINA) TOTAL 13 Lines TOTAL18 Lines TOTAL 23 Lines Capacity Card 576K (TAIWAN) 675K (TAIWAN) 786K (TAIWAN) 30% 86K (CHINA) 157K (CHINA) 314K (CHINA) TOTAL 662K TOTAL 832K TOTAL 1100K Sw/.Hub 119K (TAIWAN) 154K (TAIWAN) 173K (TAIWAN) 70% 19K (CHINA) 29K (CHINA) 58K (CHINA) TOTAL 138K TOTAL 183K TOTAL 231K Slide34:  Manufacturing Test . Methodology Manufacturing Test Plan Manufacturing Test Specifications Manufacturing Test Program File Functional Test Coverage List . Process MDA Test (ICT) Board Level Pre Test Board Level Final Test OQC/ORT Test . Result Manufacturing Test Report Manufacturing Test Program File Manufacturing Test Tooling & Fixture Manufacturing Test Capability:  Manufacturing Test Capability 4 GENRAD VIPER 3200 Pins, 1000 pts / 60 sec Manufacturing Defect Analysis ( MDA ) 4 GENRAD Stinger GR 2287A 3840 Pins, 1000 pts /30 sec MDA Develop Cycle Time : 2 Weeks Slide36:  Continuous Quality Improvement 1. HW/SW/FW Design Guidelines 2. EVT/DVT/MVT Verification Procedures 3. DFM/DFT/DFQ 1. SPC 2. SFCS 3. QIPs & CARs 4. Training Programs 5. ORT 1. CAN 2. PTR on Web 3. TSC 4. WW Logistics 1. QVL 2. Supplier Management Program Own Logistic Support:  Own Logistic Support n Worldwide ware houses support ¨ Hsinchu (Taiwan), SanJose(CA,USA), Raleigh(NC,USA), Yokohama(Japan), London (UK), Singapore,HK n Worldwide regional support centers can provide service ¨ Local RMA pool,Local product customization support,shipment expedition services n Aggressive manufacturing expansion plan ¨ 10 times growth plan in 5 years (year 2002) Slide38:  Global Logistic Support Alliance with NatSteel Slide39:  Technical Support 3 Level Support System Customer: Level 1/Level 2 Support (by customer) Accton to Ensure Proper Response to customer : Level 2 support - per customer’s request, Level 3 support - through phone and e-mail On-site level 3 support, will include trouble shooting & providing bug fixes in S/W and H/W of the product Escalation System to meet customer satisfactions Slide40:  IS Integration EDI as the electronic data exchange plateform AccBuy / AccOEM link supplier and customer demand Accton Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C Partner AccBuy AccOEM EDI System Slide41:  AccBuy Example Slide42:  AccOEM System ODM Customer References:  Shipped to top networking companies 8 Port 10M Hub 1996 8 Port 100M Hub 1996 12/24 Port 10/100 Hub 1997 4/8 Port 10/100 switch 1997 8/16 Port 10/100 Hub 1998 12/24 Port 10/100 Hub 1998 24+2 Port 10M Switch 1998 12/24 Port 10/100 Hub 1999 12/24 Port 10/100 Switch1999 USB-Ethernet Adapter 1999 ODM Customer References 8 Port 10M Stked Hub 1997 8 Port 10M Mgmed Hub 1997 12/24P 10/100 Mgmed Hub 1998 8P 10/100 Mgmed switch 1998 8P 10/100 switch 1998 24+2G Mgmed stackable switch 1999 8P 10/100/1000 Managed swicth 2000 Partnership Model:  Partnership Model Customer Internal Effort Time Market Growth Maturity Early Growth End of Life Partnership Effort Natsteel ‘s Distributed Mfg. and Global Logistics Accton Resources Accton Value Engineering Best ODM Partners :  Best ODM Partners

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