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Published on July 8, 2009

Author: panklam


Net Work:Building and Sustaining a Network Patti Anklam June 24, 2009 A NetWorkShop

Outline for the Day

Goals Prepare you to launch an apprenticeship network Understanding networks Using collaborative tools Setting up for success

About Networks

Networking is about making and leveraging personal connections How I got here today: I met Beth Kanter via John Smith, whom I know from CPsquare. Beth and I connected at a workshop for Rare Conversation. She then referred me to you, the client.

Net Work is about identifying, creating, and sustaining networks

What is a network? “An interwoven or interrelated number of things…”

Your networks Groups and organizations that you belong to Formal networks Informal networks The individuals you interact with, have relationships with, and to whom you can reach out 8

Formal networks Often centralized or hierarchical Fixed relationships Defined patterns of information flow 9

Informal networks “How work gets done” Key people exchange ideasand pass information Drive social capital 10

History of the Network Perspective New York Times, April 3, 1933

1967: Six Degrees of Separation Omaha Boston Stanley Milgram, Yale University

The new science of networks Beginning in the 1990’s computer science made it possible to map and analyze large networks Beginning in 2002-2003, the network insights started to become accessible

BusinessWeek, February 27, 2006

What we learned from the science Networks can be drawn Relationships (links) among people (nodes) can be analyzed: Counted, summed, averaged Grouped, segmented Patterns matter 11% 2.581

PurposeStructureStyleValueThe network view provides access to understanding a network’s properties





Network Properties: Purpose Aid and support people, environment Create economic gain for stakeholders Practice-focused learning and personal development Generate and collaborate in creating and using ideas Nurture emotional and affiliative relationships 17

Purpose drives the design factors What networks are you in? What would these look like if you drew them? What do the leadership models look like for these? What roles do you play in each of them? What value do you receive from them? What value does the network itself produce?

Your Networks

Network Properties: Structure Hub and Spoke: Starting Context Random Connections: Discoverable Hierarchy: Command and Control Stovepipes Core/Periphery: Healthy End State Heterarchy: Teams

The structure changes as the network grows Hub & Spoke Scattered Clusters Core/Periphery Multi-hub Small World Source: Valdis Krebs

Structure of Ties Strong ties: Close, frequent Reciprocal Weak ties Infrequent interaction No emotional connection Absent ties No personal connection beyond “nodding”

Patterns of Individual Roles Peripheral specialists Information broker Central connector Influencer 23

Different structures for different types of work 24

Network Properties: Style What are members like?How does it “feel” to be in the network?How does it engage its members?How is it led?

What are members like?

How does it “feel” to be in the network?

How does it engage its members?

How is it led?

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