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Published on October 9, 2014

Author: ShubhamShah001



Nested Marco presentation

1. BY Sagar Nadgoda & Shraddha Rathor

2.  Macro having arguments  Every time whenever the macro name is encountered the arguments are replaced by the actually arguments from the program.  Macro name within another macro is called Nesting of macro.  The called macro is “Inner macro”.  The calling macro is “Outer macro”.

3. #include<stdio.h> #define d 5 #define a 20+b+d #define b c+3 #define c 50 void main() { int result; result=a+b+10+d; printf("result=",result); getch(); }

4. #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> #include<ctype.h> struct node { char name[10]; char value[20]; struct node *next; }; struct node *start;

5. void addnode(char n[],char v[]) { struct node *temp,*nn; nn=(struct node *)malloc(sizeof(struct node)); strcpy(nn->name,n); strcpy(nn->value,v); nn->next=NULL; if(start==NULL) start=nn; else { temp=start; while(temp->next) { temp=temp->next; } temp->next=nn; } }

6. void final() { struct node *temp,*p; char string[80]; int i,j,k,l; temp=start; while(temp) { p=start; while(p) { if(strstr(temp->value,p->name)) { strcpy(string,""); k=strstr(temp->value,p->name)-(temp->value); printf("%d",k); for(i=0;i<k;i++) { string[i]=temp->value[i]; }

7. string[i]=0; strcat(string,p->value); l=strlen(p->value); for(j=i+strlen(p->name);temp->value[j];j++) { string[i+l]=temp->value[j]; i++; } string[i+l]=0; strcpy(temp->value,string); } p=p->next; } temp=temp->next; } }

8. void main() { FILE *fp,*ft; char string[81],str[50],name[10],value[20],s; int i,j,k,l,flag1,flag2,flag3; struct node *temp; clrscr(); start=NULL; fp=fopen("nest.txt","r+"); rewind(fp); printf("////tsource filet/////n"); while(!feof(fp)) { fgets(str,80,fp); printf("%s",str); } rewind(fp);

9. while(!feof(fp)) { fscanf(fp,"%s",str); if(!(strcmp(str,"#define"))) { fscanf(fp,"%s",name); fscanf(fp,"%s",value); addnode(name,value); } } printf("nn///tTable contentst///n"); temp=start; while(temp) { printf("%st%sn",temp->name,temp->value); temp=temp->next; }

10. final(); printf("nn///tFinal Table contentst///n"); temp=start; while(temp) { printf("%st%sn",temp->name,temp->value); temp=temp->next; } fclose(ft); fclose(fp); getch(); }

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