Nervous System

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Information about Nervous System

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: bellejeunefille


Report by: Sison, Margarita Alexis AC Sison, Moira Alexandria AC

• Master controlling and communicating system of the body • Controls and coordinates all essential functions of the human body • Receives sensory input, makes decisions, and then orders body responses

• SENSORY FUNCTION: Nervous system uses its millions of sensory receptors to monitor changes occurring both inside and outside of the body. Those changes are called STIMULI, and the gathered information is called Sensory Input.

• INTEGRATIVE FUNCTION : The Nervous System process and interprets the sensory input ad makes decisions about what should be done at each moment—a process called Integration.

• MOTOR FUNCTION: The Nervous System then sends information to muscles, glands, and organs (effectors) so they can respond correctly, such as muscular contraction or glandular secretions.

• Consists of the brain and the spinal cord, which act as the integrating & command centers of the nervous system • Interpret incoming sensory information and issue instructions based on past experience and current conditions.

• Located within the cranial cavity of the skull and consists of different hemispheres • Center for all thoughts, memories, judgements and emotions

• Reflex center and conduction pathway which is found in the vertebral column.

• It is the part of the nervous system outside the CNS. • They link all parts of the body by carrying impulses from the sensory receptors to the CNS and from the CNS to the appropriate glands or muscles. • It consists mainly of the nerves that extend from the brain and spinal cord. • Cranial nerves – carry impulses to and from the brain. • Spinal nerves – carry impulses to and from the spinal cord.

• Voluntary motor commands – such as moving muscles to walk or talk, are controlled by the somatic nervous system • Involuntary motor commands – such as digestion and heartbeat, are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.  Sympathetic Nervous System – “fight or flight” system  Parasympathetic Nervous System – “rest & repose” system

• Frontal Lobe – reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving • Parietal Lobe – movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli such as touch • Occipital Lobe – visual processing • Temporal Lobe – perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, smell and memory

• Largest part of the human brain • Associated with higher brain function such as thought and action • Cerebral cortex - exterior surface of the cerebrum, is convoluted or folded grayish layer of cell bodies known as GRAY MATTER. - controls perception, memory, and all higher cognitive functions, including the ability to concentrate, reason and think in abstract form.

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