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Published on September 19, 2015

Author: nepablogcon


1. Welcome! -The Squirrels East Stroudsburg University September 12, 2015 WIFI Info – SSID: ESUGuest Password: guest1063!

2. Meet our MC Gerard Durling, • Coal Creative • NEPA Influencers • #NEPAChallenge • @VinGerard • @ThinkCoal

3. Building A Community For Your Podcast Chris Barrows Host of the “Why I Social” and “Social Stories” Podcasts

4. 4 Who Am I? Personal: @CBarrows Podcast: @WhyISocial

5. Flickr User: N06/8915491422 The Power of Podcasting

6. Logo Design by Cody Stevenson Meet the “Why I Social” Podcast

7. Flicker User: evamaria_n Community

8. Flicker User: Toni_vC takes time…

9. Flicker User: leweb3 Audience First Approach

10. Be Social

11. …with a Purpose! Flicker User: benmciver

12. Ask Questions Flicker User: Jarbo

13. Audience-centric content

14. Guest or Topic Requests

15. Flicker User: brainsonic Feature Power Listeners

16. Graphic: Determine Influencers

17. Create An Ambassador Program

18. Any questions? Web: Twitter: @CBarrows Email:


20. Profiting From Your Passions Elspeth Misiaszek eMarketing Copywriter

21. • Raised in Bradford County, PA by a stay-at-home dad • Self-supporting entrepreneur for over (7) years • I teach sales copywriting to heart- centered entrepreneurs & bloggers … I believe that… Meet Elspeth Misiaszek

22. You Deserve to Profit from Your Passions

23. Who wants to learn 9 Ways to Use Your Blog to Create a Profit from Your Passion

24. According to… Total New Blogs in 2014 18,300,771 *That’s 49,997 new blogs per day!

25. Pick a Blogging Niche

26. 1,000 True Fans • Theory by Kevin Kelly from Technium 1,000 True Fans paying you $100 / year = $100,000 / year

27. There are 7 billion people in the world

28. What if your blog had… 1,000 True Fans paying $10 / month = $120,000 / year

29. Create a membership site specific to your niche.

30. Memberships for Premium Content • Ask vendors for first-time-buyer discounts • Turn old blogs into more detailed blogs • Create member-only printable graphics • Sponsor a forum or group to encourage engagement

31. Ask for Advertisers to Join You What types of businesses would be uniquely interested in getting to know your 1,000 True Fans & the rest of your audience?

32. Smaller Site? Offer More Value • Get creative with value added options • Leverage the size of your social media network • Position yourself as an authority

33. Create Joint Ventures & Grow Your Audience • Get to know your colleagues & competitors • Ask for the opportunities you’re seeking • Be sure to give back = to what you receive

34. More Ways to Profit from Your Passions… What happens after you’ve: #1 Picked a niche #2 Engaged 1,000 true fans #3 Created a membership site #4 Asked for advertisers & #5 Started leveraging joint ventures ???

35. You could … #6 Write a Book or a Few Mini-Books #7 Expand Your Area of Expertise #8 Offer Coaching & Mentoring Programs #9 Sell Your Blog / Plan an Exit Strategy

36. There is no right or wrong way to profit from your passions.

37. Any questions? Web: Twitter: @Elspeth81 Email:


39. Working the Camera: Professional Secrets for Video Success East Stroudsburg University September 12, 2015 Clay LePard Sample Image Clay LePard WNEP @ClayLePard


41. Blog Awareness

42. Being Interviewed

43. Being Interviewed

44. Being Interviewed

45. Questions?


47. How Cycling, Blogging and Social Networking Saved My Life East Stroudsburg University September 12, 2015 Dee Culp

48. Transgender • trans·gen·der /transˈjendər,tranzˈjendər/ • adjective • denoting or relating to a person whose self- identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.

49. My Life as a “Man” • Depression • Anger • Jealousy • Resentment

50. Gender Dysphoria • noun • the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex. • Not just about clothing • Not just a kink or fetish • NOT A PHASE

51. To Transition or Not To Transition? It’s not a choice.

52. Finding My Tribe

53. Finding My Tribe • Cycling the Blues Away

54. Finding My Tribe • Cycling the Blues Away • Blogging the Miles

55. Finding My Tribe • Cycling the Blues Away • Blogging the Miles • Social Networking – connecting the dots.

56. Living Your Truth • In trying to save myself, I began saving others like me.

57. How to Find Your Tribe • What are you interested in? • Causes? • Hobbies? • Work Experience? • Community?

58. Write – Blog – Save the World • Exercise clears the mind • Art helps you express your feelings • Your Feelings Help Others • Art is Communication

59. Write – Blog – Save the World • In becoming yourself, you become the light that others see. • In becoming a voice for the voiceless and oppressed, you make sure they are heard. • Save yourself; save the world.

60. Any questions? Web: Twitter: @daleculp Email:


62. Small Business Food Panel • Mario Bevilacqua, What the Fork • Jason Startari, Shawnee Craft Brewing • Matthew Serniak, The Wing Men • Matt Lynch, The Wing Men Matt L. MarioJason Matt S.


64. LUNCH - 12:15 - 1pm @ ESU Dansbury Commons Thanks to our hospitality sponsor:

65. Words. Words. Words. Donna Talarico Independent content writer and social media/storytelling consultant Founder/publisher of Hippocampus Magazine

66. Words. • Starters • Storytelling • Sizzle • Self-editing • Send-off

67. Starters. T O W N

68. Starters. MAN_____________________ BOARD you just me _________ feet feet feet feet feet feet

69. Starters. • Bob • Mom • Radar • Racecar • Never odd nor even • Some men interpret nine memos

70. Words. Words are fun. Words are your friend(s).

71. Storytelling. What makes a good story?

72. Storytelling. • Characters • Plot • Setting • Point of view • Inciting incident • Rising action • Resolution • Emotion • Call to action • Memorable

73. Storytelling.

74. Sizzle. • Stronger word choice – thesaurus! • Active voice • Clarity • Brevity • Literary devices (imagery, metaphor, simile, alliteration/assonance, analogy) • Wordplay

75. Sizzle. Keeping your writing to a shorter length really benefits the reader, so why don’t you perhaps try to use fewer words in your next blog post or other type of content…

76. Sizzle. …or, Be brief.

77. Sizzle. • Is there a word for what you are describing? – How many there are = quantity • Are you using unnecessary phrases? – The fact of the matter is, it’s cold = It’s cold. • Is there a more succinct way to say it? – I took all of her jewelry from her jewelry box = I emptied her jewelry box

78. Sizzle. Alliteration is absolutely effective!

79. Words. • “Bennett warmed to the idea of an ambitious Arctic adventure.” • From Hampton Sides’ In the Kingdom of Ice

80. Sizzle. • By way of a tale of a famous newspaper stunt, we meet an eccentric publishing tycoon, James Gordon Bennett Jr. We learn that this man heralds the kinds of stories the public wants to hear, but not without critics. – From my review of In the Kingdom of Ice

81. Sizzle. • Repetition can be effective. – He came. He saw. He conquered. • And sometimes redundancy it can be blah, such as overuse of a name or particular term. Instead, change up your words and name references: – Donna Talarico is speaking at BlogCon. She’s doing a session about words. The Lancaster-native is glad to be here. A former journalist, she really love words. “It’s true,” said the word nerd. – Banana boxes later becomes Chiquita crates Anaphora in action

82. Sizzle. • Part — OK, most — of the allure of Iceland is its landscape of geological wonders. Volcanoes included. So I was both nervous and excited when, a week before my September 2014 trip to the little island country, a lava-filled mountain started to spew. Bardarbunga’s eruption closed some far-off roads and made for some pretty photos and videos, but its activity didn’t cause any air travel woes, unlike the 2010 explosion of Eyjafjallajökull, which sent miles of ash into the air and grounded flights to and from Europe for days. – From my article “Land of Fire and … Elves” (

83. Sizzle. Passive • The ball was shot by him. A score was made. • A cake was baked. • Clapping was heard in the theater. • A fun time was had by all. • A baby was born. • Oops! Something went wrong. Active • He shoots! He scores! • Mom baked a cake. • The audience erupted in applause. • Everyone had fun. • We had a baby! • Oops! You did something wrong. Sometimes passive is OK. Like when you don’t want to blame someone(as in my example in green), the person acting is irrelevant, you want to emphasize the subject or you need to be vague.

84. Self-edit. • Let simmer • Read aloud • Print out a hard copy • Share • Proof vs. edit

85. Self-edit. • Spelling • Grammar • Editing-induced errors – You know the one: the ‘ol sentence rearranging and accidental leave behind of a word • Weak words • Redundancy • Unnecessary or “fluff” words • Flow • Fact-checking

86. Send-off. • Tools – A real thesaurus – Grammarly or similar – Word puzzles (Games) • Resources – Copyblogger – Austin Kleon (Steal Like an Artist) – Paul Smith(Lead with a Story) – Not your usual reading material

87. Any questions? Web: Twitter: @donnatalarico Email:


89. The Content You Didn’t Even Know You Had East Stroudsburg University September 12, 2015 Brittany Thomas @britt_thomas

90. We all need good content in our lives • Corporations • Nonprofits • Community events • Fashion bloggers • Photographers • Stores • Restaurants

91. Where is your content hiding? • Three ways to approach finding and using content 1. Finding original content 2. Double sharing 3. Repackaging content

92. Finding Original Content • Start with the obvious – Events, sales, your favorite recipe… • What you do is interesting to your audience. Really.

93. Finding Original Content

94. Finding Original Content

95. Finding Original Content

96. Finding Original Content “Give me a topic, any topic, and I show you how it’s interesting original content.”

97. Double Sharing • Fencing principle: If it’s worth hitting once it’s worth hitting twice – ICYMI – #TBT/#FBF – One year look back – Anniversary – Leading up to next event – Update

98. Double Sharing

99. Double Sharing

100. Repackaging Content

101. Repackaging Content • Repackage old content into something new • Add new content to an old concept for a new take • Combine content together for something shiny • Have multiple ways to use the same content

102. Repackaging Content

103. Find your content and let it shine • Finding original content – Don’t underestimate what your audience finds interesting (you can even ask them!) • Double sharing – Maximize the exposure of your work • Repackaging content – Understand who you want to view your content and how best to reach them

104. THANK YOU! Brittany Thomas @britt_thomas


106. Don't Be Just a Blogger! Become an Infopreneur. East Stroudsburg University September 12, 2015 Catherine Shefski

107. The Tools: Selling Your PDF • Gumroad (Fees: 5% + $0.25 commission per sale. No monthly fee.) • Selz (Fees: No fixed monthly fees, no bandwidth fees, no hosting fees. Pay just 2.0% per transaction) • PayPal (PayPal offers sellers of digital products two types of accounts, a regular account and micropayments account. Each account works best depending on the amount sold to the customer. A regular PayPal account charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction while a micropayments account charges 5% + 5 cents per transaction. PayPal recommends a micropayments account when the majority of the transactions are under $12.00. )

108. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) • Easy Setup • 70% Royalty for books over $2.99 • Easy to track sales on Dashboard Click to add text

109. Blog Post on

110. No monthly fee. $1 + 10% Video / Text/ Worksheets

111. Web Designer & Writer "Blogging for Boomers"



114. Any questions? Web: Twitter: @TMFproject


116. THANK YOU Save the Date! NEPA BlogCon 2016 is on 10/15/16

117. EXPO SESSION Network, Ask Questions & Learn! Thanks to our sponsor:

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