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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Kliment


NEMO Route Optimization Solution Space Analysis draft-ietf-nemo-ro-space-analysis-01.txt:  NEMO Route Optimization Solution Space Analysis draft-ietf-nemo-ro-space-analysis-01.txt Chan Wah Ng Fan Zhao Masafumi Watari Thubert Pascal Status:  Status Published –00 on 31st August Published –01 on 24th October Collected 16 issues 2 rejected 13 incorporated into –01 1 open Contents:  Contents Introduction Benefits of Route Optimization Scenario of Route Optimization Issues of Route Optimization Analysis of Solution Space 3. Scenarios:  3. Scenarios Basic NEMO Route Optimization No consideration for VMNs Nested Mobility Optimization With consideration for VMNs Decrease number of HAs Decrease number of tunnels Infrastructure-based Optimization Intra-NEMO Optimization 4. Tradeoffs and Issues:  4. Tradeoffs and Issues Additional Signaling Overhead Increased Protocol Complexity & Processing Load Increased Delay during Handoff New Functionalities Detection of New Functionalities Scalability Mobility Transparency and Location Privacy Support of Legacy Nodes 5.1 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.1 Analysis of Solution Space Which Entities are Involved? MNN and CN MR and CN MR and CR Entities in Infrastructure Optimized Route Non-Optimized Route 5.2 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.2 Analysis of Solution Space Who and When to Initiate RO? Who: Mobile-side vs Correspondent-side When: Need to consider tradeoffs How often? – choice of Lifetime 5.3 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.3 Analysis of Solution Space How to Detect RO Capability? Rely on response (or lack thereof) May incur additional delay if no RO capability detected For CR, how to located its presence? ICMP multicast/anycast Router Alert Option Initiator CE Initiate RO timeout NEMO Basic HA Initiator CR CR CR CN multicast RAO Response 5.4 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.4 Analysis of Solution Space How is Address of MNN Represented? Inferred: from MNP Changes to CN/CR Explicitly specified New functionalities on MNN MR need to maintain extensive RO states 5.5.1 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.5.1 Analysis of Solution Space How is Address of MNN Bound? Bound to location of parent MR Examples: Using MNP Sending HoA/CoA of parent-MR MR to act as a Proxy Advantages: Less signaling when upstream MR moves Disadvamtages: Recursive BCE look-up for nested NEMO MR1 MNN CE Binding Cache MNN  MR1.CoA 5.5.2 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.5.2 Analysis of Solution Space How is Address of MNN Bound? Bound to sequence of locations of upstream MRs Examples: RRH, Nested-Path-Info Advantages: A single signaling for nested NMM Disadvantages: Require changes at the CN May result in larger BCE MR1 MNN CE Binding Cache MNN  MR2.CoA,MR1.CoA MR2 5.5.3 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.5.3 Analysis of Solution Space How is Address of MNN Bound? Bound to location of root MR Examples: Prefix Delegation ND-Proxy Hierarchical Registrations MANET Routing Advantages: Nesting is hidden from CE Disadvantages: Un-modified MNN cannot enjoy RO MR1 MNN CE Binding Cache MNN MR3.CoA MR2 MR3 5.6 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.6 Analysis of Solution Space How is Signaling Performed? In-Plane: using routing headers Rapid propagation Substantial overhead Off-Plane: using BUs Delay during handoff Less overhead Upper Layer: eg. SIP IP Layer IP Layer Data RO Binding IP Layer IP Layer Data RO Binding Data RO Binding Upper Layer Upper Layer IP Layer IP Layer 5.7 Analysis of Solution Space:  5.7 Analysis of Solution Space How is Data Transmitted? Encapsulations ROHC may be needed to reduce overhead Routing Headers Possibly extending Type 2 RH Routing Table Entries Inject routing entries in MRs Source-address based routing 5.8.1 Security Considerations:  5.8.1 Security Considerations Address Bindings One CoA <-> One MNN’s address Normal MIPv6 RR may suffice One CoA <-> Multiple MNNs’ addresses Extension of RR needed to test the additional MNNs’ addresses Multiple CoAs <-> MNN’s address(es) Extension of RR needed to test the additional CoAs 5.8.2 Security Considerations:  5.8.2 Security Considerations End-to-End Integrity Snooping messages sent by MNNs Altering messages sent by MNNs How to ensure integrity if information is to be inserted by upstream MRs? 5.8.3 Security Considerations:  5.8.3 Security Considerations Location Privacy Revelation of Location to CN vs CR Degree of Revelation Only location of root-MR Locations of all upstream-MRs MNPs managed by upstream-MRs Control of Revelation Initiation of RO: MNN vs MR Moving Forward:  Moving Forward How many people have read the draft? Is the content what the WG expected? Is there anything missing from the draft? A set of “metrics”?

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