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Published on December 11, 2013

Author: Itsdeba



A open to all quiz show presented by ThinkZONE



After ROCKY IV realease a joke was making around that since rocky had run out of opponents , he would have to fight anything in the upcoming instalments. Screenwriters jim and john tomas took the joke seriously & wrote an screenplay based on the joke , which become the movie X. IDENTIFY THE MOVIE X.

Scopolamine is a drug that south American criminals are using these days to empty peoples bank a/c, this infamous drug is used in cold war days by CIA. The tree from which it is obtained is borrachero , My qstn is …what is the purpose of their using.

A recent study says that for this decision united states loss about 1.6 trillion, if divided by todays population that is more than $5700 per person. Survey also tallied the total cost to the US for its backing up of X in its drawing out the bills adds upto twice the cost of Vietnam war. Whom they r supporting in what.

For This game UBISOFT attracted criticism from PETA for its whaling mechanic, in response UBISOFT stated that they did not condone “illegal whaling:” any more than condones a pirate lifestyle. Identify the game.

The Stress Management Centre & Phobia Institute estimates between $700 million doller lost on this occasion beacause of peoples refusal to travel , purchase major items or conduct business, on the last occasion S&P index is 57 %..infact this index has been increased on seven of the last eight occasion. Identify the occasion.

This management technique is getting its name from a term used in military strategy for a general who told this term to its men, it was also used as the title of cricketer mike gatting‟s autobiography. What is the term?

The nineteenth chapter of the Quran is named after her and is, to some extent, about her life. Of the Quran's 114 suras, she is among only eight people who have a chapter named after them. she is specifically mentioned in the Quran, alongside Asiya, as an exemplar for all righteous women.who is she?

she is an eminent Indian dancer of the classical Kathak style of dancing. Rabindranath Tagore described her as Nritya Samragini(the queen empress of dancing) when she was only sixteen years old.she refused to accept the Padma Bhushan award, declaring, "it is an insult, not an honor," and as a report from the Press Trust of India quoted her saying: "is this government not aware of my contribution to Kathak? I will not accept any award less than Bharat Ratna."However, to her greatest award is the recognition she received from Tagore". Who is she?

Sitara devi

It is an ancient string musical instrument native to j&k , with origins in Persia , a primitive ancestor of this type of instruments was invented in mesopotemia , this archetype travelled to different parts of the world and each region customised their own version. Its indian version is used as accompaniment instrument to the folk music of Kashmir , it is played in a style of sufiana musique. Identify the instrument.


X became the first of her kind when she was crowned Miss America. But then an alarming revelation caused her to be stripped of her title and it to be bestowed upon the first runner-up, Suzette Charles of New Jersey. X bounced back into fame by launching a scintillating career as an entertainer and went on to earn multiple Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award nominations. What entailed the relinquishment of X‟s title?

Venessa williams

The night of February 2, 1978 was a memorable one for the Congress party and also for a Eighty-year-old RK Rajarathnam. Indira Gandhi visited his house on an election campaign in Madanpalle, Andhra Pradesh. One reason why the night was a memorable one for the Congress was that the house gave power to all the people who visited it that night. Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister, PV Narasimha Rao became the PM, Chenna Reddy became the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Sharad Pawar became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. WHAT IS THE OTHER REASON.

Hand symbol

The film is a love story between a prince and a gypsy girl, The story centres on an imaginary, historical royal family in the kingdom of Kumarpur. The main characters are the king and his two warring wives Dilbahar and Navbahar. Their rivalry escalates when a fakir predicts that Navbahar will bear the king's heir. Dilbahar, in revenge, attempts to have an affair with the kingdom's chief minister General Adil . The affair goes sour and a vengeful Dilbahar imprisons him and exiles his daughter, . In exile, the girl is brought up by Gypsies. Upon returning to the palace at Kumarpur, girl meets and falls in love with the charming young prince . In the end, Adil is released, Dilbahar is punished and the lovers marry. this is the synopsis of which classic?

This is a popular folk art from a small town of Bihar.The subject is often nature, hindu gods and mythological stories.Name this art.


The modern version of this thing was introduced on july 5, 1946 by Louis Reard. He got its name from a small group of islands in the pacific where nuclear test were held, he thought his creation will blow people‟s mind away like destructive power of the atomic bomb did.what was that thing he credited for?


In 1965 Filmfare talent contest Dhiraj kumar won the award with other two. Later Dhiraj kumar open tv serial production company Creative eye ,and one of the other two became famous actor and other became famous director. Identify both.

AUDIO 1. Selena Gomez 2. Natun Jeevan 3.Shankar-Jaikishan 4.Sweta Pandit 5.Justin Timbaland










ANSWER • Nominees for the 85th Academy Awards IN BEST • • • • • • • • • PICTURE CATEGORY 1. Silver Linings Playbook 2. Lincoln 3.Armour 4. Django Unchained 5. Beasts of the Southern Wild 6.Argo 7. Les Misérables 8.Zero dark thirty 9. Life of pie

This flying lady was designed by English sculpter Charles Robinson Sykes. It carries the passion between lord II of Montegu & Eleanor Velas. Some critics and fans have been given it dubicious name , „Elie in her Nightie‟.Where we can see this lady.

x used to levy heavy taxes on everyone in his jurisdiction. In the land which is present day‟s Nepal, a group of sages (around 100) were unable to pay taxes as they never accrued any wealth. However due to frustration caused by law of land, all of them filled an urn with drops of their blood and gave it to x as an embarrassing mnemonic. In guilt with their reaction, x apologised to them and poured all that blood in the forest land of today‟s Bihar. & in his after life he realised that was his biggest mistake of life. Who is x , & why that was his biggest mistake.

During the expansion of the British Empire, spearheaded by British military forces that included Highland regiments, X became well-known worldwide. This surge in popularity was boosted by large numbers of trained x player for military service in World War I and World War II. The Oxford History of Music says that a sculpture of x has been found on a Hittite slab at Euyuk in the Middle East, dated to 1000 BC. In the 2nd century AD, Suetonius described the Roman Emperor Nero as a player of x. Dio Chrysostom wrote in the 1st century of a contemporary sovereign (possibly Nero) who could play x with his mouth as well as with his "armpit“. Identify x.

x has amassed a sterling reputation for being the most flexible repair material in the world. The first iteration of the modern x was invented in 1942 by Johnson & Johnson. It was originally used as a sealing for ammunition cases during World War II. That's not the only military use. During the Vietnam War, x was used to repair helicopter rotor blades. Soldiers also used it to balance the rotor blades, even if they didn't need repair. TELL ME THE PRODUCT X.

the town is located on pamban island, is about 50 km from mannar island which is situated at gulf of mannar.the ramanathaswamy temple is in d centre of the town.the temple along the town is considered a holy pilgrimage for both shaivitie nd vaishnavates.identify the famous town.

The Square shape of the logo background represents the customs and the rules that define sport.The color black evokes neutrality and is the traditional color of referee. The equal sign expresses equality and fairness, the sign is depicted a human touch to reflect the individuality of energy athlete. The color green evokes health and nature of the field of play. We can found this description about their logo on which organisation‟s website?

In early 1920 “apple” was used in reference to the many racing courses in and around city X. and APPLES refers to the prizes being awarded for the races. At that time jazz musicians began reffering to city x as BIG APPLE. An old saying in show business was “ there are so many apples on the tree but only one big apple”. Id the x.

x's first english poetic work is "motherland".and the title poem is starting like this "india is our Motherland/ Friendship with other countries is our stand / everybody loves their motherland as they love their mother / But selfish people have some selfish fathers/ they cant tolerate the happiness of others".who is the poet?

X was a charming nagarvadhu of the republic of Vaishali in ancient India . Following the Buddha's teachings she became an arahant. X was given her name because at her birth she was found at the foot of a mango tree in one of the royal gardens in Vaishali. X has also been the subject of a 1966 Hindi film of the same name starring Vyjayanthimala as X. ?Identify X

Lepachas of sikim worship kong lo chun on the third Moon Month every year; they celebrate a festival in reverence to the Lord . They make a model of it in facade of their homes and worship it. It is exclusively made of nine stones and the people dance and sing with mask to get the blessings of the Lord. It is believed that the well wishes of the Lord are indispensable for keeping them wealthy and healthy. This carnival is known as the Tendong Lho Rum Faat. By what name kong lo chun is known to us?

She was Femina Miss India in 1954, and was featured in the Vogue along with Maharani Gayatri Devi in the list of 'World's Ten Most Beautiful Women', a list she was continuously listed from the 1950s to the 1960s in prominent fashion magazines worldwide. She is remembered for her stunning classical beauty and subtle acting style.She turned down Raj Kapoor four times when he approached her for casting her in his films. In September 2009, a documentary on her life, by Bidisha Roy Das and Priyanjana Dutta was this lady

This is Thotsakhirithon - one of twelve giant demons , characters from the Thai Ramakian epic, guarding the southwestern gate of WatPhra-Kaeo to the Grand Palace. Bangkok. It has a green face with an elephant nose. Identify this mythological character


This structure was built in 19th Century near Bombay for a specific Work. Either u give me the name of this Kind of monuments or their purposes.

Dakhma also known as "Cheel Ghar" in Hindi and "Tower of Silence" in English, is a circular, raised structure used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead, particularly to scavenging birds.

This is a limited edition perfume launched by a particular company which smells like tomato, ketchup and cheese. The company announced the perfume's existence on Facebook, offering a free bottle to the first 100 people to respond. In an hour the marketing team was inundated with more than 1,000 requests, four times the anticipated amount. Identify the company.

Pizza hut

In recent time world was really in panic due to “Washington monument syndrome”. Actually what is being referred by this?

The Washington Monument syndrome, also known as the Mount Rushmore Syndrome, or the firemen first principle,is a term used to accuse government agencies in the United States of cutting the most visible or appreciated service provided by the government when faced with budget cuts.

Draupadi and the Pandavas performed this ritual on the advice of noble sage Dhaumya. Through her worship of , Draupadi was not only able to solve her immediate problems, but also helped the Pandavas later regain their lost kingdom. It is also believed that it was started by Karna, . It is believed that the Maga Purohits (modern days known as Shakya Dwipi Brahmins) were invited by local kings for their expertise in this ritual.Its yogic/scientific history dates back to the Vedic times. The rishis of yore used this method to remain without any external intake of food as they were able to obtain energy directly from the sun's rays. This was done through this ritual. which ritual I am talking about?

Chat puja

This term was coined in 1931by American writer Charles Fort to describe the strange disappearances and appearances of anomalies, which he suggested may be this scientific method by that its created?


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