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Published on January 27, 2009

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NegationChapter 10, Part 2 : NegationChapter 10, Part 2 ENGLISH 5050: English Syntax and Morphology Robert F. van Trieste, Ph.D. All quotations, unless otherwise noted, are from chapter 10 of The Grammar Book, 2nd edition. Operator : Operator “. . . we call the first or only auxiliary verb the ‘operator’ in that this verb form performs several operational functions in English that involve relating major syntactic structures.” If the first auxiliary is a periphrastic modal beginning with be, only be is the operator. The first word of have to and the first word of a semi-modal does not function as an operator since they require do support. As always, the copula be is an exception. In clauses or sentences where the copula be is the only verb, be functions as the operator. p. 187 : p. 187 Not Placement : Not Placement output of base: not it -pres be going to rain on Monday. copy s/t: not it -pres [+ 3 + sg] be going to rain on Monday not placement: it -pres [+ 3 + sg] be not going to rain on Monday morphology: it is not going to rain on Monday. p. 188 Not Contraction: 1 : Not Contraction: 1 p. 189 Not Contraction: 2 : Not Contraction: 2 p. 189 Not Contraction: 3 : Not Contraction: 3 output of base: not we -pres have do -en our homework copy s/t: not we -pres [+ 1 + pl] have do -en our homework not placement: we -pres [+ 1 + pl] have not do -en our homework not contraction: we -pres [+ 1 + pl] have+n’t do -en our homework morphology: we haven’t done our homework p. 190 Operator Addition: 1 : Operator Addition: 1 p. 191 DO support Operator Addition: 2 : Operator Addition: 2 Operator Addition: 3 : Operator Addition: 3 output of base: not Shirley -past smoke copy s/t: not Shirley -past [+ 3 + sg] smoke operator addition: not Shirley -past [+ 3 + sg] do smoke not placement: Shirley -past [+ 3 + sg] do not smoke not contraction: Shirley -past [+ 3 + sg] do+n’t smoke morphology: Shirley didn’t smoke p. 192 end : end

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