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Published on January 27, 2009

Author: Rvan


NegationChapter 10, Part 1 : NegationChapter 10, Part 1 ENGLISH 5050: English Syntax and Morphology Robert F. van Trieste, Ph.D. All quotations, unless otherwise noted, are from chapter 10 of The Grammar Book, 2nd edition. Lexical Level Negation: 1 : Lexical Level Negation: 1 “Some of these prefixes can have more than one meaning.” Determining which prefix to use with which stem is not always predictable.” unhappy inappropriate impossible disrespect atypical nonsense disbeliever vs. nonbeliever immoral vs. amoral Lexical Level Negation: 2 : Lexical Level Negation: 2 nothing nobody no one nowhere never neither nor Phrasal Level Negation : Phrasal Level Negation “At the phrase level, no can function as a negative determiner in a noun phrase: I am surprised that no alternative was proposed. No plans have been made. with some gerunds no smoking no parking not is used before infinitive phrases Marge decided not to pay her income tax this year. Sentence Level Negation: 1 : Sentence Level Negation: 1 “Not is the main sentence-level negator” It is really the only sentence-level negator. NO can negate the idea of a sentence or clause, but it really does not negate sentences. Frequently contracts with operator. She isn’t hungry. We don’t like mushrooms. Not can function as a negative “substitute” or pro-form. “Are you coming? If not, please let me know.” Sentence Level Negation: 2 : Sentence Level Negation: 2 English tends to have “postauxiliary [post operator] negation” with the negative particle not. There are some exceptions: As always, the copula be is an exception. Damaris is not happy. My friends recommended that I not take three classes in August. “Ask not what your country can do for you, . . . .” We were asked not to say anything about the case. I tried not to laugh. She was like really nice, not. end : end

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