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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: neenadayal



Business and Personal Coaching process used by Neena Dayal. There are a lot of confusions and questions about Business and Personal Coaching. Life Coaching is also an intriguing subject for many. Business and Personal Coaching is a highly specialized field and is distinctly different from Training or Mentoring. This presentation highlights Neena Dayal's Coaching process and touches upon some areas, where Coaching may be needed by the high performing executives as well as homemakers. Mental Resilience is Neena Dayal's Signature Subject, which she coaches on.

Hi, I’m Neena Dayal I am a LifeSuccess Consultant, Business & Personal Coach, Capability Building Expert, Mental Resilience Specialist, Management Consultant & Writer With global operations

Lot of people ask me about my coaching process So, I decided to create this presentation about my coaching process giving all details, and throwing in some extras

Here are some ideas & essentials for coaching for worthwhile outcomes They lead to desired transformation in results

All Coaching is about wanting, reaching and ultimately having more from your Professional and Personal Proficiency areas

All Coaching is about understanding your present limitations and setting about on a journey of moving ahead constantly towards enhancement and enrichment

Many top executives & other people feel that coaching is only for rectification. Actually, coaching is for enhancement and enrichment, which is a step-up on plain rectification Business and Personal Coaching are usually chosen by performers and over-achievers

If you know a lot, and are doing well, which are great attributes, then improving upon yourself by Coaching is an option for you Remember, Business and Personal Coaching are for those who wish to DO, BE and HAVE more from their lives

Educated Person  Can I entertain a new idea?  Can I entertain another person?  Can I entertain myself? Quote Test of the This eye-opener quote is by Sidney Herbert Wood

Life Coaching falls into Personal Coaching, and is no different than Business Coaching. It is also about wanting, reaching and ultimately having more from life as a whole. Remember, business is an important part of your life. But, it is not your whole life

Life Coaching mostly carries a notion that it is kind of “soft” coaching, done on soft subjects like hope, belief, faith, gratitude, love, relationships etc. It is generally believed that hard-core business topics are exclusive of Life Coaching subjects This is as far as one can get from reality

Several elements of Business Coaching are also a part of Life Coaching or Personal Coaching, in addition to numerous others Therefore, Life Coaching or Personal Coaching can be more wholistic as it is more inclusive

My Signature Subject is Mental Resilience It is needed in all spheres of life – business and personal If you wish to have great results, you need to have a lot of Mental Resilience It is your ability to bounce back from anything that life throws at you Even if you have it, you ought to learn to develop and nurture it throughout

My Signature Subject is Mental Resilience I have studied with greatest teachers – Bob Proctor and Steve Siebold I have over 1200 hours of intensive Coaching experience with global audience I have researched, tested and implemented principles in my own business & personal life I have received phenomenal results and developed great Mental Resilience

My Signature Subject is Mental Resilience Mental Resilience in business and personal environments Various unique topics & refined areas are covered Improves your Mental Environment and leads to realization of need to change Sustained engagement leads to change in results, eventually leading to transformation

Mental Resilience and Some Implementations Total Image Transformation – Organizational and Personal Advanced Leadership Action Plan Series (ALAPS*) Maximizing Opportunities with Relationships Enrichment (MORE*) All of Bob Proctor’s Programs with my POV Many more programs involving cultivation of Mental Resilience

My Coaching Process A Complimentary Discovery Session to understand the exact needs of clients A paid Process Start Session, wherein clients are made to understand the International Confidentiality Agreement and asked to sign the Coaching Contract Also, the Coaching process is explained in detail, with possible outcomes and contributions from the Coach & the client

My Coaching Process Recommended number of paid Process Sessions, wherein the exact client requirements are addressed A paid Recommendation Session, wherein all the summation is done for the necessary follow-through in the times to come by the client, after the coaching process is over Complimentary or paid Follow-ups after a certain passage of time for monitoring implementation of recommendations

All this is fine but how do I know if you are really the right Coach for me?

Attend My MasterMind Sessions They are conducted online. So, location is not a constraint They are conducted on-camera. So, they are live sessions You get to see me in action They are in-series, weekly sessions

Join Group or Individual Coaching Visit And And Write on Or Call – +91-522-2483608; +91-8808434313

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