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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: ronnie374

Source: slideshare.net

Nebula in the Constellation Orion Some ancient myths about the constellation Orion saw it as a mother or creator god rather than as a hunter. These myths were surprisingly prescient. The Orion Nebula (NASA HST Orion Treasury Project Team) Orion Nebula The constellation, Orion, dominates the northern hemisphere winter sky. In western mythology, Orion is a hunter. The constellation has a prominent row of three stars forming his belt and a smaller row of three stars forming a sword hanging from his belt. [Close examination of the center star in the sword reveals a fuzzy patch - the famous Orion Nebula. As revealed by modern astrophysics, the Orion Nebula is a stellar nursery. The hunter's womb is giving birth to new worlds. It is a site of active ongoing star formation. Much of our modern knowledge about how stars form results from studies of the Orion Nebula] Orion as a Creator Hindu and Mayan Mythology Ancient Hindu legend associates Orion with Prajapati, a creator god. The Maya of southern Mexico and Guatemala also associated Orion with their creator god.

Orion's belt stars represented the back of a celestial turtle. First Father, their creator god, emerged from a crack in the back of this celestial turtle to put people in the world. Perhaps barely seeing the Orion Nebula as a bit of a smudgy appearance to the center star in Orion's sword and interpreting this smudge as smoke, they saw the center star in Orion's sword as the flame of creation. The Mayan hearth was a triangle of three stones. Alnitak, the easternmost belt star, along with the two feet stars, Saiph and Rigel, formed the celestial hearth cradling their fire of creation. Frig and Norse Mythology Ancient Norse legend associates Orion with Mother Earth. The goddess Frig, was married to the supreme Nordic god Odin, also known as Allfather. As Odin's wife, Frig was queen of the gods. Among her roles were Mother Earth, the goddess of motherly love, and goddess of the atmosphere and clouds. The Scandinavians saw Orion's belt and sword as the distaff and spindle that Frig used to spin thread to make linen cloth from flax. It was Frig who gave people flax and showed them how to spin it into linen. Frig spent much of her time at her palace, Fesalin, spinning golden threads or weaving clouds. The clouds represented her linen hanging to dry. The word nebula means clouds in Latin, so associating Orion's belt and sword with a spindle and distaff spinning clouds is surprisingly prescient. Because this cloud, or nebula, in Orion is giving birth to new worlds, stars, and solar systems associating Orion with Mother Earth is even more prescient. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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