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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Miranda


North East Aquatic Team :  North East Aquatic Team Parent Orientation What is NEAT?:  What is NEAT? USA Swimming affiliated competitive swim team. NEAT Program owned by NEISD. NEAT is a member of the Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA) NEAT is a Director and Coach Run program. David Johnson – Aquatics Coordinator – Directs all NEISD Aquatic Programs. Mark Jedow- Assistant Aquatics Coordinator- Head Coach of NEAT program. NEAT Mission & Purpose:  NEAT Mission & Purpose Mission: to offer every child an opportunity to be a part of a competitive swimming program and provide the best learning environment possible for every swimmer to achieve success. Purpose: To offer area children the best competitive swimming program in an environment that fosters and builds upon the values of a strong work ethic, honesty, and self-discipline so that each child may achieve success in the sport of swimming. NEAT History:  NEAT History The origins of the NEAT program go back to the early 1970’s with its parent program the San Antonio Aquatic Club (SAAC). In 2001 the SAAC program was absorbed by NEISD and renamed the North East Aquatic Team (NEAT). The SAAC/NEAT program has been the major high school feeder program for NEISD for the last 30 plus years. NEAT Philosophy:  NEAT Philosophy Swimming is a Life Sport Provide Instruction and Training for the lifespan. Recognize diversity in ages and ability levels. Program design based upon skill mastery for group advancement. Realize and encourage children to be involved in multiple activities. Priorities: Family, Education, Extra Curricular Activities. Greater attendance translates to greater opportunity for improvement. NEAT Program Structure: :  NEAT Program Structure: Divided into three sub-teams Developmental Age Group Senior Each sub-team has multiple sub groups and advancement requirements for moving between groups. Developmental Team:  Developmental Team For swimmers who need to master basic skills of the 4 competitive swimming stroke. (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly) Green- 5-8 year olds in need of basic level of instruction and not quite ready for Red group. Red- Freestyle and Backstroke emphasis on form and breathing patterns. White-reinforces Red Skills and adds Breaststroke Instruction. Blue- Reinforces red and White skills and add Butterfly instruction. Swimmer typically compete in “C” Level swim meets. Age Group Team:  Age Group Team Bronze- Introductory group of the age group swim team. Athlete begins the basics of learning interval swimming. Majority of practice time is dedicated towards stroke improvement and learning proper stroke techniques. Practices offered 4 -5 days a week for 1 hour. Silver- Swimmers must meet qualifying standard to join group. Stroke drills and skills are still focused however swimmers become more exposed to training. Practices offered 4-5 days a week for 1hr15min. Gold-Swimmers must meet qualifying standard to enter group. Swimmers are still learning to refine stroke but a little more emphasis is spent on training. Practices are offered 4-5 days a week for 1hr and 30 minutes. Junior Elite - 11 and Under Swimmers must meet qualifying standards to enter group. The primary focus is on training and advanced skill development. Strength conditioning is introduced at this level. Elite - 12 and over Swimmers must meet qualifying standards to enter group. The primary focus is on training and advanced skill development. Strength conditioning is introduced at this level. Senior Team:  Senior Team Senior – introductory level for swimmers who are joining the team for the first time while attending high school or you have not met the pre-national or national group time standards. Major emphasis is on skill development and aerobic training for competition at the high school level. Practices are offer in the fall / winter 4-5 day a week for 1 and 30 minutes. Pre-National- Swimmers must meet qualifying standards to enter group. The primary focus is on training, skill development and strength conditioning. Practices are offered in the fall 4-5 day a week in the fall. Summer practices may be offered 5-6 days a week including 2 a day workouts. Workouts run 1hr and 45 minutes on average a day. Strength conditioning is also offered. National- Swimmers must meet qualifying standards to enter group. The primary focus is on training, advanced skill development and strength conditioning. Practices are offered in the fall 4-6 days a week. Workouts run 1hr and 45- 2 1/2hrs on average a day. Dryland/Strength conditioning program is also provided and athletes are expected to attend all sessions of dryland/strength program each week. Members of the National group are setting commitment towards training for Regional, State, National and International levels of competition. Moving Between Training Groups:  Moving Between Training Groups Each group has a list of skill mastery for advancement to the next group. Each swimmer will develop and progress at different rates. Skills can be found in parents guide, viewable online, and on bulletin boards. Swim Meets are places where times can be achieved for advancement. Coaches of the group determine whom is ready to move into the respective group. Practice Expectations:  Practice Expectations Swimmers should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of practice. Swimmers need to have gear ready prior to starting practice. Swimmers are expected to remain attentive to coaches directions. Swimmers are expected to abide by all facility rules. Swimmers are expected to be courteous to teammates at all times. Swimmers need to be picked up with-in 10 minutes of end of scheduled practice. We highly encourage attending at least 3 practices per week for improving skills and maintaining fitness. Advanced level groups have attendance expectations to remain in the group. Swimmers are expected to make sure they have all their practice gear before leaving the pool deck. Practice Equipment:  Practice Equipment Developmental – Kickboard, Fins, Mesh Bag, Swim Cap, Goggles Age Group Bronze, Silver, Gold: Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Mesh Bag, Swim Cap, Goggles Junior Elite, Elite : Bronze, Silver, Gold: Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Mesh Bag, Swim Cap, Goggles, Water Bottle, Paddles(Elite) Senior- Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Mesh Bag, Swim Cap, Goggles, Water Bottle, Pull Paddles National Group (In Addition): Finis Snorkle, multiple practice suits, dryland clothing NEAT Communication::  NEAT Communication: E-mail – Group distribution usually weekly from head coach. Not receiving e-mail: e-mail coach Jedow at requesting to be added to list. Bulletin Boards: Check weekly for updates Meet Info, Practice Changes, Calendars, upcoming events, training group info. Where Do Your Fees & Dues Go?:  Where Do Your Fees & Dues Go? USA Swimming Registration Funds are used by USA Swimming for athlete development programs, parent education, coach education. Portion of Fee goes to our Regional Office for local athlete and coach devlopement including support for our Regional Zone Team, and reimbursements for athletes that attend national level events. Team Registration- we do not conduct fundraisers during the year. We collect a flat fee which is used to help cover the cost of facility rental and awards for our spring banquet. Monthly Dues- Cover all day to day operations of the team including: pool rental, staff salaries, portion of travel expenses for attending meets, facility supplies, etc… NEISD Training Facilities:  NEISD Training Facilities Bill Walker Pool Constructed 1962 16 x 25yds and 6 X 20yds of training Fall Winter Season 8 x50M and 4 x20Yds Long Course Season Main Practice location for all NEAT Practice groups. Josh Davis Natatorium Opened in 2001 Practice 7 x 25M lanes Competition 8 x 25Yd Seats 1500 In Stands One of the fastest pools in Texas. 1Meter and 3Meter Diving Boards Facility Guidelines:  Facility Guidelines Parking in designated areas only. Follow posted traffic flow patterns. Curbside is standing area only for loading and unloading. If you need to leave your vehicle please park in a parking spot. Football Game Night- Park in soccer lot behind Walker Pool, enter from Bitters Rd. entrance. All North East ISD Facilities are smoke free environments. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Red Parking Areas are reserved for Coaches and Aquatic Staff Facility Guidelines Cont.:  Facility Guidelines Cont. Locker Rooms Developmental and Age Group Swimmers Swimmers are asked to use the Dressing areas located in the Walker Natatorium. Lockers are for day use only. Swimmers are not allowed to keep belonging in the lockers overnight. Lockers are specifically reserved for swimmers participating in the NEISD High School Swimming programs only. Un-authorized locks will be cut off and belongings removed. Senior Level Groups High School Swimmers in the Senior, Pre-National and National Groups may use a locker and keep a combination lock on it. All lockers need to be registered and recorded with the Pool Manager, Bill Spurgeon. Swimmers that train twice a day and are members of NEAT may have a short single locker for themselves. Swimmers that train once a day with NEAT must share a short locker. Middle School Swimmers in the Pre-National or National Group are not eligible for lockers. All locker assignments are done on a first come first serve basis. Facility Guidelines Cont.:  Facility Guidelines Cont. Parents are not permitted on deck of the Davis Natatorium without a deck pass during meets or a coach escort during practice. Parents must remain in the stands of the Davis or Walker Natatoriums during workouts. Parents are not to interrupt coaches during practices. If you need to speak to a coach please make an appointment for before or after practice. All patrons are restricted from being in the fenced area located behind the stands of the Walker Natatorium. Swimmers are not to climb on the roof structure. During swim meets in the Davis Natatorium, parents are only allowed on deck if they are working in a meet management position and have been issued a deck pass. Parents are not allowed on the bulkheads in the Walker Natatorium. Cameras and cell phones with cameras are not allowed in any restroom facility. NEISD Aquatic Facility Faces:  NEISD Aquatic Facility Faces David Johnson-Aquatics Coordinator Mark Jedow-Assist. Aquatics Coordinator- NEAT Head Coach Bill Spurgeon – Pool Manager Lori Vasquez- Aquatics Secretary Cathy Leverman – BAC Accountant United States Swimming:  United States Swimming The national governing body for swimming in the United States. USA Swimming was conceived in 1978 with the passage of the Amateur Sports Act which specified that all Olympic sports would be administered independently. Prior to this act, USA Swimming was the Competitive Swimming Committee of the Athletic Amateur Union (AAU). The USA Swimming Headquarters is located at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As the National Governing Body for the sport, USA Swimming is responsible for the conduct and administration of swimming in the United States. In this capacity, USA Swimming formulates the rules, implements policies and procedures, conducts national championships, disseminates safety and sports medicine information and selects athletes to represent the United States in international competition. Slide21:  Local Swim Committee (LSC) South Texas Swimming Inc. Local Swim Teams USA Swimming:  USA Swimming Website: Great resource for swimmers and parents. track your swimmers best times throughout career with USA Swimming Club. SWIMS Information on growth and development for athletes. FAQ’s Your Child’s Training Nutrition for young athletes. Do’s and Don’ts for parents of swimmers. South Texas Swimming Inc.:  South Texas Swimming Inc. Local Swim Committee(LSC) of South Texas Region. Region Includes areas of Georgetown South to the Border of Mexico in Brownsville. Elected Board of Directors representing all teams in South Texas LSC. Website: Sets Competition Schedule for LSC, registers athletes with USA Swimming, posts meet information and results, develops LSC Championship Time Standards, etc. Alamo Area Aquatic Association  Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA): An association of USA Swimming member clubs that work together as one team to promote competitive swimming/diving opportunities in the San Antonio/Bexar County Area. 30th Year of existence! 1466 registered athletes in 2006-07 of which 642 were in the NEAT program. Seven locations throughout city. Each location tied with either a school, school district, private community college district or university. AAAA is responsible for coordinating virtually all-aquatic activities in the San Antonio metropolitan area. AAAA Board of directors is comprised of representative coaches and administrators representing each of the seven AAAA locations. Competitive Training Seasons:  Competitive Training Seasons NEAT is a year round / 11month program that is divided basically into two competitive seasons, a short course and long course season Short Course Season The Short Course season runs from September-March and is signified by swimming competitions held short course competition facilities that are 25yards or 25meters in length. Therefore, short course season swim meets are conducted on a 25 yard distance basis. Racing distances include 50, 100, 200, 400, 500, 1000, 1650yd events. The Josh Davis Natatorium is considered a short course competition facility. Long Course Season The Long Course typically season runs from April-July and is signified by competitions that are conducted in a 50 Meter course. The Walker Natatorium is capable of hosting long course meets and the primary training facility for NEAT during long course. Racing distances include 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1500meter races. The Olympic Games and US National Championships are conducted in a 50 Meter Course. AAAA Swim Meet / Competition Types :  AAAA Swim Meet / Competition Types Developmental/ Novice/ C Meets: These competitions are designed for new swimmers. Meets are often geared towards a specific stroke / event in order to provide the swimmers an opportunity to compete in a low stress environment. The emphasis is placed on having fun and learning the importance of good sportsmanship. Age Group: Competitions generally for 14 and under athletes. Meets are divided usually into classifications based upon ability level. Senior Level: Competition for typically high school, and college athletes and are often divided by either ability level or high school team classification Competition Classifications :  Competition Classifications . Unclassified: Open to all swimmers regardless of ability and age. Age Group Time Standard Competitions: Entrants must qualify for competition based upon meeting pre-determined qualifying standard. (Slower than BB, BB and Up, A and Above, Junior Olympics, STAGS, TAGS, IMX) Senior Time Standard Competitions: Entrants must qualify for competition based upon meeting pre-determined qualifying standard. (Slower than BB, BB and Up, A and Above, Senior Circuit, Sectional, US Nationals, US Junior Nationals, IMX) Championship Swimming Competitions Developmental & Age Group:  Championship Swimming Competitions Developmental & Age Group AAAA “C” Championships: ( “C” Champs): For AAAA age group swimmers who have not qualified for JO’s or STAGS Championship Meets. Events have a max time for entry purposes. Focus is on developmental swimmers. South Texas Junior Olympics (SoTXJo’s): For age group swimmers from Temple area, South to the US Border with Mexico. South Texas Age Group Championships (STAGS): For age group swimmers from Temple area, South to the US Border with Mexico. Texas Age Group Swimming Championships (TAGS): Open to swimmers who meet the qualifying standard from any of the five Texas Local Swimming Committees (LSC’s). Meet sponsored by Texas swimming Association (TSA). Championship Swimming Competitions Senior Team:  Championship Swimming Competitions Senior Team South Texas Senior Championships (Senior Champs): For swimmers 15 years of age and over from Temple area, South to the US Border with Mexico. Speedo Championship Series /USA Swimming Sectional Championships: Open to senior level swimmers who meet the qualification standard to compete at this meet from Texas and surrounding states. (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico) Texas Senior Circuit Championships: Open to Senior Level Swimmers from the 5 Texas LSC’s that meet the Texas Senior Circuit qualifying criteria. USA Swimming Junior National Championships: Open to any registered USA Swimming competitor who meets the qualifying criteria. USA National Championships: Open to any registered USA Swimming competitor who meets the qualifying criteria. USA Olympic Trials: Open to any registered USA Swimming competitor who meets the qualifying criteria. Competitors are vying for 2 places in each individual event to be selected to the USA Olympic Swimming Squad. Slide30:  South Texas Junior Olympics Championship South Texas Championships Texas Age Group Championships USA Swimming Sectionals Championships Texas Senior Circuit Champs USA Swimming Junior Nationals Novice “C” Championships Senior Tier Age Group / HS Tier Developmental / Age Group Tier USA Swimming National Championship USA Swimming Championship Series Pyramid USA Olympic Team Member Olympic Trials South Texas Senior Championship How to Sign Up For A Swim Meet:  How to Sign Up For A Swim Meet Check Meet Information Bulletin Board For Entry Deadlines Carefully Review Posted Meet Information to determine meet eligibility. Complete NEAT Meet Entry Form Fill our top portion completely and neatly. USA Swimming ID (unique ID derived from legal name and D.O.B.) Example: Susan B. Smith D.O.B. March 24, 1988. USA ID: 032488SUSBSMIT When not enough characters use (*) as place holder. Include date(s) of competition Name of Meet Location of Meet Submit Entry with payment to Meet Entry Box prior to deadline. Include Fees for each event. Include NEAT Entry Surcharge. Checks Payable To: NEAT When viewing meet information online, the NEAT entry deadline is 5 days prior to the Meet Host deadline. Entries need to be inputted into our computer and a request for payment (RFP) has to be submitted to NEISD before entry is sent to meet host. Once Entries have been sent to meet host they are non-refundable or transferable. What To Bring To A Swim Meet:  What To Bring To A Swim Meet Arrive 15 Minutes Prior to Start of Warm-ups. Competition Suit(s), 2 Caps, 2 Pairs of Goggles, towls. Extra Set of dry clothes to be left in car. At most facilities parents are seated in stands while athletes are on deck. If venue allows bring chair to sit on. If You Have Questions Or Concerns:  If You Have Questions Or Concerns Talk with the coach after practice or make an appointment before practice. Contact the Head Coach E-mail Phone 491-6132 Office Located Bill Walker Pool Contact Aquatics Coordinator E-mail Phone 491-6132 ext 270 Office located Josh Davis Natatorium Main Office How do I contact the coach?:  How do I contact the coach? Call Office Leave Message: 491-6132 Ext 269 Approach after practice. Some Coaches will give you their e-mail address or you can e-mail the Head Coach and the e-mail will forwarded to the coach. Parent Expectations:  Parent Expectations Respectful to Coaches, Parents, Officials Be patient in swimmer development. Be supportive and proactive about program. Volunteer when necessary: Swim Meets (timers, officials, hospitality room) Team Events (Team Banquet, etc) Positive Support For Child Performances-kids thrive on positive feedback. If you give you’re a child reason to doubt their capabilities they will begin to stress and doubt themselves in everything they do. Leave coaching to the coaches. Parent Volunteers:  Parent Volunteers Parent involvement is crucial in youth sports. Officials: All of our officials are either current or former swimming parents. They give their time because they value what the sport has provided for their children. Timers: Crucial for backing up computer timing system. Every parent should plan to time at every meet their child entered at for at least 1 hr. Team Functions: Spring Banquet, Social Events, Hotel Blocks For Away Meets. Swim Meets: Computer Operator, Concessions, Safety Marshall, Awards, Hospitality Room. Discontinuing Enrollment:  Discontinuing Enrollment Must Notify Office Secretary In Writing Complete and submit “Inactivation Form” prior to discontinuing with program. Inform Coach however it is the parents responsibility to complete “Inactivation Form”. Account balance must be cleared prior to being inactive. Re-enrolling complete “Re-Activation Form” and submit with payment prior to returning to program. Racing Suits: What do I need?:  Racing Suits: What do I need? Our team is sponsored through SPEEDO and as a part of that sponsorship we receive a discounted rate through our supplier for all our SPEEDO Brand attire we purchase. We encourage all swimmers to wear SPEEDO Brand competition suits at swimming meets. Team Colors Are Navy Blue and Gold- Navy or Dark Blue Suit is recommended for competition. Here are some general rules for swimming suits: Practices suits do not need to be very snug/tight in terms of fit or expensive. Often many of our swimmers use old competition suits for practices. Most durable practice suits are the polyester blend swimming suits. Competition suits should be tightly snug on a swimmers body. During the course of the season a snuggly fit Lycra fabric swimming suit is suitable. Championship Meets Suits: For swimmers that are still growing at a rapid rate we really do not like to recommend the ultra high-end fabric swimming suits. The most cost effect style of suits for swimmers that are still growing are the Aquablade style from Speedo. For swimmers who are attending TAGS Level and Senior Level Championships such as UIL Regional, UIL State, Sectionals, and Or US Nationals we encourage the FASTSKIN Fabric Suits. Welcome To The Team:  Welcome To The Team

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