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Published on August 30, 2007

Author: Barbara

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Saving our Children fromNature-Deficit DisorderExploring Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods:  Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder Exploring Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods Why is it Important to“Reconnect” with Nature?:  Why is it Important to 'Reconnect' with Nature? It’s in Our Genes:  It’s in Our Genes All humans are born with innate 'biophilia.' -Conservationist and author E.O. Wilson Why 'Reconnect' with Nature? It Aids Development:  It Aids Development Young children need opportunities to walk on uneven terrain in order to develop motor skills. Why 'Reconnect' with Nature? It Helps Fight Obesity:  It Helps Fight Obesity In today’s sedentary society, American children are heavier than ever. Outdoor play and hiking help children maintain a healthy weight. Why 'Reconnect' with Nature? It Helps Teens DevelopPositive Self-Esteem:  It Helps Teens Develop Positive Self-Esteem Why 'Reconnect' with Nature? It Keeps Us Healthy:  It Keeps Us Healthy Patients recover more quickly in hospital rooms where windows face green space rather than parking lots or buildings. Why 'Reconnect' with Nature? HOW Do We ReconnectChildren with Nature?:  HOW Do We Reconnect Children with Nature? Through Creative Play :  Through Creative Play Reconnect Children with Nature Slide11:  'We must find a balance between adult direction and child boredom…. Supervised nature programs help children explore without excessive direction.' Richard Louv Last Child in the Woods Through A Sense of Place:  Through A Sense of Place 'If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.' Wendell Berry Reconnect Children with Nature Slide13:  'What makes a place special is the way it buries itself inside the heart, not whether it’s flat or rugged … wet or arid … warm or cold, wild or tame. Every place, like every person, is elevated by the love and respect shown toward it, and by the way in which its bounty is received.' Richard Nelson The Island Within Who Will Become the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow?:  Who Will Become the Environmental Leaders of Tomorrow? Extinction of Experience:  Extinction of Experience 'I like to play indoors better ‘cause that’s where all the electric outlets are.' 4th grader in San Diego from Last Child in the Woods Extinction of Experience:  '…Children are typically disappointed when they first approach a pond or stream: the fish aren’t jumping, the frogs aren’t croaking, the deer aren’t drinking, the otters aren’t playing… Their electronic experiences have led them to expect to see these things happening – all at once and with no effort on their part.' Extinction of Experience Lowell Monke 'Charlotte’s Webpage' Orion Magazine Sept/Oct 2005 What Keeps Kids Inside?:  What Keeps Kids Inside? Scheduled Activities Computer Games Parental Fear The Preservation Mentality What can YOU do to explore nature with a child?:  What can YOU do to explore nature with a child? Discover Parks Nature centers Gardens Slide19:  September 23 andamp; 24, 2006 What can YOU do?:  What can YOU do? Send the kids out to explore the backyard – or better yet, go with them! Lay in the grass and watch the clouds Paddle a canoe on a lake or river Sit by a campfire and tell stories Take the dog for a walk Build a snowman Go camping What can YOU do?:  Encourage other hobbies in nature – do an art project or read outside Pick pumpkins or go for a hay ride Go out in the rain Play in the leaves Have a picnic Catch and release insects Take a hike What can YOU do? Slide22:  Plant a Garden 'There are many important things about our relationship with nature that cannot be learned in the wild. We need to learn how to use nature without damaging it. These answers are found not in the woods, but in the garden.' Michael Pollan Second Nature What can YOU do? What can YOU do?:  Encourage schools to integrate environmental education into curricula Volunteer with a local environmental or outdoor organization What can YOU do? “I want to stand in the front yard and sing out my children’s lovely names at dusk and have them suddenly appear in the damp yard around me like little fireflies. But I can’t. I can’t let them roam. I don’t have my mother’s confidence that the world is a safe place.” -A parent:  'I want to stand in the front yard and sing out my children’s lovely names at dusk and have them suddenly appear in the damp yard around me like little fireflies. But I can’t. I can’t let them roam. I don’t have my mother’s confidence that the world is a safe place.' -A parent Cincinnati Nature Center:Helping to Alleviate the Loss:  Cincinnati Nature Center: Helping to Alleviate the Loss 2 sites with 1,600 acres Home to foxes, birds, salamanders, frogs, woodcocks, fireflies, old-growth forest, farm fields, wildflowers, ponds, lakes, streams and more Experience Nature with CNC:  Experience Nature with CNC Little Adventurers: A Preschool Enrichment Program Partner Schools Program Self-Guided Educational Opportunities CincyNature Summer Camp Nature Programs for Adults Tree Climbs Slide27:  Our Mission To Inspire Passion for Nature and Promote Environmentally Responsible Choices Through Experience and Education

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