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Information about NCLT Training Course Structure

Published on June 14, 2016

Author: Lexbolster


1. NCLT – Course Structure Starting 2 July 2016

2. NCLT COURSE STRUCTURE – SYNOPSYS 2 Concept of grievance redressal Client confidence measures Developing a finer contours of drafting Finer nuances of appearance before forums & presentation Practice through a simulated court environment

3. CONCEPT OF GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL 3  Jurisprudence-meaning,  Forum hierarchy-a measure to screen and address anomaly and arbitrariness  Grievance (Redressable and non-redressable)  Locus  Cause of action  Jurisdiction  Limitation  Declaration-res-judicata (responsibility to be truthful)

4. CLIENT CONFIDENCE MEASURES 4  Preparation of an exhaustive list of dates from records  Understanding the factual contours from records and client conversation  Grasping foundational law on the subject  Pick up the material dates and facts through element of coherency and meticulousness  Draw a broad yet concise story covering only the material dates & facts to make a crisp presentation  Elucidate the subsisting rights and liabilities of the client  Take a decision if client has genuine grievance? If so, whether the grievance is redressable? If so, before which forum and in which form?

5. DEVELOPING A FINER CONTOURS OF DRAFTING 5  Understanding a succinct and precise Drafting is the first step and guarantee towards effective redressal.  Prepare a concise petition with a special emphasis on memo of parties, prayer, limitation, jurisdiction, cause of action, locus, relief centric legal grounds and specific averments.  Only relevant documents be made annexures with evidentiary impact and value  Draw a concise written note with list of dates to enable the Judge to have a birds-eye-view of the entire case.

6. FINER NUANCES OF APPEARANCE BEFORE FORUMS 6  Always maintain an impeccable dressing with proper attire prescribed for the forum,  Maintain a lively body language,  Acclimitise with the catchwords and etiquettes of the forum,  Critical preparation for all possible queries from the forum and their respective answer is key,  Maintain focus on the issue in hand,  Avoid distraction by opposite party,  Argue from a short written Note.

7. PRACTICE THROUGH A SIMULATED COURT ENVIRONMENT 7  A real time simulated court environment practices will be undertaken to evaluate the achievements of each participant.  People of impeccable track record with extreme level of professional proficiency in advocacy will participate to create a real time simulated court environment to judge the skill attainment of each participant.

8. For more information: Call: (+91) 9811516227 | (+91) 9899275325 Email: | Website: THANK YOU 11

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