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Published on December 24, 2007

Author: Felipe


Generational Differences in the Workforce:  Generational Differences in the Workforce Jo Ann Lee, PhD Department of Psychology, UNCC Career-banding Implementation and HR Innovations Conference UNC-Charlotte Charlotte, NC November 8, 2006 American Generations:  American Generations Generations are brief periods of time that are connected with pop cultures throughout the world. Many characteristics of these generations are the music, fads, inventions, and wars specific to each period of time. Each generation is categorized by the general birth years of the people within the generation. Greatest Generation 1911–1924:  Greatest Generation 1911–1924 Ages: 82-95 Events that Shaped Them World War II as adults Great Depression as adults Greatest Generation: Worker characteristics:  Greatest Generation: Worker characteristics Doers – Strong work ethic Reliable Nurturing/Mentoring Willing to delegate Silent Generation 1925-1945:  Silent Generation 1925-1945 Ages: 61-81 Neglected, forgotten Events that Shaped Them World War II as children Korean War as adults Trends Marry at young age Fragmented families Prolific litigation Silent Generation: Worker Characteristics:  Silent Generation: Worker Characteristics Cautious, risk-averse Conformers Affluent 1938 Best year to be born Baby Boomers 1946–1964:  Baby Boomers 1946–1964 Ages: 42-60 Events that Shaped Them Civil Rights Movement Women’s Liberation Movement Vietnam War Moon Landing Assassination of JFK Trends Motown Sound, The Beatles Hippies The Draft Low unemployment Boomers accuse Generation Xers of being slackers Baby Boomers: Worker Characteristics:  Baby Boomers: Worker Characteristics Individualist Make a difference Perfectionist Micromanage High Achievers Generation X 1961-1981 (Sub-generations: MTV Generation 1975–1985; Boomerang Generation 1981-1986):  Generation X 1961-1981 (Sub-generations: MTV Generation 1975–1985; Boomerang Generation 1981-1986) Ages: 25-45 Events that Shaped Them Oil crisis of 1973 End of the Cold War HIV-AIDs epidemic Trends Corporate down-sizing Environmental Movement State budget cuts Gen Xers accuse Boomers of greed mentality Generation X: Worker characteristics:  Generation X: Worker characteristics Respect skills; not credentials Willing to job shop Priorities in life shift Family Work Generation Y 1977-2003 (Sub-generations: Echo Boom 1986-1994; Internet Generation 1986–1999):  Generation Y 1977-2003 (Sub-generations: Echo Boom 1986-1994; Internet Generation 1986–1999) Ages: 3-29 Events that Shaped Them Fall of the Soviet Union First Gulf War Rise of Information Age/Internet Trends Share social views of Boomers Share culture with Generation X Generation Y: Worker characteristics:  Generation Y: Worker characteristics Multi-tasking Interactive style Tolerant of diversity, multiculturalism, internationalism Generational Differences…Plus:  Generational Differences…Plus Career Stage Individual Differences Career Stages:  Career Stages First Stage -- Exploration Second Stage -- Establishment Third Stage Maintenance Growth Stagnation Individual Differences:  Individual Differences Extraversion Openness to Experience Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional Stability Hypothetical Scenario:  Hypothetical Scenario A supervisor has had additional responsibilities added to his/her plate and must delegate some of the overflow to his/her staff. The supervisor presents this problem to staff for their input. How will the different types of workers respond? Recommendations:  Recommendations Respect Career Stage Individual Differences Generational Group

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