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Published on September 30, 2014

Author: antoninocencio



NAZAR is a performance analysis tool specially designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of application tuning, allowing Developers and IT Operations to have an application global view and to take the best decisions for their businesses.

Partners: Aceleratech and Start-Up Brasil (an initiative of the Brazilian Federal Government).

"We're on a mission to provide accessible database performance analytics to everyone.", proudly coded at Recife - PE, Brazil.

Performance is everything.

The best amulet against database applications bottlenecks! 2 NAZAR is a performance analysis tool specially designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of database applications tuning, allowing Developers and IT Operations to have a global view of their application’s performance in order to make the best business decision. “We are on a mission to provide database analytics for everyone!”

Problem Performance directly impacts companies’ results and can compromise the entire operation! Keeping databases monitored can avoid future headaches and losses for businesses and their customers. “Tests at Amazon revealed: every 100 ms increase in load time of decreased sales by 1%.” “A poorly tuned business application can potentially affect not just a few users but an entire business operation.” “As much as 70 to 80 percent of performance problems are caused by improperly coded database applications.” Craig S. Mullins Database Administration: Practices & Procedures 3

“Expensive queries are the most significant cause of performance issues on Heroku Postgres databases. Optimizing them can yield tremendous improvements to you application’s performance and overall response times.” A cloud-based platform-as-a-service that allows developers to deploy, scale and manage apps. 4 Problem

Why should you start using Nazar? No software installation required This non-intrusive approach is new and important when we talk about companies' databases and access to companies private information. Database focused of database applications performance issues occur between the application server and the database! 80% Server Database Nazar 1 2 Start Monitoring your Servers Today! 5

Keep your Databases monitored in Real Time! Product Print Screen Nazar offers: • Daily reports; • Users who had access to the application at the “crash moments”; • Databases monitored; • Errors stats; • Top queries; • Slowest queries; • Most executed queries; With Nazar's Monitoring, the Database Administrator will have the peace of mind that his application is being monitored and that he will be warned real time of any issues! 6

What is consuming your databases resources? To start an optimization work, the tech person in charge of the application needs to know what are the most expensive queries in terms of database resource usage. Nazar shows him which ones are the “Top 10” queries where the performance gain will bring a tremendous performance improvement to the application as a whole! For instance, the Query 1 in the graph is responsible for 49.20% of the overall elapsed time. Optimizing it will have an impact on the entire Product Print Screen application performance. 7 Top Queries

In some cases, performance issues are directly associated with errors occurrence. Nazar error stats helps not only identify application bugs, but also indicate if the errors are somehow related to performance issues. 8 Error's Details Error Stats

The type of the workload, specifically whether it is Online Transactional Processing or Decision Support System, is a key criterion for database tuning. Nazar gives You the information needed to identify what is the database server workload type. 9 Queries By Type

To start monitoring your database, just add a new server and make the configurations depending of which platform you're using. The setup is very easy and you basically need to follow the steps below: 10 Start Monitoring! 1. Click 'Add New Server' button in the NAZAR.IO dashboard. 2. Give reading permissions to your log files for NAZAR.IO or start sending the log files to NAZAR.IO's servers. For more info about integration, please follow this link.

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Contact Info & Online Presence skype: leo.zeba Matheus Mendonça - CPO NAZAR HQ ! Rua João Cauás, 51, Office 410 Poço da Panela, CEP: 52061-390 Recife/PE - Brazil skype: matheusmo SÃO PAULO ! Av Paulista, 542 10th Floor Cerqueira César, São Paulo/SP Brazil 12 Antônio Inocêncio - CEO skype: antonio.inocencio Leo Zeba - CTO Tel: + 55 (81) 3040 2007 Partners: &

Performance is everything. Start Monitoring your Servers Today!

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