Nautilytics Storage Investment Decision Tool for Brazil

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Information about Nautilytics Storage Investment Decision Tool for Brazil

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: nautilytics



Do you sell silos or equipment necessary to the running of storage facilities (ladders, sensors, pest control, grain dryers, etc.)? Do you want to enter the Brazil market, where Nautilytics estimates around 8,741 storage facilities are needed to fill the current storage void, but don't have the resources to put someone on the ground there?

Nautilytics is bringing cutting-edge analytics and visualization to the CRM space. Our proprietary lead-generation database consists of emails, phone numbers, and addresses for over 8,500 on-the-ground storage contacts in Brazil. Contact us for more details on this first of its kind application to the Brazil storage market.


SEVERE LACK OF ON-FARM STORAGE HIGHLIGHTS NEW MARKET OPPORTUNITY TOO MUCH GRAIN, TOO LITTLE STORAGE IDENTIFY PROBLEM  Brazil’s agricultural production capacity has made it the world’s third largest agricultural exporter behind only the US and EU, respectively  Efficient farming techniques, the expansion of arable land and a dual crop season have led to an explosion in crop production resulting in a +400% increase in exports from 2001 to 2011 $16 BILLION $62 BILLION $80 BILLION 2001 2010 2011  While Brazil’s transformation into a major agricultural producer, indeed the world’s fourth largest grower of grains, has cemented its importance to global food production, the success has revealed a significant weakness: AN ACUTE DEFICIENCY IN GRAIN STORAGE CAPACITY THREATENS ITS ENTIRE AGRIBUSINESS SECTOR BRAZIL NEEDS TO BUILD MORE GRAIN BINS TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE ON-FARM STORAGE

ALL MEASURES POINT TO CHRONIC LACK OF GRAIN STORAGE FACILITIES THE MATH IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE DEFINE PROBLEM  According to Erick Erickson, USGC director of global strategies, “…it is one thing to be able to grow the corn, but it is another to be able to handle the supply properly…” (MM Tons)  Brazil’s current storage capacity is an estimated 145 million tons with an expected harvest of 188 million tons of grains. The Food and Agriculture Organization recommends an adequate storage capacity at 120 percent of production volume, which means: BRAZIL’S STORAGE CAPACITY 145 EXPECTED GRAIN HARVEST 188 FAO: 120% OF PRODUCTION VOLUME RECOMMENDED STORAGE BRAZIL IS CURRENTLY LACKING 81 MILLION TONS OF GRAIN STORAGE  Mato Grosso, the country’s “grain belt,” expects a 40 million ton harvest of corn and soybeans, yet only has the means to store 30 million tons BRAZIL’S $12 BILLION INITIATIVE TO SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION OF GRAIN STORAGE FACILITIES FALLS SHORT OF CLOSING THE STORAGE GAP ― PRIVATE SECTOR INVOLVEMENT IS NEEDED 226 - 81

NAUTILYTICS PROVIDES NECESSARY LEVERAGE TO CAPITALIZE ON STORAGE DEFICIT…. VERY LARGE ADDRESSABLE MARKET IDENTIFY SOLUTION  The market knows that the aggregate storage deficit is: — 81 MILLON TONS  Nautilytics provides the answers the market doesn’t know: WHO WILL INVEST IN STORAGE AND THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION? 81,000,000 tons  The current market opportunity = CURRENT STORAGE CAPACITY DEFICIT ÷ 9,267 tons  Who benefits from utilizing Nautilytics to access this market? AVERAGE STORAGE FACILITY CAPACITY ① Manufacturers that erect private on-farm grain storage bins/silos, and = 8,741 APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF PRIVATE ON-FARM STORAGE FACILITIES NEEDED TO FILL CURRENT VOID USD $1.3 — $1.7 BILLION x $150K $200K AVERAGE PRICE TO CONSTRUCT SINGLE PRIVATE ON-FARM STORAGE FACILITY ② Vendors that provide maintenance and add-on parts [i.e. – ladders, sensors, pest control, grain dryers, etc.]  Coupled with high margins, demand for storage is accelerating in proportion to forecasted increase in production extending the upper bounds of potential profits

PRIVATE SECTOR WILL FIND BUILT-IN AND HIGHLY MOTIVATED CUSTOMER BASE…. FARMERS WILLING TO PAY DEFINE WHY SOLUTON WORKS  Because there isn’t sufficient private on-farm storage, farmers face serious dilemmas in the form of unfavorable outcomes that reduce their bottom-line a.) Paying for storage at local grain elevator b.) Selling grain at harvest UNFAVORABLE OUTCOMES c.) Slow-down in pace of harvest •_High cost and no quality discount •_No quality management •_Transportation costs escalated as demand for trucks and freight rates at the highest ERODE FARMERS’ INCOME •_Additional crop loss resulting from transportation delays leading to poor seed quality and lower yields  Farmers are eager to curtail economic losses and maximize their yields at harvest thereby creating a ready market of highly motivated customers that will be quick to invest in newly constructed grain storage facilities DEMAND FOR STORAGE FAR OUTPACES AVAILABLE SUPPLY = RIPE MARKET OPPORTUNITY

NAUTILYTICS COMBINES DATA VISUALIZATION WITH CRM INNOVATIVE LEAD GENERATION DEFINE HOW SOLUTON WORKS  Nautilytics Storage Facility Decision Tool enables users to canvass a selected region cross referencing production quantity of individual farms with available storage options to identify dislocations – farms without adequate storage  Get access within seconds to a proprietary database of 8,500+ local contacts within the storage system chain  With 17,000+ unique geo-coded storage facilities, the software enables users to gauge exactly where the need for new grain bins is the severest in order to target the most optimal regions  Forecast future production quantity and identify where pockets of insufficient storage will occur ahead of time to strategically build additional capacity  Web-based tool allows user easy access on any desktop / tablet via standard web browser INDUSTRY’S ONLY SUCH EXISTING DATABASE

PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICING. THANK YOU. Christopher Lanoue President, Co-Founder (607) 339-3301 Clayton Samuels CFO (201) 310-0106

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