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Information about Nature works overview Presented by Tony Seers -- SeePlas

Published on June 26, 2013

Author: PlastixANZ


1© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.Tony SeersSeeplas Pty Ltd.PAG Meeting 25 June 2013NatureWorksOverview

2© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.• World leading bio-polymer company− 150,000 ton plant in Blair, NE− Engineering ongoing for a 2nd plant inS.E.Asia− Significant manufacturing know-howand an extensive IP position• Jointly owned by Cargill and PTTGC• Proprietary portfolio of Ingeo bio-polymers & intermediates• Superior environmental characteristics− Lower carbon footprint , low fossil energy− Additional end-of-life options• Ingeo - competitive on a cost andperformance basis with traditional plastics(PS, PET)• Established global market channels− Over 100,000 ton in annual sales volume− Commercial partnerships with global brandsWho We Are…

3© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.ResinsPlantSugarsPlantsAdditives(Modifiers)AdhesivesCoatingsPrinting TonersSpecialtyLactatesSurfactantsManufactureCarbondioxide andwaterIntermediatesThe Conversion ChainCO2 CO2CO2 CO2CO2What We Do . . .

4© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.NatureWorks LLCIngeo Biopolymer PlantBlair, Nebraska USA

5© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.ItalyBrazilGermanyNetherlandsBelgiumUKIrelandJapanTaiwan (Taipei)SingaporeAustraliaNew ZealandUSABlair, NEMinnetonka, MNSavage, MNCary, NCMarietta, GANaperville, ILDoylestown, PA South KoreaHong KongShanghaiMexicoNatureWorks’ global footprintGlobal commercial footprint with sales to over 25countries worldwideColombiaIsraelSouth AfricaChileThailandBangkok VietnamPhilippinesNatureWorks OfficeNatureWorks Distributor / Agent

6© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.3 seriesInjection Molding7 seriesISBM – bottles, BM6 seriesFibers, Nonwovens4 seriesFilms, cPLA2 seriesThermoforming8 seriesFoam1st Gen (Lactic)polymer platformIngeo Platform: “Performance materials from renewable resources”Family ofPolymersL-100LactideL-300LactideL-800LactideM-3000LactideLactidemonomer platformFamily ofMonomers3100 HP3260 HP6100 D6260 DFamily ofHigh % L PolymersIngeo Platform2500 HP

7© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.IngeoValuePropositionEmotion(Consumer)Economic(Performance)Environment(Sustainability)AllDimensionswithIngeo™TraditionalPlastics -One Dimensional

8© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.Source: CMAINote: PET represents bottle resin North America contract (market average small/large buyer) PET; PP represents North America contract PP; PS represents general purposeNorth America contract market PS; PVC represents general purpose North America contract market PVC$0.64$0.45$0.76$0.46$1.10$1.22$1.25$0.83$0.00$0.15$0.30$0.45$0.60$0.75$0.90$1.05$1.20$1.35PET PP PS PVCUSD/lbAverage price between 2008 and 2013Range of historical prices from 2008 to 2013$0.85$1.04$0.645 year range ofIngeo pricesPrice Competitiveness Of Ingeo In NAEconomic$0.89

9© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.An Example – Performance in IngeoRigid Packaging Performs in an array of everyday settings Excellent gloss, transparency and clarity Exceptional flavor and aroma barrierproperties Easy to shape, mold and emboss Reduced density vs PET Better rigidity which means packaging canbe lighter than ever before 20-30% package light weighting incommercial practice Excellent printabilityEconomic

10© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.AtmosphereIngeo™biopolymerCorn/FeedstockProductionSequester CO2 bycorn productionCO2 CO2N2O CH4CO2Environmental(Eco-Profile)Calculation of the eco-profile means drawing a „box‟ around the process from field to factorygate, and rigorously identifying and including anything which crosses the system boundaryCorn Milling,Fermentation,PolymerizationProduction of:fuels, power, steam, fertilizers, water, acids, base, waste watertreatment, etc.Environ-ment

11© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.1381201138077735950423587820 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160Nylon 66Nylon 6PolycarbonatePS (HIPS/GPPS Avg)PET (SSP)PET (amorphous)LD PolyethylenePolypropylenePVC (suspension)Ingeo 2005Ingeo 2009 CIT (current tech)Ingeo TargetFrom cradle to polymer factory gate[MJ / kg polymer]-50%Greenhouse GasesGreenhouse Gases Non-renewable energy use7. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Nylon 66Nylon 6PolycarbonatePolystyrene (HIPS/GPPS Avg)PET (SSP)PET (amorphous)LD PolyethylenePolypropylenePVC (suspension)Ingeo 2005Ingeo 2009 CITIngeo TargetFrom cradle to polymer factory gate[kg CO2 eq. / kg polymer]-60%Greenhouse Gases Non-renewable energy useEnvironmental BenefitsCredentials7. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Nylon 66Nylon 6PolycarbonatePolystyrene (HIPS/GPPS Avg)PET (SSP)PET (amorphous)LD PolyethylenePolypropylenePVC (suspension)Ingeo 2005Ingeo 2009 CITIngeo TargetFrom cradle to polymer factory gate[kg CO2 eq. / kg polymer]Continuous improvement processIngeo 2005 Ingeo 2009 Ingeo target1381201138077735950423587820 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160Nylon 66Nylon 6PolycarbonatePS (HIPS/GPPS Avg)PET (SSP)PET (amorphous)LD PolyethylenePolypropylenePVC (suspension)Ingeo 2005Ingeo 2009 CIT (current tech)Ingeo TargetFrom cradle to polymer factory gate[MJ / kg polymer]>60%less GHGemissions thanPET>50%lessenergythanPSEnviron-ment

12© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.MechanicalRecycle  FeedstockRecovery CompostAnaerobicDigestion EnergyRecovery  IngeoCradletoCradleOptionsLandfill X XIncumbentPlastics IngeoEnd of Life Environ-ment

13© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.Consumers…Expect retailers andbrands to take small stepson their behalf.Biopolymers can transform a product or package from afunctional commodity cost item to a differentiable marketingfeature.74% of the general population feel: “It is important forcompanies not just to be profitable, but to be mindful oftheir impact on the environment and society”Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 2011 LOHAS Consumer Trends DatabaseEmotion

14© 2013 NatureWorks LLC.Big Brands continue to move forward onsustainability programs• 5 billion products bio-packaged, end 2011• Commits to begin conversion of itsproduct to 100 % biobased packaging• Shifts to biobased plastic forHealth & Beauty lineup• America’s favorite condiment repackaged in bio• Automotive supply chain partnershipfor bioplastics• Complete replacement ofPolystyrene packagingEmotion

15© 2013 NatureWorks LLC• Carbon savings‒ 75% reduction in CO2 emissions‒ Equivalent to 1,320 MT CO2/year savings• Ingeo out performs polystyrene‒ Stronger/less breakage‒ Better lid adherence‒ Lower temperature filling (less energy use)‒ Maintained line speed and shelf life• Addresses consumer concerns‒ Well received by key opinion leaders‒ Reduction in human toxicity‒ Did NOT increase our retail priceDanone’s Stonyfield - in their own words:“IMPACT OF INGEO CONVERSION”Stonyfield CEO Gary_Hirschberg, Innovation Takes Root Conference Keynote:“Inventing a WIN--WIN--WIN--WIN-­WIN FUTURE”, February 21, 2012

16© 2013 NatureWorks LLCFood ServicewareNonwovens / FibersRigids FilmsDurables Lactides Bus. Dev.What’s Resulted inthe Global Market

17© 2013 NatureWorks LLCIngeo Innovations inRigids

18© 2013 NatureWorks LLCIngeo Innovations inFood Serviceware

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20© 2013 NatureWorks LLCIngeo Innovationsin Fibers/Nonwovens

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