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Published on June 27, 2008

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Nature of Kumamoto ~ Plants of Kumamoto~

First, we lean to Prefectural Wood of Kumamoto and Prefectural Flower of Kumamoto Do you know there are??

Prefectural Wood of Kumamoto Prefectural Wood is Camphor tree(楠) The greatest tree is growing in Misumimati Kounoura. This is an evergreen tree and grow a big tree ( S.41, October enact )

Prefectural Wood is Camphor tree(楠)

Prefectural Flower of Kumamoto Prefectural Wood is Gentian(竜胆) Gentian’s the Japanese Name is Rindou. Rindou is beautiful name. But Gentian is medical   plant. This root is very bitter. (S.28, October enact)

Prefectural Wood is Gentian(竜胆)

Next, we learn to Prefectural Bird of Kumamoto And Prefectural Fish of Kumamoto

Prefectural Bird of Kumamoto Prefectural Bird is Lark (ヒバリ) This bird is found steppe and arable land of Kumamoto (S.41, October enact)

Prefectural Bird is Lark (ヒバリ)

Prefectural Fish of Kumamoto Prefectural Fish is Prawn (クルマエビ) Ariake sea and Shiranui sea is place of production . (H.1, December enact)

Prefectural Fish is Prawn (クルマエビ)

After that, we learn to Beautiful flower of Higo

Higo Iris ( 肥後花菖蒲 ) Bring by Edo The Tenpo era. Powerful ,color and form are manly

Higo Cameilia( 肥後椿 ) A petal is big and single. Color is red, white, pink brocade. Bloom is February to March

Higo Sasanqua( 肥後山茶花 ) Flower is single. It is only a short time since bring on Japan. Bloom is November to December

Higo Morning glory( 肥後朝顔 ) Flower is large-flowered. Color is many.

Higo Chrysanthemum( 肥後菊 ) To cultivate is severe. We watch beautiful of flower’s harmony. Flower is single. Bloom is November.

Higo Peony ( 肥後芍薬 ) This is plant breeding on Houreki era. Large-flowered and Single flower. Bloom is Apil to May

Finally, we lean to Flower of month


Adonis( 福寿草 ) Buttercup family. This flower bloomed New Year’s Day. So, another name is “ Ganjitusou”

Chloranthaceae( センリョウ ) Spearflower( マンリョウ ) Left : Chloranthaceae Right : Spearflower


Shepherd’s purse( ナズナ ) Mustard family Another name is “ Penpengusa” A kind of rice porridge with seven different kind of spring herbs

Butterbur( 蕗 ) Composite family Dioecious plant. Up : female Down : male


Horsetail( スギナ ) Equisetaceae

Big speedwell( オオイヌノフグリ ) Figwort family This flower is an exotic plant


Dogtooth violet( カタクリ ) Liliaceae Flower is beautiful. The language of flower is one’s first love

Yellow violet( キスミレ ) Violaceae


Sweet flag( ショウブ ) Araceae This is grow in the bank of stream lake and swamp

Rhododendron( シャクナゲ ) Ericaceae


Gardenia( クチナシ ) Madder famiry This flower has a strong fragrance.

Houttuynia cordata( ドクダミ ) Houttuynia This plant is harbaceous perennial


Martius’s wood-sorrel( ムラサキカタバミ ) Oxalidaceae A very common herbaceous perennial This plant is naturalized plant

Daisy fleabane( ヒメジョオン ) Composite family The most common naturalized plant Another name is “ Pikadonngusa”


Danesblood( ヤツシロソウ ) Bellflower family This plant grow in Aso to Kujuu or Sobozann

Glehnia( ハマボウ ) Malvaceae


Lycoris( ヒガンバナ ) “The heat or cold lasts only until the equinox.” This flower bloom at that time.

Globe thistle( ヒゴタイ ) Composite family One of plant stand for Kumamoto.


Gentian( リンドウ ) The gentian family Prefectural flower of Kumamoto

Akebi( アケビ ) Lardizabala family


Leopard   plant( ツワブキ ) Composite family

Olive( カンラン ) Orchidaceae Kuma, Kamimasiki, Kamoto are grown long time ago


Kadsura( サネカズラ ) Magmolia family This plant is dioecious

Mistletoe( ヤドリギ ) Viscum This flower bloom early   spring. So, we are not conscious.

How do you feel today? Let’s try watch nature of Kumamoto

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