Natural programming in Humans.

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Information about Natural programming in Humans.

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: priyaranjandas714



philosophy of life & lessons in it.

The views expressed in this publication are solely the opinions of the author and are in no way directed towards any individuals or intended to cause any negative sentiment. With that said, I hope you can relate… *The Preface. So whe re do we begin? Literally, how do you place a start date stamp on your life? Before you even take your first breath someone is thinking about you. Someone is trying to figure out whe n to create you. Someone is wondering whether or not you're going to be a male or a female, successful or a lost cause etc., There are folks who are in your corner. There are also certain individuals who spend their time plotting your de mise before you exist, from the moment you take your first breath and throughout your beautiful gift of a life. How will you utilize your right to life, liberty, creation and imagination? This is just a collage of my thoughts. Enjoy! *Collage of Thoughts We cannot fear the unknown, we can only embrace it as it comes. An invisible line they may draw to divide us but, together, we can conquer all of the world's puzzles. Pain is followed with pleasure as sure as the sunshine follows the rain. Those who manipulate reality shall see the world through filtered vision. Their soul's window will close, blocking off from which it is supposed to see. The light in which the believers and achievers are blessed with is a heavenly glow upon each eye exposed to it. The devil is like sinking sand and the Lord is the extended hand that cannot and will not let you fade into the grains of sin. Time invested is time wasted unless you understand that time is

unlimited, infinite and knows no ending. Living life to the greatest potential isn't exactly living great for there is always better, more passionate days and moments to endure. Life is what you believe it to be. The beauty of life is for me and when I'm dead, done and gone…life, as beautiful as it is, shall go on. *The Journey They never said it would be easy, this path we travel with the natural cycle. Learn as you grow I was told, but even as I acquire more knowledge the fact remains that I hardly know a thing. Nothing ever remains the same, from love to war, summer to winter, it all is ever-changing every moment of every single day. Our heroes break our hearts with letdowns and disappointments, but the Lord preaches forgiveness. Sometimes they redeem themselves with time, often we do not lay the sun upon their backs again until its too late, glorifying them in death for their accomplishments in life. Whether accidental or intentional we are brought into this world with a load to carry. The most obvious fact is we're destined to die, to whither away back to the sands in which we came from. The key to it is living. It is about living as much of a joyous, fun, faithful experience as possible as we travel this journey, letting go and losing so much along the way. From friends to love ones, from love to knowledge, from passions to abilities, we lose it all to build up our characters, to nourish our souls for the so called massive revival in the sky. So the world can say to you and I, "job well done". I yearn to leave my legacy, I aim to reach you, not much that I can teach you other than to express yourself. Speak your mind. Share your heart. Let my words be like music upon your ear. Enjo y your journey.

*Led Astray How easy the human mind and heart can be redirected from the course it is intended to be upon. The Word, given to us as a study guide to life, somehow, seemingly loses its power to the words and actions of other beings. I ask myself, "why, "why do we fully understand what we need to do for ourselves and our children but allow a stranger to our necessities drag us from a world of priorities into a terrain of lustful desire and uncertainty?" How does one help another who wishes to not be aided? How painful is it to watch your friend or loved one fall apart, led astray by sin, greed and disgust? Love and longevity will always be greater than the quick fix, lying and cheating. Committing those sins only does damage to your soul, your character and your path. Run away if you wish but every angle, every direction you look in or travel, reality will be staring you in the face like a mirror's reflection. Avoid life and live in a imaginary world of your own where your heart and soul have been led astray. I just hope you come back on the good foot one day. With faith, I believe. *Fruit So what if we fall from the same tree? Some apples are meant to become free. You indulge in the same activities and all the while I'm learning, venturing off into a world of knowledge, uncertainty, surprises, excitement. I don't know how you intend to spread your fruit and seeds, but I plan on making history. Not for being typical and like you, but for being completely and uniquely me. You may have seen it before, but not in this way or form. Fashionable is an understatement for I cover myself with the cloth and cloak of God. Protected from evil, warm from cold, the antibody to illness, my heart thrives. From

my core, is the fluid which flows through me. I yearn to plant these seeds away from this here tree where everyone remains. Not all sayings are true you see, some apples do stray far from the tree. It just takes a little courage, a little effort, just believe that theres something more, something better for you and for me. My reality is living my dreams. *My Happy Medium. Life with all its adventure and uncertainty; all its glamour and sorrow is one hell of a ride. There is no set common or middle ground. You have to configure that setting for yourself. Your perspective, often times will not be his or her view but it is important, for it is YOUR perspective. Be mindful of the positions and emotions of others, for at some point your feelings will be at the mercy of someone else. Hope for greatness, plan for t he opposite and never let any failure become permanent. With the evolution of communication, the revolution of society, we have to remember that networks and associations should not dictate who and how we are as individuals. On the flipside, what we see on a screen should not be what we judge another by. Interestingly enough, we shouldn't be judging one another anyway, who gave us the right? Protect your trust the same way you would protect your heart. Don't let another take advantage of your most valued possessions. You will gather knowledge from the books, but the majority of your wisdom will come from your life experiences. It is impossible to live a perfect life, but you can lead a positive life. Set examples, make others laugh and smile, but most importantly, love. Love your family, love your children, love your significant other, love your neighbor, love your friends, love your enemies. Don't speak of love and not display it. Love with authenticity. Be willing to let those who love you, love you in their own

unique way. After all, no 2 people are the same. Just a few thoughts from my heart, written with love. Take what you need from it. *Fear What's Real I never quite understood why the most anxious, nosiest of people tend to throw their hook and string into the swimming pool just to determine how warm or cold the water is. Normally just jumping in, testing the waters for yourself is the most logical means of finding out. Similar to beating around the bush or attempting to bake a pie but instead of putting the pie in the oven, you leave it on the floor nearby hoping its close enough to catch some of the heat. You usually come back with unhealthy results, the pie isn't cooked the way it is supposed to be The hook doesn't tell you how warm or cold the water is. So if you dig for gold away from the hole it was proven to be in, 9 times out of 10 you're going to come up empty handed. So dig in the right place, go to the source, dive in the pool, bake in the oven. The easiest way to truth is a straight and direct line laced with honesty. When the figures come back a bit off and the assumptions are clearly wrong, the time put in was not worth the effort. Why fear whats real? A Sign of The Times? I pray it isn't but for now, let me threaten you with my weapons of mass destruction that I do NOT have. Peace be with you. *Kiss The Sky A spiritual high, I ride with faith behind the wheel. A beautiful feeling, like describing a rainbow to a blind man. In the winter when the snow falls you hear the children's laughter, or the soothing rains on a scorching summer afternoon. Grandma's famous dish

or your mom's home cooking, walking along the path and catch someone looking. She smiles, I smile and then I realize that life ain't all that bad. What it is to love, what it is to be loved. God opened my eyes and then there was sunshine. So I kiss the sky followed by a prayer, a prayer for you and I. Lets make it last, deflate the past so that the future is full of promise. Every new minute is a reason to shine, whatever it takes. Lets strive for happiness, in His name I pray, Amen. *Be Better Broken roads and broken dreams, how do you fly with broken wings, and it never is as it seems, but somehow we stay afloat. When they all appear the same, whats the purpose in a name, if you only want to be like everyone else, no signs of life or self. Man made time to control you, you live your life by the numbers don't you, well take a moment to realize that each day is exactly what you make it, time is infinite and here for the taking. Getting by on those around you, I wonder if my Lord has found you or maybe I should say, have you saved your life today, somewhere someone depends on you, so why continue to be a fool.

*Just Listen WIthout hesitation, I apologize in advance for not living up to your expectations. With that said, do not expect me to change anything, I live my life for me, not for you or any other thing or being. Doubt my choices, doubt my actions, doubt me, lie away, make up stories about me, your words and rumors excite my humor. Even I enjoy a laugh or smile every once and awhile. Occasionally you may get under my skin, but its temporary, I'll rise again, because a battle never outlasts a war and I know I'm destined to win. Life is full of challenges, and I'll add you to my list of obstacles to overcome. Break me down? Ha, you wish. I'm educated by experience, by school and through time, given the gift of art, harmony and rhyme, words that leap off of the page, off a screen to reach you. Nonfiction accounts with the intent to speak to your open minds and hearts. A scream from within that just yearns to be heard, another member of the herd. I'll always be a part of the whole but the point I'm trying to make is, without you, I'm still whole. Under the cloak of God you can't touch me, you can't see me, stealth. Just listen. The dreams I chase can't outrun me and no challenge I approach is above me. *A Journey Through Love So many wrong choices we make and the right ones become so microscopic when we look at our own 'big picture'. Its odd don't you think, how the wrong and the negative seem to takeover where the positive should dwell and reside. Looking back at life, yeah its true that this human love has let us down a time or two, but I'm sure there was a situation where it didn't fail. We walk away and let go, grow apart and progress, discover

and rediscover, but all along, the love of God remains in place. Whether we recognize it or not, its there. So with that as your guiding light, why not continue to take chances, to chase dreams, to fight for your beliefs, to strive for greatness, pursue that which you desire. Accept a love that you know will never leave your side or let you down. I've read that all things are possible through Christ, so with this life you need not roll the dice, because it isn't a gamble, its a guarantee, love you for you, love me for me. Let go and let God. *The Point Hopelessly and helplessly, you fight a battle with the "I can't win" mentality. Tell me whats the point? You move along feeling as if it can't get any better, but of course it can't if you don't do anything about it. Again, tell me, whats the point? For all the errors, faults and flaws in your life you tend to point the finger in the direction of others, never accepting responsibility for your own actions and mistakes. Really, whats the point? So you've landed in this pit, this dark and narrow hole, why not search for a way out? Why sit there waiting for the next person to pull you out and bail you out of misery when you're capable of doing it yourself? Why suffer? Whats the point? By nature, by default it may come to be that others have to rely on you, how do you care for the well-being and livelihood of others if you can't manage to maintain your own level of existence? If its a situation where they lose if you lose, why not choose to win? Why destroy the future, when you can make a difference and uplift the next? I truly do not see the point. For the love of life, for the love of self, redirect yourself on the righteous path and discover the meaning, look to the most high and SEE the point.

*Get To Know If people were more direct, there would be less tension. If people avoided assumption, there would be less ignorance. The sights and sounds of an undeveloped mind, an untamed heart, a soul that knows only what it has seen. A life that travels only where it has already been. Why not speak up and out instead of pretending? Why not ask in order to know instead of inventing your own conclusions? In most cases, you're absolutely wrong and deemed a fool in more than just a pair of eyes. Don't try to crash on another's parade in order to redirect your life's descent. Honestly, people like you make me sick. You may persuade a few confused entities to agree with and believe in you but the masses see through your thin layer of bullshit. Facts are like sun rays on a clear day, easy to see and feel. I promise you, its quite alright to know people for who they really are, to accept their positive qualities and their flaws, but get to know what falls on both categories before creating your own lists prematurely. You too shall be judged, of course by others, but the ultimate judge oversees all. The Most High, exposes us to the real and gives us the ability to do the right. So if we take that right we can avoid b eing left, being left behind in that indirect, indecisive, ignorant place we assume is comfortable. The truth is, a lot of us suffer from immaturity from time to time, but don't make it a habit. Don't let it consume you. Your sickness harms others. So, I say to you, give reality a chance. Evade your box and attempt to see things clearly. Do NOT kick down the next, instead pick him/her up. Do not continue to do and be the same. Life offers so much more. People are beautiful just the way they are. Get to know...

*Ugly Girl Hello girl, I just want you to know your pretty face means nothing to me. As I look further into you, I clearly see, your full of negative energy. So what if you're appealing to the eye, and youre the talk of the town with the guys, I pay those looks no mind. Those curves, those thighs, your eyes, physically amazing, personality not so much. You say "I know I'm sexy", I say "who gives a fuck". Your soul is fat and ugly. Conceited describes you best. Your years behind where you probably should be, its safe to say your life's a mess. Shout at the next man, maybe he'll be blind enough to give you the support the funds and attention you desire to comfortably live. But me, I know the facts, your day consists of acts, and once the world knows the truth, you'll be a more miserable you. As you cling on to youth, afraid to grow up, I pray that you allow the Lord to show up, to show you and reach you, to save you and teach you, for as beautiful as you think you are, you really could be. But today I see nothing but your ugly. Inside you're ugly. Why be bitter in a world so full of blessings? A smile defeats a frown the same way the sun ove rpowers the rain. Let us strive for peace and comfort while we continue our 'Pursuit of HappYness.' *Ugly Boy C'mon fellas. Do you honestly think that a real woman can't see past your outerwear and accessories? Light skin, dark skin, pretty boy, it tends to mean nothing if you can't display the qualities of being a man. And not just by being born with a penis, but by presenting man- like qualities. Putting shiny paint on a rock doesn't make it gold. If you

cannot provide for yourself how do you plan to provide for another? If you rely on someone else for everything how then, can someone depend/rely on you? Its not rocket science, having a job, a car, a conscious and a plan goes a long way. but by plan I don't mean your schemes and motives for "get rich quick" or "imma hit that", that talk is played out like a high top fade with multiple parts in it. I know some of you are witty and skilled enough to play the ballgame and have these women believing in a false visage, but once the mask comes off and the cloud is removed, the truth and real is brought to light. So take the easy route if you want, but we all know that the hard road is most likely the right road. Work for your own. And once you have your own you can pursue things in the right manner, with God as your guide. I don't think you can go wrong with that type of love in your life. Stop playing with females' heads, maybe they'll return the favor to us. Your dick should be considered a blessing, not a weapon delivering sickle blows to the world. In the words of Steve Harvey, it is the man's job to Protect, Provide and Profess. If you haven't commenced that trip, there's no better time to start than right now. For all that wrongdoing you've been a part of, been promoting, been using, you sir, from the skin you are in to the soul you bear, are one ugly ass motherfu....... *Give, But Give Wisely For an individual, life in theory is a series of possible facts, possible fictions and a lot of opinions. No 2 people are given identical eyes and minds therefore how are they to see the world the same? It is the differences that make this human world/life so precious. We absorb and contribute all in the same cycle. We rise and fall just as the tides, the sun and the moon. Every beginning is guaranteed an ending and fear of the unknown is nearly

impossible to overcome. Your idea could save a soul, save the world. At the same time another is plotting to destroy this place we consider home. What are you fighting for? Whose side are you on? For the good of the world, or for the good of yourself? For the destruction of others....don't get me wrong, loving thy self should be a priority and rather important but in the overall scheme of things, you won't be remembered for what you did for yourself, but moreso what you did for others, be it kids, kin, friends, strangers, mankind. Extend a helping hand, reach out to those who truly deserve your time, attention, affection, love and care. We tend to invest our time and efforts into things and people that do not deserve nor need it. If we can continue to give a portion of our earnings to a wealthy soul, who has issues with drugs, violence, breaking the law and mental stability, we overlook the "deserving" who has all the talent in the world, minus the negative attachments, who just wishes to share his/her passion with the world. Think in terms of Robin Hood, who wanted nothing more than to help those who needed the assistance the most. We live in a world where most people are only out for self, the rich stay rich regardless of their condition or habits, while those who truly need or deserve more, are left on the ass side of the planet, in the dark. *Things I've Learned About Love and Relationships Before even getting involved in a relationship it must be acknowledged that 1. a relationship takes hard work and dedication, 2. no one person is perfect and 3. the 2 people involved are separate individuals. The realization that you and your partner are not the same person is a key element in being able to accept one another's impressive qualities as well as his/her flaws. Recognizing that your partner has their own problems

allows you the opportunity to understand them better over time, if they were perfect then this process would not be necessary. Without hard work or dedication to anything, whether its a job, a hobby, a sport or a relationship, it is bound to fail and fail it shall. Next, there may be required sacrifices in order to make things come together more smoothly. There may be alterations in routines you once had, there may be goals or plans that may now include 1 or more people and there may be a slight cut in the social life and environment you were once accustomed to, but fear not, for if this relationship is built around love, the slight changes will be well worth it. Alone time is now filled with quality time and even when your to-do list is overflowing, you have something amazingly wonderful to look forward to when it's done. As beautiful as this relationship appears to be, there will be tests, roadblocks and challenges. Nothing is life is good all/every time. There are going to be disagreements, arguments, some that may lead to lonely, tearful nights, but this too is normal. Look at it like this, the times when things are down leave room for improvement and make ups. Now if the good times are drowned out by the negative then there may be a need for reassessment, but experience teaches that lo ve is powerful, understanding and forgiving...make sure it is in place. A helpful tip (now this is opinion but) is to spend more time dwelling on the positive happenings going on in and around the relationship, learn to build upon those. If you dwell on the negative then it tends to leave lasting negativity, like eating a pickle and having a sour taste remain in your mouth once its been

consumed. The goal here is to eliminate that sour taste from the relationship and continually fill the mouth with the sweet taste of positivity. Now once you've chosen to move forward with this relationship, make sure its for the long haul. Love is a serious entity and hearts are not toys to be played with. If you choose to get involved then do what is necessary to keep things fresh, positive and intact. If the balance gets off centered, then collectively find a way(s) to correct it. The key word is collectively, a relationship takes 2 to balance out properly. Never be afraid to talk to one another or talk to close friends or family about things. Experience is the greatest teacher and there is always someone who has more than you. Allow them to offer their opinions, but remember that the decisions within the relationship are YOURS to make. Never lose sight of the consequences that lie ahead for general actions/decisions. Although you are very much focused on your own happiness and well-being, you must look out for your partner's feelings as well as those who have become, by nature, involved within the relationship (ie- kids, family, friends etc.,) There are some actions that in most cases should result in a relationship's termination: If there is cheating going on, then obviously the guilty party was not prepared for the situation he/she decided to be in. If there is abuse, the abusee is definitely not deserving of such treatment, no one is, ever! If quality time is not invested in by either of the involved parties then there is no room for advancement or progression. Lastly, if one or both parties just isn't truly interested in the other then there is no point in continuing to waste one another's precious

time. The clock of life is slowly ticking for each and every one of us, with a mystery stop date unknown to all. What it boils down to is this. The past is indeed history b ut still remains what brought you to today. You take and learn from it, you build upon it. Do not repeat the same mistakes you've already made. Pleasure comes with a little pain, we will all have to endure a time or two. If love is what you seek and you find it, fight for it, it is worth having and keeping. Work and play aside, your partner needs you just as much as you need them, day in and day out. Even when you're hurt by or upset with them, support them, ride for them, be by their side. Hopefully they will return the favor because thats what love does. Like a snake shedding old skin, love takes the relationship and sheds off the negative to renew and restore the beauty of positivity. There will be things that are said and done that he/she doesn't mean, again fear not for it is normal. Don't be afraid to apologize, don't be afraid to admit when you are/were in the wrong. You're more lovable and appreciated when you accept your own faults. Most importantly, remember that love is the presence of God and without him nothing will succeed. With God as your guide, enjoy the amazing ride known as love, enjoy the good and bad that comes along with it, take that foundation and build an unbreakable structure/bond and give it your the end its truly all we desire and need. Love. To whom it may concern: Thank you for being my motivation and inspiration. *Beauty of The Beast

When you realize you can't speak for anyone else but yourself, you also discover how powerful your voice, beliefs and opinions can be. With the power to love, the power to reach, the power to teach, the power to uplift, the power to tear down and the power to hurt, its quite evident what our capabilities are. The beauty of this beast is accepting that you are going to use all of those powers, even when it is not your intent. When you strive to become the perfect you, with the understanding that there is no such thing as perfection, then you become more open and accepting of the flaws life and the people within it possess. If you yourself cannot achieve this feat then surely you see it is not fair/right to expect it from another living creature. The beauty of this beast is, as you continually strive for perfection, you're really just improving on the good, correcting the bad and growing wiser along the way. When you truly and undeniably love someone, you treat them with respect, admiration and desire. You fight but you also make up. You try to exploit the positive and avoid dwelling on the opposite end. The more negativity you inject into that relationship of love, the harder it becomes to proceed with the peace and comfort you sought after in the beginning. The beauty of this beast is that when love works its amazing, and when theres failure, love is understandingly willing to let go in order to find the peace needed to rejoin love, whether at the same point of contact or a new discovery. It is not always meant to be, but it is. Get it?

When you accept your life as one great big progressive movement, you realize the need to fight on and push forward. The key word is forward, if as we grow older we also take the time to grow wiser, stronger both inside and out, then we just may master the process of progress. The beauty of this beast is being able to avoid the term/action "stop", for it stops the progress. There are times when "stops" are needed though, usually to refuel, replenish and refresh ourselves. Move ahead, stay ahead, speak loudly and proudly with your imperfectly perfect voice, beliefs and ways of life, and never lose sight of what or who you love, love is the presence of God which means even after the sun sets on a situation, love will remain. Discover whats right, accept what you deserve, press on! Don't be the lonely soul waiting on the shore for the ship that has already passed you by. *Fair Weather Fair weather, engulf me with your southern arms. Wash away the pains with your heavy rains. Deliver relief for this drought, eliminate my storm clouds of doubt. Fair weather, touch me with your brightest charm, springing forward for longer days, never wanting to fall back to that cold desolate place. Cover me at night with your natural blanket. Feed the earth, the fields and trees, so I can utilize their nectars and feed me. A healthy balance of rain and light, passionate living both day and night, let me enjoy the things that you do, fair weather, today is a product of you.

*Wings If I were a bird, soaring amongst the sky, where the air is thin and the sun less high, looking down upon the surface, a part of the cycle, the plan and p urpose, the beauty of freedom, the spiritual detachment, the chirp of joy, the heavens speak. I hear it in the music through tweaks, confined within sound entrapment, flocks flock to the scene, the stage is set, and in this tree I rest and reflect without regret. Spreading my wings. *Here I Go Again How quickly do moments become memories, fading away courtesy of false intentions, ignorant decisions that push souls in strange and uneasy directions. Its the resurrection of an entity through new and exciting life. Situations greet us with open arms, sweep us away with subtle charm, no harm done, revitalized. How often do we begin again, its never starting over, just a new start from here, and here I go again. *A Cure I wish that you could see the world as I see it, all the drama and immaturity, the sickness and disease, the plague known as hatred, the weak minds, so easily influenced by the words from a screen or speaker, as the structure we built our faith upon, with liberty and justice, it tumbles and falls, we pay to breathe, live and exist, owing more than we own, friends become strangers, love is misused, abused and commitment becomes a dream never seen, we play games with each others' hearts, breaking down our souls until our eyes no longer wish to see the light, we prefer less days and more nights, pushing ever so

far into a cold dark place where theres no return, we feel the burn, to turn to ashes, my how life passes us by, I'll continue to search for a remedy, returning to the pure, this sickness needs a cure. Life can be as simple as seeing things for what and how they really are, or you can complicate it by drawing your own conclusions and opinions by expanding on the facts with your fears, insecurities, worries. Life should be beautiful more often than not. I want to see your good side. *To Be Free Never relying, no dependency, I yearn for independence and stability, I don't need you in order to be me, but I do need love in order to be free, its like shelter and food, necessary for survival, the power of love is real, beyond the lines of the Bible, physically invisible, but evident through emotion and reaction, the visuals, a hug, a smile, a kiss or flowers, a meal, a surprise or walking for hours, to have and to hold, to give and receive, the joy and the pain with peace and relief, so know the difference between what you desire and require, enjoy the righteous until we tire and retire. *Dark Side of The Moon No worries, no stress, sleep sweet, rest peacefully, dream of your happily ever after. Begin a new chapter, explore something new and beautiful, fear not of the righteous and unusual. It's a fact that the something different is likely the something needed. Watch the pain and uneasiness recede. If the soul could bleed I would flood the scene, build an

ocean from the tears that stream. But my smile will rise again, through the shroud and into the blue. I'll fly, just as long as you're cool, I'll be the dark side of the moon for you. *Glow For You I do what I feel is right, even if it isn't what I like. I do it despite what my soul cries out for, I cry out more but you'll never see those tears. Terrified of loneliness but you'll never see those fears. I escape into passion and find satisfaction in a business that is my pleasure. Blessings rain upon me everyday, I yearn for more in every way. I don't say a word hoping my screams are heard. I pray for the best and prepare for the worst. I want you to be my first 'last', so that our past can pass, to see a future so vast, the shadows cast. Not seen as a task but rather a chance, to defeat the challenges with love. I choose you, this much I know is true. I glow for you. *I Do Too Tell me why, so many of us are sitting with long faces? So many of us are looking in the wrong places. You can't find what you're looking for in a place you'll never see or be again. If you make it to yesterday please let me know. If you're hurting today, please let it show. Don't hide behind the masks, your cover up will never last, because when you break, when you it all comes tumbling down, it will give you much more than a frown. Cash in on the joy around you, be glad that it found you, because when you feel well, when you feel ill, remember, I do too.

Tomorrow comes with no guarantee, so enough with the regrets, negative energy and attachme nts of the past, let us focus on the beautiful in and around us Today. Maximize your potential, let the world hear your song. *beLIEve Speak your heart child, hold nothing back, leave it all on the table, on the field, let them see your skill, let them know you're real, let your strength build in character, this is how you build a better you, remain true to yourself, be honest, be fair, prioritize yourself but remember to respect the next, do unto the next as you would desire to be done to you, protect and love, refrain from hurting and leading astray, we're all on our way, on our way to the place we see when we close our eyes, we dream of many things, romance, love, marriage, success, comfort, wealth, it all begins with you, you get back what you put in, you receive what you deserve, so make your stand, accept what you truly want and need and shed the wrong and ignorant like a snake enjoying new skin, if only we all could, if only we all would....its hard to conceive when the word lie is within beLIEve. *Nothing But Words Lying to me is lying to yourself, you're not letting me down that's a self failure, you perfect your craft of manipulation with words made to size like a tailor, fit for ears who want and need to hear what you tell them, spirits that rise when you hail them, but if the praise is fake that's a fall from glory, hearts break like fragile shelling, underminded, blinded by the outer glow, look beyond the skin, seek and you shall know, just because it shines doesn't make it gold, just because you speak it doesn't make it so, we all long for

some satisfaction, but I save my relaxed reaction, for the moment you step beyond your words and offer evidence through your actions, you're nothing but words. *Somewhere Someone Somewhere, someone needs you more than you know, your smile could make them smile, your smile could make them frown, you move along in your little world of happiness never knowing that that someone cries, its crazy thinking, you have the power to make it right, to save a life, and even crazier if that someone was you, sitting around in a pit of sorrow while another dances at your expense, the never-ending circle and cycle, the known and unknown, the fact that no matter what you think or see, the saying goes, somewhere, someone needs you more than you will ever know. *Who Do You Think You Are I wish we as people could step outside ourselves, see beyond ourselves, to acknowledge who and how we truly are, to see how others truly perceive us, to see how we make them feel, all of our less than intelligent remarks and decisions, the common division between what our friends say versus what they actually believe, are we as cool or as great as we truly believe or is it all just an illusion, it all starts with respect, self-respect as well as respect for others, treat the next as you desire to be treated, and let the rest fall naturally into place, so, who do you think you are?

Not every dream, wish, hope or idea will go as planned but don't get discouraged. Continue to fight for your beliefs, purs ue your goals and strive to make a difference in your own life as well as the lives of othe rs. Keep on pushing! *Just Proud To Be Dear reflection, I write to you with my lips, I stare at you wondering why, why does it seem as if you do not resemble me, a stranger to myself I am, how do I comprehend my thoughts if I cannot recognize you, I despise you, you abuse the powers I give you, you manipulate that which I ask of you, you're the one with the power, the power to disappoint me, so why destroy what we've built, are you going in for the kill, I dare you, I'm not going anywhere for I am what is real, I'll just walk away, you'll fade away and have your shot another day, oh what a beautiful feeling it is to be who I am, to live this life for me, I'm proud to be. *Love, God, Life Love does not hurt, it fixes, love does not manipulate, it influences, love does not run, it stays, love does not break, it builds, love does not think, it feels, love is not selfish, it understands, love does not frown, it smiles, love does not fall, it climbs, love does not end, its infinite, love knowns no dark, just light, for love is the presence and power of God, and God is light and life.

*Rises The earth spins as it orbits the sun, the moon orbits the earth, we live courtesy of a food chain to quench hunger and thirst, there's always war and peace, storms, rain and winds, its always out with the old, replaced by newer trends, we spend our conscious moments chasing all our dreams, we always follow failure with efforts to redeem, but all in all one thing seems to remain, the sun always rises, even when it rains. *Cycle Of Life I'm helpless, clean me, clothe me, feed me, hold me, cherish me, and let me sleep, I'm learning and growing, speaking foreign, discovering and identifying new things. I'm understanding, moving slowly low to the ground, I hold things. I'm less dependent, making more sense, but anxious and rather clumsy, I know what you're saying, I somewhat repeat, I feed myself, I stand on my feet but my oh my do I get into a lot of clueless mischief, and now I find myself more knowledge, more focused, I'm walking, I'm almost independent, no more pacifying, I want to do as you do, I speak clearly now, I interact and play, and whats this placed called school? So many new faces, I'm leaping and running, reading and wondering about life, stars plants and animals, every time I learn something new I'm always asking "why?", days and months and years go by, now I'm closer to the sky, I leave these institutions and now face the tasks at hand, a seed given life by God, who's grown into a man, and if I continue to pursue what he has set in his plan, then soon I will have a woman to live life hand in hand, and then I'll start to dwindle and return to a smaller form, wore out and tired from all the days I've endured,

and my light will dim to darkness but at least I have you, love and the Lord and all who guided me through, this cycle of life. A blanket when you're cold, shelter when it rains, a smile when you're down, comfort to ease the pain, how often we take for granted these things, ways to say I love you. A hug or a hand, a visit or call, a pick me up if I ever should fall, a little light in the dense dark fog, the little things to say I love you. *Superstaraphobia The lights flash, I walk along the red path, there are so many faces, so many strangers, I wave and smile, they yell and gaze, I feel like I don’t belong in this crazy place, they ask me questions, I’m nervous and confused, please just move, please let me through, I reach the doorway and step right through, what have I gotten myself into, the stage in sight, I fear to be on it, thinking to myself is this what I wanted, for myself, I’m scared by far, if you are what you say you are...superstaraphobia. *Distant Dream Distant dream, floating amongst the stars, i feel your vibe, i hear your heart, the words flow fluently like the natural springs, and in an instant we’re in spring, the warming sensation, the shine of your smile, your eyes are my heaven, i’ve waited awhile, for this distant dream to creep ever so close, i’ve discovered that its you that i want most, so i continue to wait, wish and wonder, your sunny rays i long to be under, and together we can move forward hand in hand, and make beautiful music, footprints in the sand, it’ll

never wash away, lets hold on to eternity, for the sounds we make in unity are the perfect melody, dearest dream i kiss you, never had you, yet i miss you, come to life, come to me, come true...oh wont you please, my distant dream. *Wanted Wanted. Success, an upgrade of my current self, a completely better me, Wiser, more intelligent, kind and patient yet strong and on task, realistically thinking while chasing my dream. Renewal, a stranger to my former self, letting the bad habits fade to darkness as righteousness grows to light, in pursuit of that which makes me happy, attached to that which makes me smile, a child and a parent, a leader and a lover, all the things I hope to see and be, but to have it, you truly have to want it. *Logic Do we find truth in words? We stress actions but condemn those who speak things we do not personally believe in. In a world where we seek what's as close to perfect as possible, we ourselves are all guilty of imperfect methodology. The guiding lights, faith, law and opinion, they all collide yet they all come together in a strange, twisted way to create fate, chance and destiny. Choose wisely, walk confidently & love unconditionally. Lead a conscious and righteous existence for today is now and tomorrow is a place of hope. Your past is like quicksand, if you stand in it too long it will suck you in. He re's to positive progression with minimal roadblocks and the opportunity to experience happiness and love.

*Be You. Content yet not happy, settling when I deserve more. It seems troubling in a world where expectations usually lead to let downs. The slightest mistake can make or break a situation at any given moment. The idea of real trust and friendship is an afterthought when the rumor mill runs amuck. Its sad to say the ways of today are the reflection of corruption. Those who seek peace and aim to do right end up being hurt, betrayed or led astray by the wrongdoers who surround them, and the wrongdoers take pride in destroying the lives of those pursuing greatness. What is the answer to our problems? How do we reign supreme and conquer our concerns and flaws when everything around us tends to aid in the destruction of self? You just who you are, be true to yourself, be beautiful, be loving, be you. *L.O.V.E. x10 Luring me into the Loop, in the Life of the Land, Lust isn't a choice for where I Lay, the Line has been crossed, the Label has been made, the feeling shall Linger forever as we Lounge in this paradise. Observe the beauty, Obtain the blessing, Outside the typical, inside the circle, Over & under & in between, every Ounce of perfection, if Opposites attract, why then is cupid so Open to join us in union? Its beyond Ordinary, nothing short of glorious, the window Opaque, you can see through to my heart, where everything is Okay.

The Various emotions, the Vibrant smiles, a Vast array of time & miles, our coming together is a Victory, & Very few understand the mystery, where love Vibrates & causes friction, to grow old together like our union is Vintage, you're Vital to my survival, your beauty is a Vacuum, drawing life from me like a Vampire. Expect the unexpected, Express like theres nothing to lose, who knew it would come this Easy, who knew you'd believe in me, what the story Entails, an Evolution of you & I, Exploring the joys of Eternity, atleast thats how its supposed to be, the mood is Eclectic, you shock with Electricity, lets venture into the world of togetherness, I aim to do right for all of life, the door is open, Enter with me hand in O.ur V.ows E.xchange for LOVE. *Writer to Reader Dont let the words you read fool you, they're just thoughts & ideas removed from my mind, fed to you in poetic form, sometimes I see these things, sometimes its more, I feel what I write, I write what I believe, I hope that they reach you, I hope you receive, fiction & non- fiction, opinions, suspense, you might think I'm crazy but I mainly make sense, you go through what I go through, I write, you agree, & if you disagree you understand my plea, I know without knowing so my pain is much less, I resort to the pages to relieve me of stress, I hope you appreciate the literature I dawn, these words are my lasting legacy, remember me when I'm gone.... *Collecting and Sharing My Randomness

I wish not to be any more or less of what I am, but at the same token I aspire to be more of who I am. Knowledge is a tricky entity to claim, even facts were built off of theories, ideas and opinions. The biggest fact of all is that we, for the most part, know little to nothing. Corruptive religions, false prophets, how are we to live in His image when those who claim to be the teachers and messengers cannot achieve it themselves? These same individuals can stir up controversy, war, death and de struction with the power thats given to them and its a damn shame. When folks do right by the Word and Way, they tend to get feared, attacked and removed. Thats what they did to King. People wonder where "change" begins...well if you're waiting around fo r a body of wealthy individuals to throw some instant aid at the less fortunate, you'll be waiting forever. Change isn't about one man fixing the worlds flaws and failures. It isn't about a government giving to you or the next person to get you out of a ho le, crisis or struggle. We as a whole, have caused this. So, take it upon yourself to make the changes necessary to improve your life, status, situation. There will be sacrifices yes, but if a man can lay down his life for the well-being of humanity's future, why can't we do the same for ourselves and our families? Stop waiting around for someone else to take care of your problems. They have problems too, trust me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they seek what is beautiful to you. Whether its art, music, poetry, food, exercise, marriage, love, parenthood, sports, technology...find that which is beautiful to you and just go for it. Do not let anyone deter you from that which balances your happiness, sanity, faith, drive and purpose. If people see how happy you are with what you consider beautiful, they should understand and in turn respect your passion. Strive to deliver beauty and love. Combat against the war and the ugly with your beauty and your love. They cannot touch you, they cannot hurt you, they cannot break you. The uphill battle to the mountaintop. The promise land is still there, and we still have much more to see and do. I'm waiting on this space ship now, I'll soon be on my way to Mars. So does it make me an immigrant? Am I an alien now. As my mind continues to wander... I've never known a mirror to tell a lie. *The Balance Life is our one chance to live, do all and be all. It can be an amazing trip full of endless memories or it can be a flash of wasted time and brief moments. All along we dream about and desire the people, possessions and feelings that we want the most. In turn, a lot of us never lose sight of the things we require and need the most. Find a balance.

One of our biggest mistakes is relying/depending on anothe r/others to build, sustain or break our character when the fact of the matter is, by the design of God, you create and recreate yourself. There are times when the words and actions of others can be a bit painful but its just like any other existing entity that may deter or slow us. If we fall behind, we catch up, if we fall down, we get up etc wounds heal, broken hearts mend more often than not, we bounce back. Do not be afraid to continue to be the latest, greatest version of YOU and progress. Walk the beam without their stress or baggage, its easier to balance. Since when did our responsibilities as adults/human beings become excusing factors in our lives? It isn't fair to ourselves to not have or be what we want because of our jobs, our education, our kids. None of the above can hold you back from pursuing or accepting that in which every heart yearns for from day one. To take it a step further, if you add good things/people to your life situation(s), if it is truly a positive, meaningful, realistic addition, your stress will become less and your responsibilities will actually seem less difficult as well. So often do folks link up with the wrong crowd, partner or objects and as a result develop a belief that it's easier to do life/be alone. How wrong you are. The result of that isn't to point fingers and try to do it all alone but more so to open your eyes and make a wiser decision for you and yours the next go 'round. Love and responsibility, make it a healthy, happy balance. What is it with people being so stuck on the pain, punishment and threats of the past? Why should anyone or anything from your yesterdays keep you from the dreams you're

pursuing or the goals you're out to achieve now? An ex husband or wife, a babydaddy or babymama should hold little power in your todays and tomorrows. Those individuals were life lessons, teaching you what signs to look for in the next phase. The attributes that they possessed that you disliked, be sure the next person doesn't have them. With your heart and eyes wide open, it really isn't that hard to see the intentions and hopes of of the next soul. Don't box them out with your invisible Great Walls of China, instead take your time letting them into your world. I promise you the right balance of time and effort will have a better chance for a positive outcome. Lastly, theres no greater love than the love of God but the next greatest love for yourself. If you cannot be happy, comfortable and in love with being inside your own skin, then you need to take the necessary steps to fix that. Its one thing to be content with your life and how things are, but being content is a form of settling. Most folks strive to be happy most of the time. If you find yourself overwhelmed, struggling, reaching out for a happiness that isn't offering itself to you...take a step back and reevaluate your life, dreams, responsibilities, circles, partner(s) and things from your past that still affect you. More than likely you can build a case for your unhappiness right there. That there is a start to correct those things that are affecting you negatively. DO NOT allow these things to build up and continue to hold you back. It will not only throw off our balance but it will knock you off of the beam, making it harder and harder to get back on as you accrue more excess baggage.

Life is our one chance to live, do all and be all. It can be an amazing trip full of endless memories or it can be a flash of wasted time and brief moments. Love yourself, handle your responsibilities, chase your dreams, don't close out good/positive/right people, don't point the finger elsewhere before inspecting yourself. Find your balance and push forward with the biggest smile and coolest mood. Be happy, you. *Nourish Your Roots So many settle for less than what they deserve. So many seek the "hot right now" over the amazing wrapped in longevity. It seems the market no longer suggests that we should possess quality and beauty, but rather quantity in this fast moving masquerade ball. Who is concerned with trust when individuals bounce around from person to person and partner to partner like a pinball? It may appear to be scoring but truthfully you're overall total is headed down and out. Some of the most painful things to see, good people giving up on the ideas and concepts passed on from generation to generation due to lack of support and evidence to display that its still worthwhile and relevant. Take for example, love, marriage and family. Love - Love is the most overly said, mistakenly used term on the planet. Very often love is confused with lust, which is the most common form of affection in our society today. What used to be a pretty basic process, meeting someone, getting to know them, building with them and eventually reaching a point of "love" with them, has become a swift

moving, ego boosting, deceitful, disrespectful scheme to achieve other things, most often sex or monetary value. Marriage - I will be brief, marriage has and always will be the ultimate support for real love (in relationships). With that said, more people are getting divorced nowadays than before so many present day marriages are not built on the proper love listed above but rather on lust or schemes. Family - Look around when you're out and about in public. How common is it to see a man, woman and kids all together doing a family activity? Look again, notice how many SINGLE parents are out and about taking care of kids??? I see way more single mothers than I do single fathers, but definitely way more single parent families than full families. It goes back to the wrong type of love, failed marriages or a situation that never evolved into marriage, or someone being lured with lust and schemes and ended up in that position. It all ties in together and the basis for it all is love, a real true love. If a plant has fragile, disappointing roots, how do you expect it to grow firm, tall and strong and branch off? Love is the root and without it we can expect to be let down, disappointed, led astray, tricked, played, used and left in compromising positions. Continue to treat your world like a party and find yourself alone in this cruel cycle. Eventually hearts mature, people wise up and move above and beyond the antics and half-assedness of lust and games. Honestly, it doesn't matter how old you are to understand what I'm saying. As always, I

will not claim that what I say is right but its my opinion and I hope to touch a few souls, open a few eyes to reality as I see it and how I wish it would/could be. Nourish your roots. Peace and love. We may s hare similar beliefs, but it does not mean we will act and express them in the same manner. We may be working towards the same goals, it does not mean we will travel the same paths. We may be chasing similar dreams, but it does not mean we will sleep at the same time of day. We are all unique in our own way. Let the pieces of this puzzle come together to form this life we live.

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