Natural home remedies for carpenter ants control

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Information about Natural home remedies for carpenter ants control

Published on June 23, 2018



Natural home remedies for carpenter ants control : Natural home remedies for carpenter ants control Slide 2:   Salt Salt is best home remedy for the ant removal. Put the line of the salt at place where you see ants, it will act like a barrier for ants. They will not cross it. Put the salt in their nests. Slide 3: Boric acid Make the spray of boric acids to kill the carpenter ants from home. Mix the boric acid with water and sprinkle it all around the house. It is natural insecticide for carpenter ants. Slide 4:  Red chili powder Prepare a paste of red chili and water.  Put this paste on the place where you can see the ants. Use it to exterminate the ants. Sprinkle it on the areas where ants are more.   Slide 5:  Liquid dish soap Make a mixture of dish soap and water. Put it in bottle and shake well. Spray the solutions over the ants it will suffocate them and helps you to get rid of them. Slide 6: Boiling water Put the boiling water over the nest of the carpenter ants. Find out their nest and put boiling water on it. It is the way more easy technique for you. Slide 7: Vinegar Make the spray of vinegar and water.  And spray it on the areas like doorways, windows and other place where you see it. It is a natural homemade remedy to keep them away. Slide 8: Lemon water solution Carpenter ants are allergic to citric acids. To get best result use lemon. Spray the solution of lime water over the areas where you can see the most of the ants.

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