Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite

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Information about Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite

Published on January 6, 2017

Author: pureliquidzeolite


Slide 1: PURE LIQUID ZEOLITE Slide 2: Pure Liquid Zeolite is an online store has been providing finest quality zeolite products in United States since 2013 . Pure Liquid Zeolite gives the opportunity to share zeolite with their friends, family or the world . We offer high quality zeolite products including Natural Cellular Liquid Zeolite , MegaDefense and Product B. ABOUT US Slide 3: Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense Liquid Zeolite is the original liquid used for health and wellness. It is 100% natural and helps to remove toxins from the body as effectively or as safely. It also supports a healthy immune system and balances your body’s pH levels. It is the only zeolite product proven effective. NATURAL CELLULAR DEFENSE Slide 4: Natural Cellular Defense has ability to rid your body of toxins- the same toxins the EPA, FDA and CDC have declared dangerous. Removes heavy metals other substances from the body Helps to balance pH levels in the body 100% natural and non-toxic Supports a healthy immune system BENEFITS OF NCD Slide 5: CONTACT US Website: Phone Number: +1 321 215 4606 Email: Slide 6: THANK YOU!

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