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Information about Nationalism

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: andrew0624



Nationalism: loyalty to nation of people with common culture, history Conservative Liberal Radical landowners, nobles: want traditional monarchies wealthy merchants, business owners: want limited democracy believe in liberty, equality; want everyone to have a vote No Yes Yes

Put everything back the way it was. Kings in charge. Aren’t we suppressing nationalism? Yeah, what’s your point?

Enlightenment ideas inspire Latin American revolutionaries Haiti is first Latin American territory to gain freedom, slave revolt (1791) 15 other nations follow

Similar: Oppressive conditions create a desire for change. Similar: Ideas can inspire revolutions. Different: Revolutionaries can use various methods.

Why hide in Brazil? Napoleon invades Portugal; royal family moves to Brazil (1807) Congress of Vienna: Portuguese court returns to Portugal after Napoleon’s defeat Portuguese prince stays behind in Brazil accepts Brazilians’ request to rule own country officially declares Brazil’s independence (September 1822) By 1830, nearly all Latin American regions win independence

How is nationalism related to the French Revolution? Hint: This image is not from 1832. The French Revolution ended in 1815.

Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo, failed Paris uprising of 1832

1848: Paris mob overthrows new monarchy, sets up republic new constitution calls for elected president and parliament France Accepts a Strong Ruler Louis-Napoleon — Napoleon’s nephew — elected president, later takes the title of emperor, promotes industrialization

In 1815 the Congress of Vienna established five powers in Europe: Austria, Prussia, Britain, France, and Russia By 1871, Britain and Prussia (now Germany) have gained much power: Austria and Russia are weaker militarily and economically

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