Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break

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Information about Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break

Published on November 11, 2018

Author: laurenpiehl24


Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break: Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break Lauren Piehl 11/11/2018 Buddy Break Community Service: Buddy Break Community Service Buddy Break provides a safe place for kids to have fun and establish meaningful friendships with other kids. One out of ten kids under the age of 14 has some type of special need. Kids with special needs, or VIP kids, can make new friends and enjoy all kinds of activities, while caregivers get a break! This program is provided through partnership with local churches. Buddy Break Community Service: Buddy Break Community Service Every Sunday these kids were able to make connections outside of their normal circle of interactions. During the few weeks I attended, the kids were active in their engagement with the adult volunteers. The kids were also active in playing games, music, and thinking intuitively. Feelings before: Feelings before Excited Uncomfortable Shy Nervous Tense Feelings after: Feelings after Excited Comfortable Friendly Sad Relaxed Connections to the Course: Connections to the Course This amazing opportunity was completed for Teaching Exceptional Children, EEX 4070. The children that buddy break caters to are different in their exceptionalities and it was important to have multiple volunteers to give them individualized attention. Through my service hours I was able to gain invaluable experiences. My students right now benefit from the knowledge I have gained as I incorporate the patience and learning tools needed with kids with exceptionalities into my classroom. This experience is important for teachers to understand that all kids should have access to equal and accessible education, no matter their exceptionalities. Why is volunteering important?: Why is volunteering important? Volunteering helps you be a part of a community and help those who need help to be reminded of who they are themselves. Throughout our lives we hear of volunteering, we are encouraged often to volunteer, and hopefully we see that example of the rewards of what volunteering brings. When I was in high school I had a great opportunity volunteer at the animal shelter and it taught me the importance of giving back to your community. I believe everyone has the ability to give back, no matter their choice on how to do that. Final thoughts: Final thoughts Changing Educational Inspiring

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