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Published on January 16, 2008

Author: Carolina


Slide1:  DPC-841269-01.PPT09/24/07 U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Attending and Succeeding at the U.S. Naval Academy Summer Seminar Slide2:  DPC-841269-02.PPT09/24/07 U.S. Naval Sea Cadets interested in attending the U.S. Naval Academy, are strongly encouraged to apply for acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy Summer Seminar in their high school junior year Sea Cadet National Headquarters will reimburse tuition fee to all U.S. Naval Sea Cadets successfully completing the U.S. Naval Academy Summer Seminar General Information (1 of 2) Slide3:  DPC-841269-03.PPT09/24/07 All U.S. Naval Sea Cadets interested in attending the U.S. Naval Academy or one of the other four Federal Service Academies, should refer to slides 23 – 26 for information on preparing for acceptance to one of these institutions. The information contained in slide 23 should be coordinated with your school counselor for use as a guide in formulating your curriculum and graduation plan. While developing your plan, work with your school counselor to: Maximize Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors (H) courses. Identify leadership positions Ensure participation in competitive team sports If available, include one to two years of Latin in addition to your foreign language study. Latin will provide a valuable base for English, science and foreign language study. General Information (1 of 2) Slide4:  Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) DPC-841269-04.PPT09/24/07 Overview Slide5:  DPC-841269-05.PPT09/24/07 General Overview (1 of 5) NASS is for those interested in pursuing an appointment to one of the nation's service academies and serving their country as an officer NASS is run by midshipmen with oversight by active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers 1,800 students from around the world attend this fast paced program each year Slide6:  DPC-841269-06.PPT09/24/07 General Overview (2 of 5) NASS Provides: Opportunity for rising high school seniors to visit the Naval Academy for one week during the summer Chance to experience all aspects of the Naval Academy Academic program Midshipman life An overview of Navy and Marine Corps service options Experience in all aspects of the Naval Academy Slide7:  DPC-841269-07.PPT09/24/07 General Overview (3 of 5) NASS Offers: Opportunity to sample university level academics at a first-rate institution Chance to discover whether the Naval Academy will help in achieving your goals A jump start on the admissions process Opportunity for you to determine whether you are right for the Academy, and whether the Academy is right for you Slide8:  DPC-841269-08.PPT09/24/07 General Overview (4 of 5) Success at NASS includes: Academic qualifications Excellent physical fitness Positive attitude at all times Ability to follow orders Exhibition of true desire to attend the Naval Academy Ability to retain and accurately report information received Ability to perform well in a team environment Ability to admit mistakes and learn from them Slide9:  DPC-841269-09.PPT09/24/07 General Overview (5 of 5) Treat NASS as a “Check Ride” Consider NASS a military training event Sea Cadets should arrive in excellent physical and mental condition Sea Cadet National Headquarters EXPECTS all participating cadets to arrive ready to give their best performance at this event Sea Cadets should aspire to score in the top two levels of the NASS performance rating system Slide10:  Eligibility Requirements DPC-841269-10.PPT09/24/07 Slide11:  DPC-841269-11.PPT09/24/07 Basic Eligibility Competitive entry program The following general selection criteria are considered: Unmarried, not pregnant and have no legal obligation to support a child, children or other individual(s) Superior high school performance and strong PSAT, SAT, or ACT results Demonstrated achievement in athletics and extracurricular activities, especially demonstrating leadership potential in these areas Physically fit and in good health with normal vision (20/40 or correctable to 20/20) Positive attitude, self-disciplined, and of good moral character Slide12:  Tuition and Expenses DPC-841269-12.PPT09/24/07 Slide13:  DPC-841269-13.PPT09/24/07 Tuition and Expenses Tuition to attend a session is approximately $300 Tuition covers Room and board Variety of materials Tuition does not cover travel to the Academy Sea Cadet National Headquarter will reimburse the tuition fee for those successfully completing NASS Each cadet is responsible for arranging transportation to and from the Naval Academy Naval Academy will provide transportation to and from BWI Airport only Bring extra cash for snacks and souvenirs Slide14:  Program Activities DPC-841269-14.PPT09/24/07 Slide15:  DPC-841269-15.PPT09/24/07 Program Activities (1 of 2) NASS allows the successful applicant to: Experience a taste of Academy life Live in Bancroft Hall Eat in the dining hall Participate in academic and leadership workshops Experience a variety of other activities on the campus Slide16:  NASS attendees have the option of attending eight 90-minute workshops Workshop topics include: DPC-841269-16.PPT09/24/07 Program Activities (2 of 2) Information Technology Naval Architecture Mechanical Engineering Ocean Engineering Aerospace Flight Testing Systems Engineering Microcomputer Design Seamanship and Navigation Yard Patrol Craft (YP) Cruise Ethics and Character Development Oceanography Mathematics History Meteorology Literature Chemistry Political Science Language Studies Martial Arts Economics Slide17:  Typical Daily Schedule DPC-841269-17.PPT09/24/07 Slide18:  DPC-841269-18.PPT09/24/07 Daily Schedule 0545-0630 Physical Training – Introduction to PEP 0700-0720 Breakfast 0730-1215 Morning Academic Workshops 1225-1300 Lunch 1345-1600 Afternoon Academic Workshops 1600-1800 Sporting Events or Military Drill Introduction 1830-1900 Evening Meal 2000-2245 Special Events, including U.S. Marine Corps Sunset Parade – Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, D.C. Career Opportunity Presentations by Navy and Marine Corps officers Sea Trials Mock Plebe Indoctrination Session – the most popular event – really! 2300 Taps – much needed rest Slide19:  NASS Application Process DPC-841269-19.PPT09/24/07 Slide20:  DPC-841269-20.PPT09/24/07 Application Process (1 of 2) Application process opens 01 February Path to application link will be provided by Sea Cadet National Headquarters Deadline for NASS applications is 31 March Selection dependent on: Overall qualification of applicant Academy’s need to meet complete geographic representation Slide21:  DPC-841269-21.PPT09/24/07 Application Process (2 of 2) All applicants will be notified of their selection status Mailings of status notification begins around mid-March In case of late applications, notification will be no earlier than 30 days after receipt Summer seminar applicants are processed as applicants to the Naval Academy upon successful completion of the Summer Seminar Removes the need for a preliminary application Slide22:  Preparing for NASS and Academy Acceptance Start Young! DPC-841269-22.PPT09/24/07 Slide23:  Preparation Guidelines (1 of 4) School Curriculum Guide – Coordinate with School Counselor Four years of English, with a strong emphasis on composition, grammar, literature, and speech. Four years of math: algebra, plane geometry, intermediate algebra, and trigonometry. Courses in pre-calculus and calculus are recommended. Two years of a foreign language. Two years of a laboratory science such as chemistry, biology or physics. One year of U.S. history. Courses in geography, government, basic computing and economics are helpful as well. SAT preparation classes are recommended. SAT math and verbal scores of 600 or higher are desirable. SAT may be taken more than one time without penalty. – Academy will accept the highest score. DPC-841269-23.PPT09/24/07 Slide24:  Preparation Guidelines (2 of 4) Physical Preparation Guide Participate in vigorous competitive team sports. Participate in individual sports that require sustained physical effort. Perform distance running regularly; two miles are recommended. Perform strenuous conditioning exercises – push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. The best way to prepare is by starting off slowly and building on your physical accomplishments. Start with a two-mile run, alternating between running, walking, and gradually increase the amount of running. DPC-841269-24.PPT09/24/07 Slide25:  Preparation Guidelines (3 of 4) Leadership Preparation Guide Participate in extracurricular activities that provide valuable leadership experiences and responsibilities Class, club, or student government leadership position Awards in academic societies, such as the National Honor Society Participation and achievement in athletics Captain and Co-Captain roles are desirable Participation and success in public speaking and other non-athletic activities Maximize participation and achievement in Sea Cadet Corps Membership in community and/or church organizations It is more valuable for you to achieve distinction in a specific activity, rather than participate in a number of activities without any evidence of leadership achievement. DPC-841269-25.PPT09/24/07 Slide26:  Physical Performance Sea Cadets should prepare for and plan to take and pass the following physical performance exams Candidate fitness assessment (CFA) The test consists of a one-mile run, a ‘shuttle’ run, a kneeling basketball throw, abdominal crunches, push-ups, and pull-ups or a flexed-arm hang for women (when pull-ups cannot be accomplished).  Instructions for the CFA can be found at: Physical Education Program (PEP) Physical Readiness Test (PRT) while at NASS Prepare to meet or exceed the following PRT expectations: Men Women 1.5 mile run (min) 10:30 12:40 Push-ups (min in 2 mins) 40 18 Sit-ups (min in 2 mins) 65 65 Preparation Guidelines (4 of 4) DPC-841269-26.PPT09/24/07

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