NASA: Collaborative Innovation for 2014 Open Innovation Conference

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Information about NASA: Collaborative Innovation for 2014 Open Innovation Conference

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: bethbeck



NASA: Collaborative Innovation Communities of Practice: presentation for 2014 Open Innovation Conference in Baltimore sponsored by American Leaders. Includes findings from Beth's PhD research.

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on   Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   February  26,  2014   @BethBeck   hEp://   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   “Our  society  has  reached  a  point  where  its   progress  and  survival  depends  on  our  ability  to   organize  the  complex  and  to  do  the  unusual.”   James  Webb,  former  NASA  Administrator   @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

Space  =  Complex  +  Unusual!   Space  Sta,on:  Humanity’s  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Experiment   @BethBeck  NASA  

Try  working  250  miles  high  with  bulky  gloves  @  17,500  mph!   Expedi,on  38  Spacewalker  Mike  Hopkins   @BethBeck  NASA  

So,  what  does  collabora,on  look  like?   Crescent  Moon  +  Earth  Exp  38  Astronaut  Koichi  Wakata   @BethBeck  NASA  

The  reality  is:  collabora,on  =  CHAOS!   @BethBeck  NASA  

Some,mes  it  looks  like  cold,  hos,le  territory.   Crab  Nebula   @BethBeck  NASA  

Some,mes  we  bite  off  more  than  we  can  chew.   Jan.  30,  2014  Lunar  Transit   @BethBeck  NASA  

But,  it  ALWAYS  provides  a  fresh  point  of  view.   Mars  View  of  Earth  and  Moon   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  is  rarely  a  direct  path.   Nile  River  from  Space  Sta,on   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  has  no  form  or  set  rules.   Aurora  Australis  from  Space  Sta,on   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  means  no  one  is  in  charge.   Robonaut   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  may  have  you  spinning  in  circles.   Saturn   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  creates  tension  +  frustra,on.   Solar  flares   @BethBeck  NASA  

How  do  we  align  our  collabora,on  stars?   Runaway  Kappa  Cassiopeiae  in  Milky  Way   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  requires  shared  purpose  +  vision.   Space  Sta,on  Expedi,on  37   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  requires  3me  and  pa3ence.   Astronaut  Don  Pejt’s  ,me-­‐lapse  portrait  of  Earth   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,on  requires  digging  deep.   Mars  Rover  Microscopic  view  of  planet   @BethBeck  NASA  

Recruit  divergent  +  convergent  thinkers!   Space  Sta,on  Expedi,on  37  crew   @BethBeck  NASA  

Accept  uncertainty  +  instability  as  the  norm.   Orion  Nebula   @BethBeck  NASA  

Keep  your  eye  on  the  prize:  INNOVATION!   Orion  Nebula   @BethBeck  NASA  

Conflict  +  disrup,on  sets  stage  for  innova,on.     Collabora,on  creates  conflict.       Embrace  the  chaos!     Hybrid  Winged  Body  Aircram   @BethBeck  NASA  

Collabora,ve  chaos  can  be  awesome  to  behold.   Astronaut  Karen  Nyberg  in  Sta,on’s  Cupola   @BethBeck  NASA  

“If  you  want  to  go  fast,  go  alone….   …If  you  want  to  go  far,  go  TOGETHER.”  African  proverb   Our  Blue  Marble   @BethBeck  NASA  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   How  can  YOU  collaborate  with  us?   Interna3onal  Space  Apps  Challenge   April  12-­‐13,  2014  @  90+  loca,ons  around  planet.     Challenges  in  five  mission  categories:     1.  asteroids,     2.  Earth  watch,     3.  human  spaceflight,     4.  robo,cs,  and     5.  space  technology.   @spaceapps   @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   Background  slides:     Beth’s  PhD  research  findings   @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   Research  findings   Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Concepts:   Collabora9ve  prac9ce  =  cycle  of  collec,ve   ac,ons,  reac,ons,  transac,ons,  and  interac,ons   between  individuals  drawn  together  in  a  collec,ve   alliance  to  bring  about  shared  goals  or  outcomes.     Collabora9ve  innova9on  =  collec,ve  behavior  of   disrup,ve  thinkers  from  diverse  backgrounds  and   organiza,ons  who  are  drawn  together  by  a  unified   vision  or  purpose  to  bring  about  social  good.   @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   Research  findings   Collabora,ve  Ingredients:   Mo9va9on:  align  around  a  superordinate  goals  –   social  good,  save  the  world,  save  money,  solve   intractable  problem.   Contribu9on:  bring  intellectual  +  social  capital,   resources,  capaci,es  that  make  the  sum  beEer  than   the  parts.   Conflict:  inevitable  +  ingredient  for  divergent/ abduc,ve  thinking  to  bring  about  new  solu,ons.     @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   Research  findings   Conflict  in  Collabora9ve  Communi9es  =  inevitable!   Interpersonal  Conflicts   (social  psychological):   1.  Goals   2.  Methods   3.  Interpersonal  quirks   4.  Idea  ownership   5.  Unequal  recogni,on   External  conflicts     (organiza9onal  dynamics):   1.  Tradi,on  and  culture     2.  Power  (hierarchy)   3.  Resources   4.  Time   5.  Legisla,ve/regulatory     6.  Supply  and  demand   @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

NASA:  Collabora,ve  Innova,on  Communi,es  of  Prac,ce   Research  findings   New  Knowledge  Crea,on  -­‐-­‐  Innova,on:   Diffusion  =  path  of  idea  adop,on.   Transla9on  =  way  an  idea  is  altered.   Transmuta9on  =  how  value  accumulates  around  an  idea.     Innova,on  occurs  at  the  point  of  disrup9on  to  what  we   “know”  -­‐-­‐  tradi,on,  status  quo,  power,  rela,onships.       At  the  point  of  impasse,  we  create  new  ways  of  understanding   to  resolve  the  conflict  –  emergent  knowledge  crea9on.   @BethBeck   Open  Innova,on  Program  Manager   NASA  Office  of  the  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  

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