Naryshkin-Trubetskoy Mansion: Venue in St. Petersburg

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Information about Naryshkin-Trubetskoy Mansion: Venue in St. Petersburg

Published on July 5, 2016

Author: TsarEvents


1. Naryshkin-Trubetskoy Mansion Venue in St. Petersburg

2. The mansion was purchased in 1875 by Duke Vasily Naryshkin, whose family included Nataliya Naryshkina, the second wife of Czar Alexis and the mother of Peter the Great. The mansion, in Tchaikovsky Street, had been put together by connecting two 18th century houses, one of which belonged to Pushkin’s African grandfather Abram Gannibal. HISTORY

3. After the Bolsheviks nationalized private property, part of the mansion was turned into a stolovaya, a canteen-like restaurant serving utilitarian meals, according to Russian news reports. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the building housed apartment, became private apartments, then was purchased by Intarsia to be turned into a conference and cultural center. Mansion became famous when Tsarist-Era Treasures were Found during restoration in 2014. HISTORY

4. ENTRANCE & LOCATION Address: Chaykovskogo st, 29, St Petersburg Majestic interiors are perfect for special events, gala dinners, meetings, small theater performances, workshops. Located at historical center of St. Petersburg

5. Trubetskikh hall 149 sq m CocKtail: 130 pax Dinner setup: 100 pax *Hall with a stage INTERIOR:

6. Trubetskikh hall INTERIOR:

7. Naryshkin hall 89 sq m Coctail: 70 pax Dinner setup: 50 pax Hall with historical interiors, fireplace and windows.

8. Petrovsky and Vasilievsky halls Vasilievsky hall - 26 sq m Petrovsky hall - 20 sq m * rent only with Naryshkin hall INTERIOR:

9. Abramovsky hall - recommended for cocktail - 48 sq m INTERIOR:

10. Witte hall - Recommended for cocktails - Can be used with almost all other halls - 50 sq m INTERIOR:

11. Princess Lizon hall Recommended for gala dinners 91 sq m Coctail: 70 pax Dinner setup: 50 pax INTERIOR:

12. Princess Orbelliany hall Recommended for dinners 68 sq m Coctail: 60 pax Dinner setup: 30 pax *Rent only with Princess Lizon hall INTERIOR:

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