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Published on July 1, 2008

Author: nettlancer


Slide 1: $10,000/ Month Income Plan Financial Independence Is Well Within Your Reach! The Mission : The Mission To help every member of Team Crusaders achieve the level of income that they need, and are willing to work for The History : The History It’s easier to teach that which has been achieved The Reason : The Reason Timing is everything The Plan : The Plan Simply do what has been done Modify the plan as you see fit Run your business ‘from Saturday to Saturday’ Master the plan Teach the plan Implement the plan The Plan : The Plan The backbone of the plan is the scheduling and holding of a minimum of 2 HOPs every Saturday from members of your Base Shop Ideally one HOP at 4:00 PM and another at 7:00 PM Ideally, each HOP should have a MINIMUM of 10 bonafide guests The minimums listed above must be met in order for the $10,000/month to be achieved The Plan : The Plan 2 HOPs per Saturday = 20 guests A 50% success rate per HOP = 5 follow ups per HOP (10 total) A 50% success rate on follow ups = 5 sales per Saturday A $200 month/per sale premium = $1,600 target premium per sale (x5 = $8,000) At an Associate level (30%), $8,000 x 30%= $2,400 $2,400 x 4 = $9,600 month ($115,200 per year!) Variations to ‘The Plan’ : Variations to ‘The Plan’ Become a Senior Associate (50%) Following ‘The Plan’, you’ll earn $16,000 a month! ($8,000 x 50% = 4,000/week x 4 = $16,000) Variations to ‘The Plan’ : Variations to ‘The Plan’ If you only have 5 guests per HOP as an Associate, then you still average 40 guests a month, with a 50% follow up average, you will see 20 prospects per month. With a 50% closing ratio (10), you will earn $480 per sale x 10= $4,800! If you only hold 1 HOP per Saturday you can still earn $2,400 per month! Variations to ‘The Plan’ : Variations to ‘The Plan’ If you were an RMD with 2 Associates holding 1 HOP per Saturday each (20 guests, 10 follow ups, 5 sales) your income would be $2,720 per Saturday x 4 = $10,880 per month ($130,560 per year!) ‘Worst Case Scenario’ (minimum wage) : ‘Worst Case Scenario’ (minimum wage) As an Associate you hold only 2 HOPs per month (20 guests x 50% follow-up= 10 x 50% closing rate= 5 x $1,600 target premium= $8,000x 30%= $2,400 per month! ‘The Plan’ should only run for 2-3 weeks per associate Resources available to you : Resources available to you Team calendar Certified field builders Vacation promotions Guest confirmations And more! During the month of July ONLY : During the month of July ONLY For every member of Team Crusaders that conducts a HOP on a Saturday- I will provide 1 Vacation Certificate via email that you can use to raffle at your HOP This allows you to dangle a carrot in front of your prospects and ensure that they attend Conditions : Conditions Must fax in ALL questionnaires from your HOP Questionnaires must be complete and dated The winner of the raffle must be clearly indicated by writing “Winner” at the top Your name and phone number MUST be on each questionnaire Questionnaires must be faxed in to (800) 790-8865 NO LATER than the following Monday night Slide 16: Now Make It Happen!

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