NanoTechnology In Optical Storage

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Information about NanoTechnology In Optical Storage

Published on December 23, 2009

Author: jesudass


NANOTEHNOLOGY IN OPTICAL STORAGE MEDIUM : 0 NANOTEHNOLOGY IN OPTICAL STORAGE MEDIUM INTODUCTION PIT CONFIGURATION CD MEDIA BLU RAY DISC ONGOING DEVELOPMENTS VARIANTS BD ROM MEDIA HOLOGRAPHIC VERSATILE DISC TEHNOLOGY FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS Slide 2: Optical media stores information using nano technology. Data is read and written by using Laser light in the order of Nano meters.. The Laser light shines on the surface of the media and when it hits a pit of bump, the light gets reflected back to the light sensing diode which detects light and converts them into electrical energy. Thus 1s and 0s are formed . CD ROM drive uses Laser beams of the order 780nm and CD ROM media with pit configuration 800nmx600nm can store up to 700MB of data. NANOTECHNOLOGY IN OPTICAL STORAGE SYSTEM Slide 3: Nano technology in optical disc storage system CD ROM media Pit configuration Pit Land Pit depth = one fourth of the Laser’s wavelength Slide 4: Nano technology in optical disc storage system CD-ROM media L1 L2 L4 L3 L1 is the Laser from the Laser diode that is directed towards the media. L2 is the reflected Laser from the Land and will get detected by Photo sensor. L3 is the Laser from the Laser diode the is directed toward the media. L4 is the deflected Laser as it hits the edge of a Land and will not reach the Photo sensor. How 0s are made How 1s are made The laser used in the CD-ROM drives are of 780 nm Slide 5: As the technology grew, DVD format came up. DVD’s use a lesser wavelength Laser. As the Laser light is of lesser wave length, it could be focused to smaller pit configuration and hence for the same media diameter of 12 cms it could accommodate 4.3 GB of data. This is made possible by reducing the dimensions of the pit and as well as the distance between the Double sided DVDs are also available, which could store 8.6 GB of data. Multi layered DVDs also came up, which could store upto 15 GBs of data. Nano technology in optical disc storage system BLU-RAY DISC : 5 BLU-RAY DISC STORES 25GB IN SINGLE LAYER DISC STORES 50 GB IN DUAL LAYER USES BLUE – VIOLET LASER TO READ WAVELENTH IS 405 nm STOES SIX TIMES DATA THAN DVD ONGOING DEVELOPMENT : 6 ONGOING DEVELOPMENT Hitachi developed A disc to store seven hours of 32 Mbit/s video (HDTV) or 3.5 hours of 64 Mbit/s video(Cinema 4K)., TDK have created aDisc capable of 200 GB of data ona single side, using six 33 GB data layers . Ongoing development is under way to create a 1 TB Blu-ray Discas soon as 2013 VARIANTS : 7 VARIANTS MINI BLU RAY DISC MULTI-RAY DISC RECORDABLE BD9 BD5 AVCHD AVCREC Slide 9: BD-ROM media L1 L2 L4 L3 As the read/write head has to be very close to the media, it could scratch the BD-ROM medium. TDK company has developed a scratch-proof translucent material as shown above. The laser used in the BD-ROM drives are of 405 nm Scratch-proof translucent material HALOGRAPIC VERSATILE DISC : 9 HALOGRAPIC VERSATILE DISC ULTRA HIGH DENSITY OPTICAL DISC DEVELOPED BY HSD FORUM STORES 1TO 6 TB MAXELL PLANS FOR 500 GB WITH TRANSFER RATE OF 20 MB TECHNOLOGY : 10 TECHNOLOGY USES COLLINEAR HOLOGRAPHY GREEN LASER READS DATA AND COLLIMATED INTO SINGLE BEAM RED LASER USED AS REFERENCE BEAM TO READ SERVO INFORMATION A DICHRONIC LAYER ALLOWS RED LIGHT TO PASS THROUGH Slide 12: Nano technology in optical disc storage system HVD-ROM media L1 Page data L4 Holography media Holographic versatile Disc is a different type of media which is under development that is incorporated into disc type of media.. The laser L1 from the source laser is sent across a beam splitter that splits the beam into L2 and L3 respectively. L3 laser is sent to a CCD device having the page data that would be impersonated into the HVD media. Here L3 is the object data, and L4 is the image data. The pattern of the light that L2 and L4 are recorded into the holographic media and could be read by reversing the above mentioned method of writing. HVD system works at very high data transfer rates and could store 500 GBs or even higher. Beam splitter L2 L3 FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS : 12 FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS FORWARD VERSATILE DISC DIGITAL MULTI LAYER DISC PROTEIN COATED DISC SUBMITTED BY : 13 SUBMITTED BY NAME:S.POORNALAKSHMI REG NO. :09SEC36 CLASS:B THANK YOU

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