Nanorobots used in cancer treatment

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Information about Nanorobots used in cancer treatment

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: abuhaneya


Bacteria based micro robot used in cancer treatment

Korean research team has successfully developed First Cancer-treating Nanorobot

Introduction • Cancer is the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body • Chemotherapy , is the conventional treatment but.. Damage growing-healthy normal cells blood and hair cells Not specific and No continuous drug delivery for tissues Negative side effects ( anemia , nausea )

Nano robots in medicine • This research offer an alternative way instead of chemotherapy • Bacteria based micro robot ( Bacteriobot ) • Bacteriobot = genetically engineered Bacteria + micro structure bead ( drug )

Why Nano robots ? • Specific .. target cancer cells but not normal cells • Fast .. one day make sense with cancer treatment • Depends on biodegradable and biocompatible materials • optimal drug quantities delivered to the target cells

How bacteriobot works? • To be effective , bacteriobot moves toward tumors acting as combination of • Micro sensor • Micro actuator • Therapeutic agent

Designing the experiment • Tumor model : colorectal cancer , breast cancer 4T1 • Animal model : CT_26 mouse • Bacteria model : ppGpp S. typhimurium strain SHJ2037

Making the bacteriobot

How to combine Salmonella to capsule ? • To deliver drug to tumor cells • Salmonella work as mechanical engine • Micro capsule work as drug container

Engineering the bacteriobot • It is a fusion between RT* and BT* presents a novel anti tumor strategy • Stage 1 : Interaction between biotin – streptavidin • Biotin found in all living organisms • Attenuated salmonella genetically modified to express biotin on the outer membrane of the cell * RT : Robot technology * BT : Biotechnology

• High affinity interaction between biotin – streptavidin • Biotin can conjugate to many proteins easily let that protein to interact to with streptavidin conjugated molecules

• Stage 2 : Development of flow-free chemotactic microfluidic chamber • to evaluate targeting , motility , velocity of bacteriobot • This device composed of 3 chambers : Normal cells - Bacteriobots - tumor cells • Uses fluorescent dyes to see Nano robots target cells

flow-free chemotactic microfluidic chamber

• Stage 3 : Tumor targeting and localization of bacteriobot • It is the chemotactic response of bacteriobot to the [con] gradients of various of cancer cells : • NIH/3T3 , CT_26 ( colorectal cancer ) • 4T1 ( breast cancer ) • Targeting measured by migration of bacteria out of central region toward the side chambers


References "New Paradigm for Tumor Theranostic Methodology Using Bacteria- based Microrobot." Nature Publishing Group, n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2014.

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