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Published on February 18, 2014

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A Seminar On- Nano Robotics. Submitted ToMr. Sunil Dhankhar Reader C.S. Dept. Submitted BySaurabh Walia G1-10ESKCS102

• History • Introduction • Nano Technology • Nano Robotics • Design • Techniques • Applications • Future Scope

The ideas and concepts behind nanoscience and nanotechnology started with a talk entitled “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” by physicist Richard Feynman at CalTech on December 29, 1959. Over a decade later, in his explorations of ultraprecision machining, Professor Norio Taniguchi coined the term nanotechnology. It wasn't until 1981, with the development of the scanning tunneling microscope that could "see" individual atoms, that modern nanotechnology began. INVENTOR OF NANOROBOT- Adriano Cavalcanti Known as nanorobot pioneer . His structure used in environmental monitoring , brain aneurysm , diabetes , cancer and cardiology .

• Nano ??? A prefix that means "one billionth" of something, or 0.000000001. • Nanorobotics - an emerging technology field of creating machines or robots whose components are at or close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer (10^-9 meters). • It is concerned with construction and programming of robots with overall dimensions at the nanoscale. • The names nanobots , nanoids , nanites , nanomachines or nanomites can also be used.

• Techniques • Application • Future Scope …… Continued.

• Study of Nano Materials. Silver NanoMaterial (NATURALLY OCCURING) Gold NanoMaterial + (NATURALLY OCCURING) Carbon Nanotubes = (MAN MADE)

• Bottom-Up Approach Methods-: arranging Smaller components into complex assemblies. NF Nanomaterials (lithography, imrprinting) NEMS • Top-Down Approach Methods-: creating smaller devices by using larger ones. NA Nanomaterials (self assembly, etching) NEMS

Medical Science & Dentistry Energy AeroSpace Defense **I.T. & Communcation

• UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT SANTA BARBARA(UCSB). Researchers have developed new nanoscale structures that will speed up Modern Computing. • NANO-RAMS • OptoElectronic devices and Displays(Using Nano CarbonTubes). • Q U A N T U M C O M P U T I N G.

-> Microscale Size. -> Action Specific -> Immune from Radiation -> Ecofriendly

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