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Information about Naming Compounds

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: emmawise



Worksheet to practice naming ionic and covalent compounds.

Name: _____________________ Date: _________ Period: ______ Naming Compounds 1) Name the following ionic compounds Formula Name CaI2 Sr3N2 FeCl2 FeCl3 Pb(OH)2 NaC2H3O2 NH4NO3 KClO3 KOH Formula Name Al2(SO4)3 Ba(CN)2 Hg2Cl2 HgBr2 MgC2O4 CaCr2O7 NiSO4 FeCrO4 SnO2 2) Name the following covalent compounds Formula SO NO2 N2O SO3 CO CO2 Name Formula P2O5 PCl5 ClF3 BF3 P4S6 XeF2 Name

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