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Published on November 13, 2009

Author: darlingtom



When we created a new middle school team we wanted our new name to be something original and with heft and depth. Asking for suggestions, we wanted our kids to know the full weight of a name and its meaning (and baggage). This works with literature classes, too, and gets kids thinking about symbols and the like.

Names and Symbols

What’s in a Name?

Harry Medieval English form of HENRY or HAROLD

Henry and Harold Henry: From the Germanic name Heimiric, which meant "home ruler”. Harold: From the Old English name Hereweald meaning "leader of the army"

Deconstruct a Name

Gryffindor Griffin + Dor

Griffin Creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

Lion and Eagle Lion: King of the jungle Eagle: King of the birds/sky

Dor French for “of gold”. Gold is symbolic of royalty and heaven

Gryffindor Griffin + Dor king+power+royalty+heavnly+good+ruler….

Other Telling Names Neville Longbottom Professor Sprout Minerva McGonagall Draco Malfoy Voldemort (vol-de-mort)

Do these names lead to juvenile delinquency? Alec Ernest Garland Ivan Kareem Luke Malcolm Preston Tyrell Walter

Studies show…. The more unlikely the name, the more likely the boy was to perform delinquent acts. If you’re teased mercilessly your entire childhood for your name, you become an angry, bitter person, and you lash out in a way that could be negative. Boys are judged by their names when it comes to manliness and trustworthiness. Some names just command less respect for the individual than others. Odd named people have trouble finding jobs, leading to a tough life and bitterness. Having an unusual name leads to unfavorable reactions in others, which then leads to unfavorable evaluations of the self.


Color Yellow (Hufflepuff) is associated with happiness, optimism, intelligence, wealthBlue (Ravenclaw) is a symbol of men, the sea, productivity, unity, nobility, strength, and steadfastnessRed (Gryffindor) is a symbol of passion, strength, energy, ambition, and leadership. It is also a symbol of blood and war and anger.Green (Slytherin) is a symbol of youth and fertility, good luck and vigor. Also a symbol of misfortune and jealousy. In Middle Ages, color of devil.

Snake Deceitfulness Guardianship Poison Renewal Vengefulness

Other Symbols

What’s in a symbol?

Case Study

Crusader v. Redhawk


Crusader Pro Brave Fierce Stands for beliefs Active Western Makes for good logo Works with color red Tradition Con Christian Has big cross on shield Killed Muslims U.S. currently at war in Middle East against radical Islamists Violent What does it mean for a sports team?


Redhawk Pro Con Brave Fierce Victory Good omen Vision Big picture Focus and control Truth Spiritual Red is CVU’s color already. Not crusader No local/emotional attachment It’s a bird! Lousy call Violent predator What does it mean for a sports team?


What would make a good team name?

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